Encountering Children's Literature: An Arts Approach / Edition 1

Encountering Children's Literature: An Arts Approach / Edition 1

by Jane M. Gangi

Unique in its Arts approach, this brief text unlocks the potential of the arts for engaged learning in the children's literature classroom.

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Unique in its Arts approach, this brief text unlocks the potential of the arts for engaged learning in the children's literature classroom.

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Table of Contents

Each chapter concludes with “Conclusion,” “Suggested Activities,” “For Further Reading,” “Websites,” and “Awards.”


Foreword by Joseph Bruchac.

Preface and Acknowledgments.

1. Teaching Children's Literature.

About the Encounters.

Encountering Literature Through Narrative Pantomime.

A Passion for Reading.

Diversity and an Arts Approach in Teacher Education.

An Arts Approach in a Technological Society.

Responding to Literature: An Arts Approach to Achieve Engaged Reading.

Research in the Arts.

Theory into Practice: Approaching Performance.

2. An Introduction to Genre and to the History of Children's Literature.

Encountering Literature Through Reading Aloud.

Genre: Spreading the Feast.

Approximating a Picture of the World: Classroom Libraries.

The Emergence of Genre in the History of Children's Literature.

3. Cultural Studies and Children's Literature.

Encountering Literature with the Storytelling Shawl.

Defining Children's Literature.

Mass Media and the Commercialization of Children's Literature.

Gender and Children's Literature.

Diversity and Children's Literature.

Teaching with Diverse Literature.

Guidelines for Selection.

Literary Elements and Criticism.

Critical Theory and Children's Literature.

4. The Picture Book: Linking Word and Image.

Encountering Literature Through the Visual Arts.

History of the Picture Book.

The Picture Book and the Teaching of Reading.

Criticism and Evaluation of the Picture Book.

The Elements, Styles, and Media of the Visual Arts.


5. Poetry: The Music of Language.

Encountering Literature Through Choral Reading.

Choral Reading and Culturally Responsive Teaching.

The Poetry Genre.

History of Poetry and Poetry Timeline.

Poetry, Creativity, and Memorization.

The Elements of Poetic Language.

Forms of Poetry.

Types of Poetry.

Poetry and the Teaching of Reading.

6. Drama: The Art of the Present.

Encountering Literature Through Readers Theater.


Drama Timeline.

The Elements of Drama/Literature.

Classroom Drama: Philosophical Foundations.

Drama as Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Research in Education on Drama.

Drama in the 21st Century: A Venue to Develop.

Responding to Drama.

Encountering Literature Through Story Theater.

7. Folklore: A Global Legacy.

Encountering Literature in a Storytelling Workshop.

The Meaning of Folklore.

The Oral Tradition and the Education of Children.

Storytelling in the Reading Program in a Digital Age.

Definitions and Categories of Folklore.

History of Folklore Collection.

Cross Cultural Distortions of Folklore.

Criticism and Evaluation of Folklore.

Encountering Myth Through Music, Movement, and Tableaux.

8. Informational Books: Finding the Aesthetic.

Encountering Literature Through Discovering Patterns.

The Information Genre.

History of Informational Literature.

Categories of Informational Literature.

Boys and Informational Literature.

Making Invisible Groups Visible.

Criticism and Evaluation of Literature.

Nurturing Individual Interests.

9. Integrated Historical Literature: The Human Dimension.

Encountering Literature Through the Art of Conversation: Literature Circles.


Integrating Historical Literature.

History and Timeline of Realistic Fiction.

Historical Realism: Classics of Children's Literature.

Criticism and Evaluation of Historical Literature.

10. Life's Vocations and Callings: Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir.

Encountering Literature Through Oral Interpretation.

History of Biography and Autobiography.

Authors and Illustrators of Children's Literature.

Value of Biography for Children.

Value of Biography for Future and Practicing Teachers.

Biography and Cultural Responsiveness.

Criticism and Evaluation.

11. Contemporary Realism: Through the Eyes of Others.

Encountering Literature Through Roleplaying.

The Contemporary Realism Genre.

Multicultural Contemporary Realistic Fiction.

The New Realism.

Bleakness in Multicultural Books.


12. Fantasy and Science Fiction: What If?

Encountering Literature Through Metaphor.

The Fantasy and Science Fiction Genres.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Timeline.

Fantasy and Today's Children.

Criticism and Evaluation.

Categories of Fantasy.

13. Celebrations: Understanding Our World.

Encountering Literature Through Story Dramatization.

Celebrations: Literature from Religious Traditions and Cultural Commemorations.

Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Religious Literature in Schools.

Historical Sources of Religious Literature and Timeline.

Historical and Cultural Commemorations.

Universal Celebrations.

Appendix A. Standards and Assessment.

Appendix B. More Professional Literature and Resources.

Appendix C. Children's Literature Bibliographies: A Dessert Menu.

Appendix D. Multicultural and International Authors and Illustrators.


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