Emotion, Disclosure, and Health / Edition 1

Emotion, Disclosure, and Health / Edition 1

by James W. Pennebaker

ISBN-10: 1557983089

ISBN-13: 9781557983084

Pub. Date: 09/01/1995

Publisher: American Psychological Association

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American Psychological Association
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Table of Contents

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1Emotion, Disclosure, and Health: An Overview3
2A Cultural and Historical Perspective on Confession11
3From Secrecy to Psychopathology25
4Disclosure and Worry: Opposite Sides of the Emotional Processing Coin47
5Disclosure as a Speech Act: Is It Psychotherapeutic to Disclose?71
6The Power of the Narrative: A Multiple Code Account93
7Emotional Attention, Clarity, and Repair: Exploring Emotional Intelligence Using the Trait Meta-Mood Scale125
8Inhibition and Muscle Tension in Myogenic Pain155
9Repression, Emotional Disclosure, and Health: Theoretical, Empirical, and Clinical Considerations177
10Confrontation: Inhibition, Alexithymia, and Health195
11Repression, Disclosure, and Immune Function: Recent Findings and Methodological Issues223
12Emotionality and Health: Lessons From and for Psychotherapy241
13The Roles of Disclosure and Emotional Reversal in Clinical Practice255
14Mental Rumination, Social Sharing, and the Recovery From Emotional Exposure271
15Cultural Similarities and Differences Regarding Emotional Disclosure: Some Examples From Indonesia and the Pacific293
Author Index313
Subject Index325
About the Editor337

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