Encyclopedia of American Catholic History

Encyclopedia of American Catholic History

by Michael Glazier, Thomas J. Shelley
The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History contains 1200 articles and over a million words written by hundreds of historians and writers who cooperated to narrate the saga of American Catholicism from 1492 to the present.


The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History contains 1200 articles and over a million words written by hundreds of historians and writers who cooperated to narrate the saga of American Catholicism from 1492 to the present.

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This encyclopedia fills a void. It puts on record for the current generation and those to follow the rich contributions of Catholics to American life and culture. The topical mix is wide-ranging and the authors authoritative and engaging. Scholars and browsers alike will find here much that is of interest. Entries include Catholics and the labor movement, African American Catholics, American Catholic women, Catholics and the liturgical movement, and hundreds of notable individuals from comedian Fred Allen to Clare Booth Luce to Father John LaFarge to the four martyred women missioners in El Salvador. The book belongs in school libraries, parishes, and on the home shelves.
Philip J. Murnion, National Pastoral Life Center

Anyone who reads American history or even specifically American Catholic history for whatever purpose will welcome this companion reference. Here persons and topics often mentioned only in passing in such works are put into their broader contexts, and the details of their relevance to those contexts fleshed out. The bibliographies appended to individual articles are especially useful pointers to further resources.
Suzanne Noffke, O.P.

I need this book. My gratitude to the compilers of this enormously helpful work. This is an awesome tool of scholarship. It will be a valuable addition to every reference shelf. A necessary tool for scholars, writers, historians, students and learners of all kinds. This achievement, with entries on individuals, groups, ideas, places, movements, is wondrous.
Harry James Cargas, Webster University

The contents of this dictionary go far beyond the usual selections in American Catholic historiography. Clearly the editors aimed, not only at highlighting the well-known facets of U.S. Catholic history, but at uncovering persons, trends, and traditions that have previously been ignored even by many historians. The result is a work that introduces the reader to a broad range of significant women and men, events, and crises that were at the heart of creating and developing the American Catholic world. Historians well-versed in specific aspects of the Catholic past have been called upon to tell the elaborate story. So wide is the net of data cast in this volume that the product can serve as an extremely useful reference tool for those who search for a fuller picture of what has forged the American Catholic identity today.
Dolores Liptak, R.S.M.

An exciting blend of old and new makes Glazier and Shelley's Encyclopedia of American Catholic History a useful tool for those who want to have at their fingertips a complete necrology of American bishops along with a compendium of the development of Catholicism in every state in America. But the real pièce de résistance are those entries on women (religious and lay), African Americans, and population changes.
Suellen Hoy, University of Notre Dame

. . . a splendid achievement. The choice of entries is thoughtful, creative and comprehensive. The articles are high quality, written by top scholars and embody the most recent research. The encyclopedia will be an essential acquisition for any academic library, for anyone working seriously in the field or simply for buffs who enjoy random strolls though nugget-strewn groves.
Los Angeles Times

This is one of those texts that is as tempting as a dish of peanuts; one casual munch and the reader is hooked for hours and, better, nourished as well.

An impressive and highly recommended companion volume to the publisher's widely acclaimed dictionary on Catholic social teaching and other subjects. It will be welcomed enthusiastically not only by amateur American Church buffs like myself but also by credentialed scholars in the field, many of whom have contributed key chapters in their areas of specialization. As an added bonus, it also makes for good spiritual reading because it recalls in ample detail the heroic zeal of so many of our long forgotten forebears in the history of the Church in the United States.
George G. Higgins, The Catholic University of America

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