Emerging Technologies in Wireless LANs: Theory, Design, and Deployment / Edition 1

Emerging Technologies in Wireless LANs: Theory, Design, and Deployment / Edition 1

by Benny Bing

Provides the key practical considerations for deploying wireless LANs and a solid understanding of the emerging technologies.See more details below


Provides the key practical considerations for deploying wireless LANs and a solid understanding of the emerging technologies.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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Foreword; Preface; Part I. Introduction to 802.11: 1. Emerging IEEE 802.11 standards Luke Qian; 2. Guide to wireless LAN analysis Wildpackets Inc.; Part II. 802.11 Quality of Service: 3. WLAN QoS Mathilde Benveniste; 4. Performance understanding of IEEE 802.11 DCF and IEEE 802.11e EDCA Giuseppe Bianchi, Sunghyun Choi, Ilenia Tinnirello; 5. Cross-layer optimized video streaming over wireless multi-hop mesh networks Yiannis Andreopoulos, Nicholas Mastronarde and Mihaela van der Schaar; Part III. 802.11 Security: 6. Understanding and achieving next-generation wireless security Motorola; 7. Wireless local area network security Dorothy Stanley and Joshua Wright; Part IV. High throughput 802.11: 8. The 802.11n standard Richard VanNee; 9. MIMO spatial processing for 802.11n WLAN Bjorn Andre Bjerke, Irina Medvedev, John Ketchum, Rod Walton, Steven Howard, Mark Wallace and Sanjiv Nanda; Part V. 802.11 Mesh Networks: 10. Capacity of wireless mesh networks Stephen Rayment; 11. Autonomous mobile mesh networks and their design challenges Ambatipudi Sastry; 12. Service provisioning for wireless mesh networks John Macchione; 13. Metro-scale Wi-Fi networks Josef Kriegl and William Merrill; 14. Usage and performance comparison of mobile MetroMesh networks Devabhaktuni Srikrishna; 15. First, second and third generation mesh architectures Francis Dacosta; 16. Wireless mesh networks Jan Kruys and Luke Qian; Part VI. 802.11/Cellular Interworking: 17. WLAN interworking with 2G/3G systems Srinivasan Balasubramanian; 18. Towards service continuity in emerging heterogeneous mobile networks Sandro Grech, Henry Haverinen, Vijay Devarapalli and Jouni Mikkonen; 19. A survey of analytical modeling for cellular/WLAN interworking Enrique Stevens-Navarro, Chi Sun and Vincent Wong; Part VII. Coexistence: 20. Coexistence of unlicensed wireless networks Steve Shellhammer; 21. Coexistence of IEEE 802.11n and bluetooth Eldad Perahia; Part VIII. 802.11 Network and Radio Resource Management: 22. Measured WLANs: the first step to managed WLANs Richard Paine; 23. Cognitive WLAN - a better architecture Nestor Feses; Part IX. 802.11 range: 24. Wi-Fi range - impact on data rates, coverage, and capacity John DiGiovanni and Perry Correll; Part X. 802.11 Hardware Design: 25. An 802.11g WLAN system on a chip Atheros Communications, Tereas Meng and Bruce Wooley; 26. Antenna design for portable computers Frank Caimi, David Wittwer, Anatoliy Ioffe and Marin Stoytchev; Part XI. Wi-Fi Hotspots: 27. Service control and service management of Wi-Fi hotspots Jasbir Singh; 28. Hot spots - public access using 802.11 James Keeler; 29. Strategies for maximizing access to public commercial hot spots Boingo Wireless® Inc; 30. A discussion of 802.11 for sensor networks William Merrill, Dustin McIntire, Josef Kriegl and Aidan Doyle; 31. Wi-Fi based tracking systems Ekahau, Inc.; 32. Building the mobile computing environment through context-aware service management Appear; 33. Experiments using small unmanned aircraft to augment a mobile ad hoc network Timothy Brown et al. University of Colorado at Boulder; Part XIII. Ultra WideBand (UWB): 34. Ultra-wideband wireless technology Kai Siwiak and Yasaman Bahreini; 35. High-rate WPAN Dagnachew Birru and Vasanth Gaddam; Part XIV. Public Wireless Broadband: 36. Wireless cities British Telecom; 37. The path to 4G and the mobilization of the internet Philip Marshall; 38. All internet is local - five ways public ownership solves the U.S. broadband problem Becca Vargo Daggett; Epilogue; Index.

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