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The Encyclopedia of African American Military History

The Encyclopedia of African American Military History

by William Weir, Lloyd Newton, Molefi Kete Asante, Lloyd Newton, Molefi Kete Asante

ISBN-10: 1591021693

ISBN-13: 9781591021698

Pub. Date: 06/28/2004

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Although African American soldiers and sailors have fought in every U.S. war from the War of Independence to the War on Terrorism, their contributions are rarely and, at best, erratically recorded in encyclopedias of American military history. Most Americans would be hard-pressed to name even a few of the many heroic black servicemen, who have distinguished


Although African American soldiers and sailors have fought in every U.S. war from the War of Independence to the War on Terrorism, their contributions are rarely and, at best, erratically recorded in encyclopedias of American military history. Most Americans would be hard-pressed to name even a few of the many heroic black servicemen, who have distinguished themselves in the annals of military history. While a public figure like Colin Powell is well known, and many people are now aware of the black regiment depicted in the movie Glory, few have heard of David Lamson. When he was close to sixty years old, this African American captain of a small local militia successfully routed British reinforcements near Concord at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Even fewer know about the "buffalo soldiers" (as African American cavalry units were once called) who rescued Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders in the famous battle of San Juan Hill during the Spanish American War. This book is teeming with essential information that has been overlooked in other references.

William Weir’s Encyclopedia of African American Military History is designed to provide long overdue recognition to the outstanding accomplishments of hundreds of African American servicemen. More than three hundred entries will not only delineate the achievements of individuals and military units, but will also highlight important, often forgotten battles, wars, legislation and policy, organizations and movements, and historical incidents.

Thoroughly researched and historically accurate, with numerous illustrations, this comprehensive and substantive reference work is written to be accessible, engaging, and informative for all readers.

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Table of Contents

Aberdeen (Dates uncertain)25
Abolition Movement26
African American Sailors27
African Americans in the American Revolution30
Air Corps Segregation33
Airmen of Fortune34
Almond, Edward M. "Ned" (1892-1979)35
Anderson, Aaron (Dates uncertain)36
Anderson, Charles "Chief" (1906-1996)37
Anderson, Joseph B., Jr. (1944-)38
Antigua (Dates uncertain)39
Attucks, Crispus (1723-1775)39
Baker, Edward L., Jr. (Dates uncertain)42
Baker, Vernon (1920-)43
Barnes, William H. (Dates uncertain)44
Beaty, Powhatan (Dates uncertain)44
Beaver Creek, Battle of44
Bell, Dennis (Dates uncertain)47
Biggs, Bradley (1920-)47
Billy the Kid and the Buffalo Soldiers51
Black Confederates55
Black Union Militia57
Blake, Robert (Dates uncertain)59
Boyne, Thomas (Dates uncertain)59
Brice's Crossroads, Battle of59
Bronson, James H. (Dates uncertain)60
Brooks Family61
Brown, Benjamin (Dates uncertain)62
Brown, John (1800-1859)62
Brown, Willa (1906-1992)66
Brown, William H. (1836-?)67
Brown, Wilson (1841-?)68
Brownsville, Texas, "Riot"68
Buffalo Soldiers72
Buffalo Soldiers RIP75
Bullard, Eugene Jacques (1884-1961)80
Bullis and His Bullies81
Bunker Hill, Battle of83
Cabin Creek, Battle of86
Cameron, Simon (1799-1889)87
Carney, William H. (Dates uncertain)88
Carrying the Colors89
Carter, Edward, Jr. (1916-1963)90
Chaffin's Farm, Fighting at91
Chasseurs d'Afrique93
Chesapeake Affair96
Christiana, "Battle" of97
Civil War Statistics98
Claiborne, William C. C. (1775-1817)99
Coffey, Cornelius R. (1903-1994)100
Coleman, Bessie (1892-1926)101
Colonial Wars103
Contraband of War104
Contraband Sailors106
Crater, Battle of the107
Davis, Benjamin O., Jr. (1921-2002)109
Davis, Benjamin O., Sr. (1877-1970)113
Davis, Ed (Dates uncertain)117
Deep Bottom, Battle of119
Denny, John (Dates uncertain)119
Dorman, Isaiah (1821-1876)119
Dorsey, Decatur (Dates uncertain)121
Douglass, Frederick (1818-1895)121
Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment124
Emancipation Proclamation126
Exodus to Freedom129
Factor, Pompey (1849-1928)132
Fagen, David (Dates uncertain)133
Fifth Platoons134
Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry Regiment137
First Rhode Island Regiment139
Flipper, Henry O. (1856-1940)140
Forrest, Nathan Bedford (1821-1877)143
Forsythe, Albert Edward (1897-1986)144
Fort Griswold Massacre146
Fort Pillow Massacre147
Fox, John R. (1918-1944)148
Freeman Field "Mutiny"149
Fremont's Emancipation Order151
Frustrating Jeff Davis152
Gardiner, James (Dates uncertain)154
Gibson, Truman K., Jr. (1912-)154
Gillem Committee156
Golden Thirteen158
Gravely, Samuel L., Jr. (1922-)161
Greaves, Clinton (1855-?)163
Harris, James H. (Dates uncertain)165
Hastie, William (1904-1976)165
Hawkins, Thomas R. (Dates uncertain)168
Hilton, Alfred B. (Dates uncertain)168
Holland, Milton M. (1844-?)168
Honey Springs, Battle of168
Houston, Texas, Riot170
Hunter, David (1802-1866)173
Island Mounds, Battle of174
James, Daniel "Chappie" (1920-1978)175
James, Miles (Dates uncertain)178
James, Willy (?-1945)178
Jeffrey, "Major" (Dates uncertain)179
Jim Crow in the Military181
Johnson, Henry (Dates uncertain)182
Jordan, George (Dates uncertain)183
Kansas and the Black Volunteers184
Kelly, Alexander (Dates uncertain)187
Lafayette, James (?-1830)187
Lamson, David (Dates uncertain)189
Lane, James H. (1814-1866)190
Lawson, John (1837-?)192
Lee, Fitz (1866-1899)193
Lee, John C. (Dates uncertain)193
Lew, Barzillai (Dates uncertain)195
Lexington and Concord, Battles of196
Lyles, Lester L. (1947-)197
Malveaux, Vincent (Dates uncertain)198
Mays, Isaiah (1858-?)199
McBryar, William (1861-?)199
Medal of Honor199
Mexican War201
Mifflin, James (1839-?)202
Military Demographics202
Militia Act of 1862204
Miller, Dorie (1919-1943)205
Milliken's Bend, Battle of206
Mobile Bay, Battle of208
Mysterious Medals of Honor209
Nashville, Battle of210
National Airmen's Association of America (NAAA)212
Navy Bands213
Negro Fort and the First Seminole War214
New Orleans, Battle of217
Newton, Lloyd W. (1942-)219
Ninety-ninth Pursuit Squadron220
Ninety-second and Ninety-third Infantry Divisions221
Paine, Adam (Dates uncertain)225
Pay Differential in the Civil War225
Payne, Isaac (1854-1904)227
Pease, Joachim (Dates uncertain)227
Penn, Robert (1872-?)228
Pershing, John J. (1860-1948)228
Pershing's Secret Memo231
Petersburg, Fighting at232
Philippine War234
Pinn, Robert A. (1843-?)237
Port Chicago Mutiny237
Port Hudson, Battle of238
Powell, Colin L. (1937-)240
Princeton, Arkansas, Battle of244
Pursuit of Pancho Villa246
Randolph, Bernard P. (1933-)247
Ratcliffe, Edward (Dates uncertain)248
Rebel Reaction to Black Soldiers249
Red Ball Express251
Reenslavement of Revolutionary Soldiers252
Response to Ft. Sumter, North253
Response to Ft. Sumter, South254
Rivers, Reuben (?-1944)256
Robb, George S. (Dates uncertain)257
Robinson, Roscoe, Jr. (1928-1993)257
Roosevelt, Eleanor (1884-1962)259
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)262
Salt War264
San Juan Hill Campaign267
Saving General Carr270
Second and Third Seminole Wars272
Seminole Negro Indian Scouts275
Shaw, Thomas (Dates uncertain)279
Sisson, Jack (1743-1821)279
Slaves in the Civil War280
Smalls, Robert (1839-1915)282
Soldiers or Laborers?284
Spencer and White (Dates uncertain)285
Stance, Emanuel (Dates uncertain)287
Stowers, Freddie (1897-1918)288
Thomas, Charles L. (1920-?)288
Thompkins, William H. (1872-1916)289
369th Infantry Regiment289
332nd Fighter Group291
Triple Nickles292
Troubles on the Border293
Tuskegee Airmen297
United States Colored Troops (USCT)298
Veal, Charles (1832-?)300
Victorio (1825-1880)300
Vietnam Shipboard Troubles305
Volunteer Military309
Wagner Battery, Assault on314
Waller, Calvin (1930-)317
Walley, Augustus (Dates uncertain)319
Wanton, George H. (1868-1940)319
Ward, John (1848-1911)319
Watson, George (?-1943)319
Williams, Cathay (1842-1924)320
Williams, Moses (Dates uncertain)321
Wilson, William O. (Dates uncertain)321
Wood, Brent (Dates uncertain)321
World War II Statistics322
Yankee Slave Catchers325
Young, Charles (1864-1922)326
Zumwalt, Elmo (1920-2000)330
Glossary of Military and Naval Terms335

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