Encyclopedia of Finance / Edition 1

Encyclopedia of Finance / Edition 1

by Cheng-Few Lee

This project will have a stamped cover, therefore no back text can be used.See more details below


This project will have a stamped cover, therefore no back text can be used.

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About the Editors.- List of Contributors.- Preface.- Terms, definitions and short essays.- Deposit insurance schemes.- Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act: creating a new bank for a new millennium.- Comparative analysis of zero-coupon and coupon-pre-funded bonds.- Intertemporal risk and currency risk.- Credit derivatives.- international parity conditions and market risk.- Treasury inflation-indexed securities.- Asset pricing models.- Conditional asset pricing.- Conditional performance evaluation.- Working capital and cash flow.- Evaluating fund performance within the shastic discount factor framework.- Duration analysis and its applications.- Loan contract terms.- Chinese a and b shares.- Decimal trading in the U.S. sk markets.- The 1997 nasdaq trading rules.- Reincorporation.- Mean variance portfolio allocation.- Online trading.- A note on the relationship among the portfolio performance indices under rank transformation.- Corporate failure.- Review of REIT and MBS.- Experimental economics and the theory of finance.- Merger and acquisition.- Multi-stage compound real options and case study.- Market efficiency hypothesis.- The microstructure/micro-finance approach to exchange rates.- arbitrage and market frictions.- fundamental tradeoffs associated with the publicly trade corporation.- The Mexican peso crisis.- Portfolio performance evaluation.- Call auction trading.- Market liquidity.- Market makers.- Structure of securities.- Accounting scandals and implications for directors: lessons from enron.- Agent-based models of financial markets.- The Asian bond market.- Cross-border mergers and acquisitions.- Jump diffusion model.- Networks, nodes, and priority rules.- The momentum trading strategy.- Equilibrium credit rationing and monetary non-neutrality in a small open economy.- Policy coordination between wages and exchange rates in Singapore.- The le chatelier principle of the capital market equilibrium.- MBS valuation and prepayments.- The impact of IMF bailouts in international debt crises.- Appendix.- References.- Subject Index.- Author Index.

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