Employment Law: A Guide for Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Industries

Employment Law: A Guide for Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Industries

by Gil Fried, Lori Miller, Lori Miller

ISBN-10: 089089762X

ISBN-13: 9780890897621

Pub. Date: 01/28/1998

Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

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Carolina Academic Press
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Cases and Statutes
Ch. 1The Master Servant Relationship
Ch. 2Creating the Job
Ch. 3Employee Information Gathering
Ch. 4Discrimination in Hiring
Ch. 5Negligence in the Employment Setting
Ch. 6Terms and Conditions of Employment
Ch. 7Sexual Harassment
Ch. 8Other Forms of Harassment
Ch. 9Promotion
Ch. 10Discipline
Ch. 11Job Related Injuries
Ch. 12Termination of the Employee
Ch. 13Retirement
Ch. 14Unionization
Ch. 15Additional Concerns
App. AIndependent Contractor Contract
App. BOutside Contractor Contract
App. CContract Developed Through Collective Bargaining Agreement
App. DNew Employee Budget Worksheet
App. EJob Descriptions
App. FWant Ad Specifications
App. GEmployment Application
App. HRejection Letter #1
App. IReview Matrix
App. JRejections Letter #2
App. KInterview Confirmation Letter
App. LInterview Questions
App. MInterview Response Form
App. NReference Check Questions
App. OReference Check Response Form
App. PADA Disability List
App. QEmployee Manual
App. REmployment Contract
App. SSexual Harrassment Policy
App. TWritten Warning
App. UTermination Letter in Sexual Harrassment Matters
App. VSexual Harrassment Letter to Victim
App. WSexual Harrassment Letter to Accused
App. XIncident Reporting Policy
App. YOSHA Offices
App. ZWitness Statement Form
App. AADisciplinary Policy
App. BBSeverance Agreement
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