Emeralds in the Snow

Emeralds in the Snow

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by Maggie Bishop

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Emerald and Lucky are an unlikely pair. She, accustomed to a life of privilege in which everything's a game, including her teaching career. He, whose life of struggle can't keep him from giving to his family, his community and the skiers he rescues.. Yet


Emerald and Lucky are an unlikely pair. She, accustomed to a life of privilege in which everything's a game, including her teaching career. He, whose life of struggle can't keep him from giving to his family, his community and the skiers he rescues.. Yet

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Moon Tee
Maggie Bishop once more unveils a treasure-trove of information about the Appalachian region as well as the sport of snow skiing in EMERALDS IN THE SNOW. The familial connection between characters from Ms. Bishop's first book, APPALACHIAN PARADISE, and this one will, for some readers, feel like you are visiting old friends. The author skillfully builds the story, with enticing characters and sweet romance, and then offers impending doom to a relationship that you have been rooting for, leaving a
schuyler kaufman
Like Bishop's previous novel, Emeralds in the Snow provides us with
sharply-drawn characters, an intriguing situation, and well-crafted scenes.
Lucky's family is a treat to spend time with; and the sub-plot of Em's
mother Lynette's love story with Lucky's uncle Harley is in itself a
polished gem.

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Meet the Author

Maggie Bishop is the author of a mystery series, Appalachian Adventure Mysteries, and two romance novels set in the Mountains of North Carolina in the Boone area. "I started with romance and have turned to murder."

"One Shot Too Many" (2011 mystery) features Detective Tucker with yesterday's regret haunts, leading to today's deadly fix. In "Perfect for Framing," trouble's a-brewing in the Property Owners Association where greed and a lust for power lead to murder in a clash of personal versus public needs. "Murder at Blue Falls" when her horse finds a body, CSI wannabe Jemma starts to investigate, Detective Tucker comes in and it twists and turns from there. "Emeralds in the Snow" involves skiing at Sugar Mountain, an emerald mine, and a cold case murder. Award winning "Appalachian Paradise" takes place on a five-day backpacking trip in the spring amongst the bears, boars and girl scouts. Maggie's fun book, "Meow Means Me! Now!" is a rhyming feline allegory with poetry and photos. This gift book is a departure from her novels but sprang from her love of cats . Think Dr. Suess meets Marley & Me.

Maggie Bishop hikes, skis, climbs, swims, explores and writes in the mountains of North Carolina where she settled in 1993 with her husband and cat. Every time they travel, they seek out other mountains but none are as exciting as the ancient Appalachians. When asked, "What do you do?" her answer is, "Entertain with word pictures."

To meet Maggie in person, check out her scheduled appearances at http://www.booktour.com/author/maggie_bishop

She was awarded the honor of being one of "One Hundred Incredible East Carolina University Women" for literature and leadership. She's an Air Force brat who put herself through East Carolina University and received a MBA degree, a former manufacturing executive, founder and past president of High Country Writers, past Secretary of Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, and is a member of Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Write Now! with Maggie are intense pen to paper writing workshops involve the nuts and bolts of crafting a novel or memoir. These sessions range from one hour to all day and provide direction and tools for better writing. Participants use their own stories for the writing exercises. For those beginning a work, these workshops generate ideas. For those finishing a draft, this is an opportunity to strengthen the story.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Maggie Bishop's Emeralds in the Snow is an extrordinary read. The characters are well developed and interesting. They make for an unlikely match, but the reader finds themself hoping that they will work out their differences throughout the story. The later part of the book has an unexpected twist. A great love story combined with murder mystery, I would recommend this to anyone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed this adventure/love story. The characters ring true and you never lose your interest in them. It takes place in a ski area and the descriptions of the area and the knowledge of the ski patrol are right on the mark. I have visited the area she talkes about and in reading the book, I felt as if I were there again. There is much sexual tension as the couple struggles to understand each other and fight their way past their different upbringings, not to mention a murder which touches them both, to discover a love blossoming between them. It is an exciting, passionate and heartbreaking read. I'd definitely recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emerald and Lucky make an unlikely pair. She from a life of privilege where everything's a bit of a game, from her career as a mathematics professor to the sports she takes up, masters, then discards. He from a family who is land-rich, but struggles to make ends meet financially, and still gives back to his community as a first responder and a ski patroller. They meet when he rescues her at a southern Appalachian ski resort and - opposites attract. They enjoy the discovery process, with a few glitches, until a map they discover among Em's grandfather's things leads them to an old emerald mind leads them to the body of Lucky's missing grandfather. Like all of Bishop's books, this one contains photos of the NC High Country and locals in minor roles. But the murder is all made up - she claims.