Emerald (Common Reader Editions)

Emerald (Common Reader Editions)

by Elisabeth Luard
Did the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Wallace Warfield Simpson (the woman who cost him his throne) leave the world something more than a classic love story—a child perhaps? That's the plausible premise of Elisabeth Luard's first novel.


Did the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Wallace Warfield Simpson (the woman who cost him his throne) leave the world something more than a classic love story—a child perhaps? That's the plausible premise of Elisabeth Luard's first novel.

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W. H. Smith
Can [Emerald] ever find true happiness? This engrossing tale will make you breathless to find out.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
What if Edward Windsor and Wallis Simpson, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, had conceived a child, born in 1936 before her divorce, who was unfeelingly cast away just as Edward gave up his crown? This is the question posed by Luard (The Old World Kitchen; Marguerite) in her sprawling story of the unfortunate birth and fabulous life of Emerald Fitzwallace. As a baby, Emerald is shuffled off into the care of the duke's former mistress, Iona Fergusson, and her husband, Freddie. When WWII threatens London, Emerald and her foster brother, Callum, are evacuated by ship. A storm wrecks the boat, but both children survive and are washed ashore on a Scottish island. For a few years, after Iona and Freddie are killed in the war, the children are raised by the islanders. Then Emerald is spirited away from the island; over the course of her transformation from abandoned child to international star--she ultimately becomes a Parisian model and a successful business woman--she is watched over by the duke's machiavellian courtier and is chased by a sadistic reporter who has known Emerald since childhood and is dedicated to destroying what he cannot have. Titillating but relatively chaste, this glamorous tale of European high society, it will appeal to readers who find Jackie Collins a little too risqu and will feed the enduring American fascination with the British monarchy's dirty linen. (Dec. 1) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.
Library Journal
Though it features characters who really existed--the Duke and Duchess of Windsor--this novel speculates on whether Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallace Warfield Simpson issued forth a child whom they abandoned. This book was a huge hit in England when it was released in 1994 but has enough of the soap opera about it to please American readers as well. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A scandalously juicy idea—that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor had a child but disowned her—adds a classy touch to an otherwise thin story that's essentially a variation of the Cinderella tale: a beautiful heroine finds her own prince despite parental neglect and daunting challenges. The child, Emerald, is born in May 1937, just before her royal parents marry in June. She is immediately whisked away to join the Fergusson household in London, her only royal memento being an engraved bracelet with an emerald cross. Iona Fergusson was once a mistress of the Duke's but is now married and the mother of four-year-old Callum. Callum is deeply protective of Emerald, who in turn adores him and Iona, but WWII ends their secure childhood. As the bombs start falling, Anthony Anstruther, a lawyer and former aide of the Duke's, arranges for the children to sail to Scotland, where Callum will join his grandfather while Emerald will continue on to the Bahamas, now the home of the Windsors. But the ship sinks in a storm, and though the two children are rescued, they're brought up in separate households. From then on, the story becomes a fast-paced record of the inevitable setbacks, heartbreaks, and major triumphs the beautiful Emerald must endure. Unlike her parents, she's generous, selfless, and considerate, as she adjusts to living in Mexico and France and also, when inconveniently pregnant, to a hasty arranged marriage with homosexual peer Tom Sherwood, who wants an heir—not to mention the dowry that Anstruther insisted Emerald's tightwad royal parents provide. Once a stunning fashion model in New York and Paris, she becomes, in England, the mother of James andmorphsintoa successful businesswoman who makes the Forbes list of big moneymakers. But her heart still belongs to Callum, and he hasn't forgotten Emerald either. Brain candy with a pedigree.

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