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Emotional Release Therapy: Letting Go of Life's Painful Emotions

Emotional Release Therapy: Letting Go of Life's Painful Emotions

by Walter Weston

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Professional spiritual healer and former Methodist minister Walter Weston was frustrated by the lack of therapies effectively dealing with emotional pain. Then he developed Emotional Release Therapy (ERT), a simple technique that permanently removes painful and traumatic memories along with self-destructive emotional states like depression, grief, fear, and anger.


Professional spiritual healer and former Methodist minister Walter Weston was frustrated by the lack of therapies effectively dealing with emotional pain. Then he developed Emotional Release Therapy (ERT), a simple technique that permanently removes painful and traumatic memories along with self-destructive emotional states like depression, grief, fear, and anger.

Because emotional pain is often the root cause of many physical diseases, ERT can likewise alleviate painful conditions and speed recovery from disease. A blending of energy and faith healing, ERT heals by helping us re-access our lost connection to God.

Since developing the therapy, Weston has taught thousands of people around the world to practice ERT on themselves and others. ERT is so effective you can also use it to treat animals.

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Emotional Release Therapy

healing life's painful emotions


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The Heart of the Matter

My joy is gone, grief is upon me, my heart is sick.

—Jer. 8:18

My heart is broken and heavy, and I cannot fight back the tears.

—An abandoned wife

Where in the brain could we possibly store our emotions? I have never felt fear or anger or sadness in my brain circuits. I have never felt any emotions in my brain. How about you? If emotional pain were stored in the brain, then you could think it away. But you can't. This seems obvious!

Since childhood, you have known where most of your emotions are stored. Where do you feel your joy, your love, your lightness, your happiness? Where do you experience your loneliness, anger, sadness, worry, and fear? In your heart, naturally. We have all felt our hearts filled with love and joy and, at other times, with emotional pain and heaviness.

For thousands of years, long before the birth of psychotherapy and modern medications, poets, seers, saints, lovers, and the common person knew where we store our emotions. They have told us in countless ways that we store our emotions in our hearts.

The ancient truth came to us more than 2,500 years ago as the Psalmists wrote about heartfelt states:

• "How long must I have sorrow in my heart all day long?" (Ps. 13:2).

• "My heart is in anguish within me, the terrors of death have fallen upon me" (Ps. 55:4).

• "Insults have broken my heart, so that I am in despair" (Ps. 69:20).

• "With my whole heart I cry" (Ps. 119:145).

What does this imply? Where does this point? Since our emotions are located in the heart, the obvious truth is that we store our emotions in our hearts.

The next logical step is to conclude that each of us likely stores our whole emotional history in the heart. This includes our cherished emotions like love, joy, and peace, as well as our destructive emotions like fear, sadness, and anger.

Like books in a library, the emotions in the heart are stored in separate areas. In one area we store our anger, in another our fears, in another our happiness, in another our joys, and on and on. These emotional storage areas begin forming in infancy, with each area enlarging as we experience more and more of the specific emotion stored in that area.

For instance, the first fear may begin to be stored before birth while we are in our mother's womb, or at birth. Throughout a lifetime, that fear area can grow in size. Or it can be diminished by experiencing constructive emotions like love, confidence, and security.

If we go back in time to the first fear and remove it, which is possible to do with ERT, we remove all fear, because the storage area created by the first fear has been removed.

Once we accept these obvious truths, we naturally ask the question: How can I remove the destructive emotions from my heart? How can I rid myself of my fears, my sadness, my anger, my emotional pain? The answer is: through the new process of Emotional Release Therapy. The second question we should ask is, how can I intensify the quantity of my cherished emotions like love, joy, and peace? The answer to that question is the same: through Emotional Release Therapy. Through the heart, we can release emotional pain and enhance cherished emotions.

But emotions are not limited to storage in the heart, where they are supposed to remain. Emotions can be stored in all body tissue. From my experience in practicing Emotional Release Therapy, it appears that the cherished emotions of a healthy, happy person are naturally stored in all body tissue. In these persons, destructive emotions are found only in the heart, because destructive emotions are not supposed to be stored anyplace but in the heart.

But if the quantity of destructive emotions becomes too great for the heart to contain, they expand from the heart to the solar plexus and lower abdomen. Then they expand into the organs of the body, such as the liver, lungs, stomach, intestines, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, sexual organs, and reproductive organs. They can also expand into the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones, joints, skin, and soft tissue.

Sometimes the destructive emotions can apparently completely skip the heart, the solar plexus, the lower abdomen, and go directly to a major organ or to one precise area, such as the lower back, neck and shoulders, calf muscles, hands, feet, or joints.

The area where these emotions are stored becomes susceptible to disease or disease. Thus the mind-body connection is not so much the "brain-body" connection, but rather the "heart-body" connection. The heart and the emotions become a major component of all medical conditions.

By removing the destructive elements of this energy, we can restore health to any part of the body. While doing this, we can also enhance the quantity of constructive energy,

We Are Electrical Beings

Every cell in your body is filled with a tiny amount of electrical energy. The brain operates on about one-billionth of a volt. The heart beats on about one-millionth of a volt. We are energy beings. So in this new concept, each cell contains not only DNA biological programming, but also an energy field that contains additional information—emotions as energy.

Research scientists in this field refer to life-giving energy as subtle energy or life energy. All life on earth must be filled with life energy, also known as healing energy, in order to live.

To me, life energy is the divine energy, the creation energy, without which there would be no life on earth. This is composed of (1) the energy that gives life to the DNA biological programming, (2) emotional energy, (3) mental energy, (4) spiritual and moral energy, and (5) the energy of higher consciousness. These energies interact and blend into one cohesive informationbearing, intelligently acting energy—life energy or healing energy.

How did I come up with this new concept? Slowly! I had to work backward from my experiences of removing destructive emotional energy from people and then filling them with constructive life energy, also known as healing energy.

I am not a scientist, but I needed to understand my experiences rationally. So I have created a working model that consistently and predictably explains what is occurring during Emotional Release Therapy. Explaining with consistency and predictability why something works is the basis of all scientific working models.

When I realized that people store their emotional pain in their hearts, not their brains, I developed a means for removing that emotional pain with Emotional Release Therapy (ERT). Then, after an ERT session, a few of my clients complained they still felt the emotional pain in their solar plexus or lower abdomen, and I began to remove emotional pain from those locations with such clients.

People began coming to me with diseased organs, such as the liver, heart, or kidney. After the heart's emotional release, I discovered that diseased organs could release their emotional and physical pain into my hand, bringing health to the organ. With this discovery, I began exploring other possibilities. Anxiety and stress can be released from all the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and even the skin. When lower-back emotional pain is released, the back pain disappears.

If the feeling of physical pain is released immediately after a physical trauma, the now pain-free trauma-affected cells restore the tissues immediately and the physical trauma disappears before your amazed eyes.

For instance, in South Africa in a game reserve, while it was still dark, I slammed down the tailgate of a pickup truck and caught my fingers between the tailgate and a trailer hitch. It resulted in a terribly painful injury to my fingers. I immediately placed the fingers of my left hand over the injured fingers of my right hand. I asked the right-hand injured fingers to release their pain into my left hand. They did, as I felt the warmth of their release into my left hand. Within 20 seconds, my injured fingers no longer hurt. Using a flashlight, I examined my injured fingers. They had neither bruises nor abrasions. I was shocked. After releasing the physical pain into my left hand, the right-hand fingers had restored themselves to health.

Twenty-five years after I had suffered a heart attack, I asked my heart to release the physical trauma of that moment into my hand, just in case it might still be there. The resulting immense heart-trauma release knocked my hand away from my chest. Wow! My working model was accurate! I immediately asked my plaque-filled coronary arteries to release any physical and emotional trauma. I was shocked by the intensity of the release. It was just as powerful as the previous one from my heart. I then filled both my heart and coronary arteries with God's love and peace, with healing energy. (You will soon learn how do this.)

You can understand why I was fascinated throughout my 11 years of research, discovery, and development. I developed theories to explain what was happening and tested these out on my clients and myself. I concluded that every cell in the body can store emotional and physical pain. How? Emotional pain and physical pain must be carried in information-bearing energy. The pain information in that energy must be at a specific frequency, with each distinct emotional pain having a specific frequency. Each cell must have an energy field in which to store the energy information of each particular emotional and physical pain, as well as the mental, spiritual, moral, and higher consciousness essence of a person.

Emotional Release Therapy is able to help people voluntarily remove destructive information from any cell in the body. Any person can quickly learn to practice ERT and thus be able to help themselves and other people release this destructive storage.

From the beginning, some clients complained that when the emotional pain had been released from their hearts, they felt uncomfortably empty. To respond, I experimented with offering a blessing to fill the void. This was not difficult for me because professionally I am a clergyman who has used ritual and prayer blessings with people for many decades. At first, the blessings were simple. I prayed, "God, fill this person with your love and peace." Afterward, with amazement, I listened to their reports. Each such blessed person reported feeling the qualities of love and peace filling their heart. Some of their faces actually glowed with newfound happiness.

I began experimenting with other qualities in the blessings. I discovered that, with your hand placed on another's sternum or breastbone, you can fill that person's heart with any qualities you can experience or understand, such as courage, boldness, femininity, masculinity, empathy. And that person subsequently feels those qualities within and becomes like those qualities.

I think of John, a single man, who was too shy at 38 to ask a woman at work out on a date. He released his shyness during Emotional Release Therapy. I closed with a blessing like this: "John, be filled with social boldness when talking to this woman." Our time together totaled about 40 minutes. Three months later, John phoned and told me he was engaged to that woman.

Yes, that sounds too simple to be true. Everything I have written so far sounds too simple to be true. But every human value we cherish—love, joy, happiness, and loyalty—sounds too simple to be true.

Comments from readers of my previous books have convinced me that I have the remarkable ability to make the seemingly complex become simple. Like teaching you how to release the trauma of a lifetime of painful memories in an hour or two. Like teaching you to remove destructive emotional states such as depression in an hour or two. Like teaching you to be filled with the emotional qualities you cherish—love, joy, and peace.

Every cell of the body contains energy information about our physical DNA, our emotions, thoughts, spiritual and moral nature, and higher consciousness. In practical terms, this means:

1. Our physical nature is not just in our muscles, blood vessels, nervous system, and organs; it is in every cell of the body.

2. Our thoughts are not just in our brains; they are in every cell of the body. What we think becomes a part of the information in every cell.

3. Our emotions are not just in our hearts; they are in every cell of the body. (But, if intense, emotions can also be stored in specific areas of the body.)

4. Our spiritual and moral natures are not only in our brains and hearts, but also in every cell of the body. Their energy emanates from beyond the physical body. For years, I have been able to identify people of high spiritual and moral natures because I can feel the qualities they emanate as absolute peace. As we gaze at each other, we are unified by this peace.

5. Our higher consciousness, home of our compassionate dreams and ideals, is not only in our brains and hearts, but in every cell of the body.

So, from the moment of conception, each of these five human traits filters as energy information into every cell of the body. During the various stages of human development (infant, toddler, preschooler, child, youth, adult), all that we are is written into every cell of the human body. This information becomes embedded as intelligently acting knowledge in the total human being.

Why is it important to know this?

Because Emotional Release Therapy must change the way we perceive human development as taking place. What we experience through our family, the classroom, music, TV and movies, religion or spirituality, social interaction, or our community is not just in our brains and hearts. It is in every cell of the body.

This is why our identity—who we are—is so stable. It is written into every cell of the body. This is why it is so difficult for people to grow and change.

Emotional Release Therapy can dramatically change how we transform ourselves and others. Emotional Release Therapy can become the primary tool for human transformation.

Using Emotional Release Therapy, we can remove emotional pain from the heart and all body cells. We can help people voluntarily change their learning potential, thought processes, ingrained beliefs and prejudices, their personalities, and their health.

I had a client who was filled with prejudices and opinions about all kinds of people. It was obvious in just a few minutes of talking to her. After she released her emotional pain with ERT, I spoke to her frankly about her prejudices. I asked, "Would you like to release your prejudices?"

Her reaction astounded me. She answered, "Would I like to release my prejudices? Yes, dear Jesus. They haunt me night and day!" So we did ERT for prejudices. I told her to release a prejudice until she no longer felt it and then go on to another prejudice. It took about 30 minutes. When she was finished, her appearance was completely changed. Peacefulness now emanated from her.

The purpose of religion is to fill the heart and every cell of the body with the essence of God. When this has been accomplished and we are filled with the Spirit of God, our whole being is filled with life-enhancing qualities. Religious rituals transmit a powerful information-filled sacred energy that provides a wall of protection against the dark forces of life. Spiritual journeys may produce similar results. When we take part in religious ritual, worship, or prayer service, the energy of the service permeates our body. We become like the energy of the service. Without consciously thinking about it, this happens, transforming us into the energy generated in the service. This is a transformation just as Emotional Release Therapy transforms. ERT blessings and religious/spiritual rites do the same thing. They fill our cells with life-giving qualities.

It has never before been possible to bless people with specific lifeenhancing human qualities. Now we have a means to do this. Now you can easily experiment with how to do this. We can intentionally use our hearts to mold ourselves into the persons we have always wished to become. We can teach others to do the same with Emotional Release Therapy processes. We can enhance religious/spiritual rites to accomplish similar transformation. We can enhance the spiritual journey to do this. But it is not a free trip or cheap grace. It must become a conscious effort and a way of life.


Testimonials of Enthusiasm and Joy

This is the testimony of Mary Faktor of Northfield Center, Ohio:

I was in great emotional distress and depression due to breakup of a long-term relationship, when Walter did ERT on me as we spoke on the phone. I felt better, then went to see him that night. I felt much better after our meeting. My depression lifted and I got through the grief of the relationship. I took Walter's seminar and found myself to be a natural healer. I have been performing ERT ever since with great success. I am fascinated by how well it helps people.

I have healed a greatly depressed man whose son had just died. He couldn't function or allow himself to love. His depression immediately ended and his heart was open to love. He has since become engaged and is very happy.

I have worked with a stage-three colon cancer patient who couldn't keep food down after chemotherapy treatments. After one hour of ERT with me, he ate Chinese food for dinner.

I helped a woman going through great depression due to divorce. After ERT, she came out of the depression.


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