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by Eminem

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Eminem took a hiatus after the release of his first motion picture, 8 Mile, in late 2002, but it never seemed like he went away. Part of that is the nature of celebrity culture, where every star cycles through gossip columns regardless of whether they have a project in the stores or theaters, and part of it is that Marshall Mathers


Eminem took a hiatus after the release of his first motion picture, 8 Mile, in late 2002, but it never seemed like he went away. Part of that is the nature of celebrity culture, where every star cycles through gossip columns regardless of whether they have a project in the stores or theaters, and part of it is that Marshall Mathers kept busy, producing records by his protégés D12, Obie Trice, and 50 Cent -- all hit albums -- with the latter turning into the biggest new hip-hop star of 2003. All this activity tended to obscure the fact that Eminem hadn't released a full-length album of new material since The Eminem Show in early summer 2002, and that two and a half years separated that album and its highly anticipated sequel, Encore. As the title suggests, Encore is a companion piece to The Eminem Show the way that The Marshall Mathers LP mirrored The Slim Shady LP, offering a different spin on familiar subjects. Where his first two records dealt primarily with personas and characters, his second two records deal with what those personas have wrought, which tends to be intrinsically less interesting than the characters themselves, since it's dissecting the aftermath instead of causing the drama. On The Eminem Show that kind of self-analysis was perfectly acceptable, since Eminem was on the top of his game as both a lyricist and rapper; his insights were vibrant and his music was urgent. Musically, Show didn't innovate, but it didn't need to: Eminem and his mentor, Dr. Dre, had achieved cruising altitude, and even if they weren't offering much that was new, the music sounded fresh and alive. Here, the music is spartan, built on simple unadorned beats and keyboard loops. Some songs use this sound to its advantage and a few others break free -- "Yellow Brick Road" is a tense, cinematic production, yet it fits the subject matter. Eminem has decided to chronicle what's happened to him over the past two years and refute every charge that's made it into the papers. This is quite a bit different than his earlier albums, when he embellished and exaggerated his life, when his relationship with his estranged wife Kim turned into an outlaw ballad, when his frenetic insults, cheap shots, and celeb baiting had a surreal, hilarious impact. Here, Eminem is plain-spoken and literal, intent on refuting every critic from Benzino at The Source to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who gets an entire song ("Ass Like That") devoted to him. While the album is a little long, it's worth a listen to hear the moments that work really well, whether it's full songs or flights of phrase. [Interscope released a clean version with the profanity edited away.]

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Performance Credits

Eminem   Primary Artist,Rap
Dr. Dre   Rap
Luis Resto   Keyboards
Mark Batson   Bass,Keyboards
Nate Dogg   Rap
Mike Elizondo   Guitar,Keyboards,Sitar
50 Cent   Rap
D12   Rap
Obie Trice   Rap
Lindsay Collins   screams
Stat Quo   Rap,Track Performer
Steve King   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Keyboards

Technical Credits

Dr. Dre   Audio Production
Luis Resto   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Mark Batson   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Melvin Bradford   Composer
Steve Baughman   Engineer
Mike Elizondo   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Deborah Mannis-Gardner   Sample Clearance
Andre Young   Composer
A. Wilson   Composer
Eminem   Producer,Audio Production
Che Pope   Composer
Marshall Mathers   Composer
Tony Campana   Engineer
Nathaniel Hale   Composer
Curtis Jackson   Composer
Obie Trice   Composer
R. Arthur Johnson   Composer
Sarah Catlett   Studio Coordinator
Mike Chav   Engineer
Che Vicious   Programming
Steve King   Composer,Producer,Engineer

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Encore [Bonus CD] 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this album is pure trash buy something else more intelligent than this trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Compared to Eminem show, Marshal Mathers and Slim Shady this is definatley Eminem's weakest album just to show you that he's running out of material to use. His new style of rapping isn't all that good. I don't like his drum patterns that he uses now. This goes to show you that he knows he can make a song about anything and stupid people will buy the album. I bootlegged the album cuz I felt like this album wasn't worth my money. I usually buy his albums. I can't believe it took him as long as it did to make this album. I don't feel like I'm listening to the same EM as I used to know.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've had the oppurtunity to hear three songs from this cd, wow!! Eminem proves once again that he is truely the greatest artist of all time. I can't wait for this album to actually go on sale so I can purchase two of them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't even like rap music to tell the truth. I'm more of a punk-emo chick. This is the only rap CD I own, but I absolutely adore it! Eminem's voice speaks to you, no matter who you are. This CD captivates you; it's been on constantly in my car. I'd highly recommend it, even if you don't consider yourself in the "rap mold". My Favorite Songs include Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Spend Some Time, and Mockingbird, although I don't have to skip any tracks when listening.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The reason why is i dont think we gave is heart in this album like he did in the others. i think i represent most of em fans that we like to here em talk alot more of em talkin stuff about his mom and kim. but thats just me.
Guest More than 1 year ago
MOCKINGBIRD IS THE BEST SONG!!! I ALSO LOVE MOSH & JUST LOSE IT.......i want everyone to go out and buy it
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eminem has managed to pull it off, a CD as good as his others with remotely appropriate lyrics!! This CD was awesome.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eminem is a great rapper, but this albumn was not my favorite. To me, he went in a new direction with Encore. I'm not a huge fan of rap, so Like Toy Soldiers and Mockingbird were my favorite tracks. I thought both had some sort of hidden meaning, and were deeper than most rappers go. Overall good, but not great.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I tried HARD not to like Eminem. I refused to see 8 Mile, then I went and saw it. I refused to buy his albums, but I bought 8 Mile Soundtrack and D12's album. I refused to listen to his interviews, but got caught with MTV2 way too long. I despised him when I read the Benzino article and listened to the tape--but then Benzino said the exact same word he criticized him for fourteen times and suddenly, this argument seemed so ironic. I despised him for making fun of Michael Jackson being burned. But Michael continues to bewilder me with the nose jobs and his comments. I thought he was a clown for making the "My Name Is..." song and the "B**ch" song on the D12 album, but always bumped "Superman" and never got enough of "Stan". I cannot front on this man's lyrical talent and I won't even try to front on Dr. Dre's ability to make me dance. But I still didn't like Eminem. Then I saw the "Mosh" video and gave up. As much as I tried to hate Eminem, I am repulsed by Bush more. And Eminem was the only rapper (minus Mos Def) who actually pointed out the Dumby-in-Office-for-4-more-years for being who he is: one great big disappointment. I see why people don't talk about politics and religion. That one song made me a fan for life. As long as Eminem keeps pointing out the silliness we call a "president", I will forever be grateful. On top of that, he keeps making hit songs like "Like Toy Soldiers", "Puke", "Em Calls Paul" (silly), "A** Like That", "Evil Deeds", "Never Enough", "Mockingbird", "Crazy In Love"...forget it, everything on the album but that stupid "My 1st Single" and "Big Weenie" song. I give up on hatin' on 'em, because the pros keep outweighing the cons.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I listened to an advance promotional copy at a local record store. I was blown away by how more serious Eminem was on this cd. Don't get me wrong; this is the SAME Eminem that we know for "ticking the whole world off", but more mature. Any fan of Eminem will enjoy this album. Also this album has some hot production.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For all you neo-hip hoppers who think EMINEM is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I suggest you check out the new Talib Kweli, as well as ANYTHING by Rakim. Emenem wishes he had skills like these. That said, when Eminem finds a happy medium between taking himself too seriously, and being a clown, he displays formidable skill. Dre is still the best producer in the rap game, and proves it here, even on the embarassingly stupid "*ss Like That".
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great Rapper! As each album comes out and is published they get better and better. This album is flawless and I listen to it every second, day in day out. If you like rap and hip hop, you should really check out this Album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to let eminem know WHAT the heck kind of cd is this . Ur crazy . But i'm loving it . its not your ordinary rap . it's is own world . THe song rain man rules
Guest More than 1 year ago
Meaningful lyrics and a take no prisoners attitude is what makes this album so fantastic. It doesn't get much better then this album!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
ok, i used to think Eminem was just a REALLY REALLY bad artist!!! that's... until i heard Just Lose It, Mockingbird, and Like Toy Soldiers. After hearing those 3 songs, i liked Emmie. he's really a great rapper. and, i take back what i thought of him before, cuz really... he's not that bad!
Guest More than 1 year ago
eminem really shouldv'e named the album no more because i think he slipped way off with this one. there is nothing new about this album, it's basically like listening to his last 3 albums where he's ranting and raveing about his baby momma kim or how suicidal and depressed he gets or how he'll kick somebodys butt for mentioning his daughter hailey. the album's content is redundant and boring. but there are a few minor moments on the album when we get to hear vintage eminem. mosh in my opinion is probably gonna go down in history for being the most political rip on a president ever. em really dismantled poor georgie porgie. like toy soldiers is another good track, where he describes his feelings on the beef with him and ja rule, as well as benzino. and i think he deserves alot of credit for that song because there are alot of rappers right now that are in beef but aren't man enough to admit when enough is enough. mockingbird is a sweet dedication to his daughter hailey, spend some time shows another side to em as he describes his affections for a girl or girls for that matter along with 50 cent, obie trice, and stat quo. and another bright spot here is that eminem really is getting better as a producer , but other than that the album is trash, so if your gonna bootleg it, don't say i did'nt warn ya'
Guest More than 1 year ago
ive always been a fan of eminem, but lately ive found myself more into the harder rap- like the ones that say something, not just funny ones. this cd caters to both. my favorites are like toy soldiers, mosh and mockingbird, but i listen to the whole thing over and over without skipping any. a.ss like that is one of my favorites too, on the comedy side. the only complaint is that just lose it isnt really new- the little clips from the other songs i thought was really cool, but then making a whole thing straight out of sing for the moment is a little cheap. but other than that no complaints... and i continue to have total respect for him, maybe even more now after the strong anti war, anti bush messages hes sending out. keep it up babe!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think that Encore is Em's best CD! I like Marshel Matters too. He is definily my favorite artist. I love the song Just Lose it! It is so funny.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eminem is timeless. Just because he's experimenting with new sounds doesn't mean he has lost artistic credibility. Fabulous CD =) I love the bonus track "Love You More"
Guest More than 1 year ago
I got this CD because I liked "Just Lose It" but it's the only song on this album worth listening to. I'm really disappointed and I wish I would have saved my money. Who wants to hear all those gross sounds and alter ego type raps? I just don't get it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would have to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but im hear to tell you today That EM cd Encore, is raw. Its Hot, I love his style, he never disappoints me. He's very serious on a few songs, and he shows his emotions, I like EM cause he's real, every cd tops the next, he's one of the best to me. I love EM and if you want to listen to some hit songs, then I advise you to buy ENCORE, he's the truth, every song on the cd is hot. Some of my favorites are My First Single, and A** Like That. The way he flows is mesmerizing, and EM has me hooked. I've been a fan, forever, I love all of his cd's including this one. Encore gets 2 thumbs up!!!!! Go cop it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is Eminem's best CD so far, with songs that are remniscant of his alter ego Slim Shady(Rain Man and Just Lost It) to thought provoking songs that show his maturity over the years in the rap game(Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Yellow Brick Road) and even songs on his personal life(Puke, Mockingbird) this is truly a near flawless CD. Best Tracks: Rain Man, Like Toy Soldiers, Mockingbird, Mosh and Encore
Guest More than 1 year ago
eminem has finally let go of his mother and of kim to some extent, they're still there but not nearly like they used to be. dr dre has come up with some fantastic new beats to go with em's new found anger. it could not have been timed better that to come out when the nation is as divded as it is, and he goes straight for the jugular of president bush, bin laden and the war on terror, however, going after jackson however is easy meat and not worth the talent this man posesses. he is also funnier on this album almost going back to his debut, new targets seem to have brought out a more thought out approach, so thank you eminem for making me laugh and think.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately, this is NOT his best work. He shouldn't have gone so juvenile on this one. If this album is any indication of where his career is going, he's screwed. "The Eminem Show" is still his greatest album to date.
Guest More than 1 year ago
how could he be serrious with this trash n YES thats just wat it is trash it's unreal how he just sold out with the trashy un eminem like commerical cd like he just put out and dont get me wrong im a huge em fan got all his cds all his freestyles i know every em line by heart but as a fan im disapointed with this cd