Embodied Modernities

Embodied Modernities

by Fran Frederick Martin

ISBN-10: 0824829638

ISBN-13: 9780824829636

Pub. Date: 05/30/2006

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press, The

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University of Hawaii Press, The
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction to part I3
Ch. 2Mound to be represented : theorizing/fetishizing footbinding21
Ch. 3Male love lost : the fate of male same-sex prostitution in Beijing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries42
Ch. 4Rewriting sexual ideals in Yesou puyan60
Ch. 5Cross-dressed nation : Mei Lanfang and the clothing of modern Chinese men79
Ch. 6The transgender body in Wang Dulu's Crouching tiger, hidden dragon98
Ch. 7Introduction to part II115
Ch. 8Souvenirs of the organ trade : the diasporic body in contemporary Chinese literature and art126
Ch. 9Sport, fashion, and beauty : new incarnations of the female politician in contemporary China146
Ch. 10Sites of transformation : the body and ruins in Zhang Yang's Shower162
Ch. 11Stigmatic bodies : the corporeal Qiu Miaojin177
Ch. 12Informationalized affect : the body in Taiwanese digital video puppetry and COSplay195
Ch. 13Stellar transit : Bruce Lee's body or Chinese masculinity in a transnational frame218
Ch. 14Love in ruins : spectral bodies in Wong Kar-wai's In the mood for love235

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