Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements

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New Religious Movements (NRMs) can involve vast numbers of followers and in many cases are radically changing the way people understand and practice religion and spirituality. Moreover, many are having a profound impact on the form and content of mainstream religion. The Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements provides uniquely global coverage of the phenomenon, with entries on over three-hundred movement from almost every country in the world. Coverage includes movements that derive from the major religions of the world and to neo-traditional movements, movements often overlooked in the study of NRMs.

In addition to the coverage of particular movements there are also entries on topics, themes, key thinkers and key ideas, for example the New Age Movement, Neo-Paganism, New Religion and gender, NRMs and cyberspace, NRMs and the law, the Anti-Cult Movement, Swedenborg, Jung, Teilhard de Chardin, Lovelock, Gurdjieff, al-Banna, Qutb.

The marked global approach and comprehensiveness of the encyclopedia enable an appreciation of the innovative energy of NRMs, of their extraordinary diversity, and the often surprising ways in which they can propagate geographically. The most ambitions publication of its sort, the Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements is a major addition to the reference literature for students and researchers of the field in religious studies and the social sciences. Entries are cross-referenced with short bibliographies for further reading. There is a full index.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
This Encyclopedia offers a truly fascinating, authoritative overview of new religious movements in a global context. What sets this work apart is its assessment of the global significance of a movement (how it progresses cross-culturally) with attention to its transformative appeal (how it seeks to transform its individual adherents or the larger society). This is an outstanding reference source – scholarly, timely, important, and worth the price for academic libraries. Summing Up: Essential." - Choice

"An extensive and authorative resource that challenges its single volume format." - Reference Reviews

"Its 'global' perspective differentiates it from other reference resources currently available." - Reference Reviews

"Clarke uses this eclectic definition throughout this book to provide examples of the many kinds of NRMs that have arisen in various parts of the world, with the aim of illustrating how widespread they have become."— Kris Veldheer, Graduate Theological Union

"For those interested in biographical information on prominent figures in NRMs this work also has much to offer. Clarke has gone to great lengths to include individuals who have had a formative influence in the beginning of a movement, or have had otherwise great impact." —Kris Veldheer, Graduate Theological Union

"his Encyclopedia will provide an important starting point for those interested in further studies of NRMs" —Kris Veldheer, Graduate Theological Union

"This Encyclopedia breaks new ground by helping to clarify and redefine what constitutes a NRM. Because of its global perspective and its interaction with literature from various parts of the globe, this compact volume will be a worthy addition to any religion/theology reference collection." —Kris Veldheer, Graduate Theological Union

Library Journal
Clark, a U.K.-based faculty double-appointee who has penned several texts similar to this one, has created a reference book that briefly introduces each of the myriad new religious movements (referred to throughout as NRMs) that have emerged in the last several decades, independently or as variations of larger religious organizations. The signed A-to-Z entries cover some 300 movements, including both traditional spin-offs and nontraditional cultish or spiritual-based associations in a large array of countries. Averaging one to two pages in length, the entries vary in approach, some presenting just a handful of facts and others bursting with information. However, contributors remain thoroughly objective and unbiased throughout. The content is informative and somewhat scholarly, although prior knowledge is not assumed, and several passages present the information in a style more essayist than encyclopedic. Although marred by flaws and inconsistencies, the index is well crafted, with generous geographical considerations that will likely come in handy for students. Topical terms are indexed as well, allowing for adequate searching within broad subject areas. Bottom Line Considering its steep cost, this rather comprehensive resource is recommended for larger academic libraries and libraries with extensive global religion collections.-Traci Avet, Palm Beach Cty. Lib., Belle Glade, FL Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780415267076
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis
  • Publication date: 12/1/2005
  • Pages: 720
  • Product dimensions: 16.00 (w) x 24.80 (h) x 4.40 (d)

Table of Contents

12 Tribes; Abacwezi-Basom; Abamalaki; Abiodun Akinsowon, Christiana (Mrs/Captain); Abu Sayyaf; Abyssinian Baptist church; Adidam; Aetherius Society; African Methodist Episcopal Church; African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; African Native Baptist Church; African-American Pentecostalism (see Azusu Street Revival); Agonshu; Ahl -i-Hadith; Ahmadiyya Movement; Aladura Churches; Alpha Base; amaNazaretha; Ambedkar movement; Amritanandamayi Ma; Ananda Community; Ananda Marga Yoga; Ansaaru Allah Community; anthroposophy; Anti cult Movement; Apostolic Church of Johane Masowe; Apostolic Church of John Maranke; Armstrongism/Worldwide Church of God; Arya Samaj; Asahara Shoko (see also Aum Shrinri-kyo); Aumisme; Aurobindo, Sri; Azusa Street Revival; Baba, Sathya Sai; Bahai; Bailey, Alice (see also New Age); Bamba, Ahmadu (see also Mouridiyya); Barelvis; Bennett, J. G.; Besant, Annie; Bethesda Movement; Big Drum Dance; Black Hebrews; Black Jews; Black Muslims; Black Spiritual Churches; Black theology; Blavatsky, Anna; Brahma Kumaris Movement; Brahmo Samaj; Branch Davidians (see also Waco); Breatharianism; Brotherhood of the Cross and Star; Buddha's Light Temple; Buddhism, Mahayana; Buddhism, Vajrayana; business and NRMs; Byakko Shinkokai; Caddy, Eileen and Peter (see also Findhorn and New Age); Candomble; Caodaism; Cargo Cults; Catholic Charismatic Movement; Celestial Church of Christ (see also Aladura); charismatic Christianity; Cherubim and Seraphim Churches; Chidvilasananda; children and NRMs; Chopra, Deepak; Christ Apostolic Church; Church for the Spirit of Jesus Christ; Church of Christ in Japan; Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Jehovah's Witnesses); Church of Satan; Church of the Lord Aladura (see Aladura); Church of the Twelve Apostles (Nackabah); Church Universal and Triumphant; conceptual issues; consumerist ethic and NRMs; Costa Chica; Cross of Christ World Mission; Cult of Maria Lionza (see also: Alan Kardec, Kardecism and Spiritualism); daimoku; Daishonin Nichiren (see also Nichiren Shosu and Soka Gakkai); Daku Community; Damanhur; Dargawiyya Movement; defining/characterizing NRMs; Deguchi, Nao (see also Omotokyo); Deguchi, Onisaburo (see also Omotokyo); Deima Cult; Deobandi Movement; deprogramming; Divine Light Mission; Dream Dance (see also Powwow Cult); Dynamic Meditation (see also Rajneesh Movement); Earth People of Trinidad; easternization thesis; Eckankar; Ekuphakamemi (see also amaNazaretha); Eleventh Commandment Fellowship; Emin; Enneagram; environment and NRMs; Erhard, Wener; Espiritismo (see also Santerismo and Santeria); Eternal Order of Cherubim and Seraphim (see also: Aladura churches); exit counselling; Faith Church, The; Faith Tabernacle Church; Falun Gong; Family (Children of God); Family Action for Information and Rescue (see also Anti-Cult Movement); Father Divine's peace mission; Fellowship of Isis; Findhorn (see also Caddy, Eileen and Peter and New Age Movement); Forum/est; Fox, Matthew; Friends of the Western Buddhist Order; Gaga (Rara) cult; Gai'wiio religion; Garvey, Marcus; Gedatsu Kai; gender and NRMs; Ghost Dance; globalization and NRMs; God Light Association; Godianism; God's Army; God's Salvation Church; Gohonzon (see also Soka Gakkai); Gongyo (see also Soka Gakkai); Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade; Gurdjieff, G. I.; Gush Emunim; Hamas; Harrist Movement; Hau Hau; Hay, Louise; healing (see African independence churches); Heaven's Gate; Heavens Gathering (Korean: Chunjonhoe); Hisb-ut-Tahir; Hizbollah; Hoa Hau; Hokekyo (see also Lotus Sutra); Honmon Butsuryushu; House Church Movement; House of the Goddess; Hubbard, L. R. (see also Scientology); Human Potential Movement; I AM Movement; Idris Shah; Ikeda Daisaku (see also Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Shoshu); I-Kuan Tao (Unity Sect); Ilion Foss; independent churches (Aldura, Spiritist, Zionist, Ethiopian); Institute for the Harmonius Development of Mankind; International Church of Christ; International Society for Krishna Consciousness; Jamaa movement; Jamaat-I-Islami; Jesus Army; Jesus Christ Lightening; Jesus Christians; Jesus Movement; Jofrum Movement; John-Roger; Jung; Kadec, Alan; Kala Keo Ku; Kardec, Alain (see also Kardecism and Spiritism); Kardecism; Karma; kidnapping; Kimbangu, Simon (see also Kimbanguist Church); Kimbanguist Church Zaire; Kofuku no Kagaku (see also Okawa Ryuho); Konkokyo; Krishnamurti; Kurozumikyo; Kurozumikyo; law and NRMs; Layenne Movement; Lefevre; Legiao de Boa Vontade (Legion of Good Will); Legio Maria Movement; Lekraj, Dada; Lenshina, Alice (see also Lumpa Church and Legio Maria); Liberation Theology; Lingsu Exo-Esoterics; Lord of Universe Church; Lord's Resistance Army; Lotus Sutra; Lou; Lubavitch Movement; Lumpa Church of Zambia; MacLaine, Shirley; Macrobiotics; Madame Blavatsky; Magnificent Meal Movement; Mahayana Buddhism; Mahdiyyat Movement; Mahikari; Maitatsine Movement; Maitreya; Maji-Maji; Makiguchi, Tsunesaburo; Malcolm X (see Nation of Islam); mantra; Martinus; Maslow; Maulana Maududi; Meher Baba Movement; membership; Messianic Community; Messianic Judaism; Miki, Nakayama; Mohammed, Elijah (see Nation of Islam); Mokichi, Okada; Moon, Reverend Sun Myung; Moon, Reverend Sun Myung (see also Unification Church); Moorish Science Temple (see Nation of Islam); moralogy; Mormon Church; Mother Meera; Movement of the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God; MSIA (Insight); Mucker Movement; Muridiyya (see also Bamba, Ahmadu); Musamo Christo Disco Church; Myochikai Kyodan; Nakayama, Miki (see also Tenrikyo); Nao, Deguchi; Nation of Islam; National Church of Africa; Native American Church; Neo-Catechumenate Way; Neopaganism; Neo-Sufism; Neturei Karta; New Age; New Huniyan Cult; New Kadampa Cult; New Native Shamens; New Thought; Nirvana; Niwano Nikkyo; Noble Ali Drew (see Moorish Sciecne Temple); Nueva Jerusalem; Okada Keiju; Okada Mokichi (see also Sekai Kyusei Kyo); Okada Yoshikazu; Okawa Ryuho; Olcott, Henry Steel (see also Madame Blavatsky and Theosphy); Omotokyo; Opus Dei; Order of Buddhist Contemplatives; Ordo Templi Orientis (see also anthrosophy); Osho; Ouspensky, P. D.; Owobusobozi; Pagan Federation; Pai Marire; peace and NRMs; People's Temple; Perfect Liberty Kyodan; Peyote Cult; Phra Photirak Phutthatat Bhikkhu (see also Suan Mok); Pir Valayat Khan (see also the Sufi Order in the West); Powwow Cult (see also Dream Dance); Qigong; Raelian Movement; Rainbow Coalition; Rajneesh Movement; Rak Rakpong; Ramakrishna Mission (see also Sri Ramakrishna); Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh; Rastafarian Movement; Real Buddha Dharma; recruitment (including brainwashing); Reformed Church in Japan; Reiki; Reincarnation; Reiukai; Reiyukai Kyodan; religious fundamentalism; Ringatu faith; Rissho Kosei Kai; Sahaja Yoga; Sai Baba Movement; Sai Baba, Sathya; Samsara; Santeria; Santerismo; Santi Asoke; Santi Asoke (see also Phra Photorak); Santo Daime; School of Economic Science; Scientology (see also Hubbard, L. R.); secularization thesis and NRMs; Seicho no Ie; Sekai Kyusei Kyo; Selassie, Haile (see Rastafarian Movement); self identity; self, the; self-transformation; Servants of the Light; Shah, Idris; Shango; Shembe, Isaiah (see amaNazaretha); Shjnnyo'en; Shoko Asahara (see also Aum Shinrikyo); Shrine of the Black Madonna; Siddha Yoga; Silva Mind Control; Society of the Inner Light; Soka Gakkai; Solar Temple; Spirit of Jesus Church (Japan); Spiritism (see also Alan Kardec); Spritual Baptist Music; Sri Ramamkrishna; Sri Vivekananda; Starhawk; Suan Mok (see also Phutthathat Bhikkhu); Subud; Sufi Order in the West; Sun Dance; sutra; Swami, Bhaktivedanta; Swaminarayan Movement; Tabligh; Taliban; Tambor da Mina (see also Batuque, Candomble, Umbanda and Yoruba Gods in the New World); Taniguchi Masaharu; Teachers, The; Temple of Set; Tenrikyo (see also Nakayama, Miki); Tensho Kotai Jingu Kyo; terminological questions; The Body (Attelboro); The Way; Theology of Glory Movement; Theosophical Society; Theravada Buddhism; Toda, Josie (see also Soka Gakkai); Tonghak Movement; Toronot Blessing; Toronto Blessing; transcendental meditation; typologies of new religions; Tzu Chi; Unification Church/Moonies; United Church of Christ in Japan; United Church of Science and Living Institute; United House of Prayer for All People; United Native African Church; Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches; Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church; utopian thought and NRMs; Vajrayana Buddhism; violence and NRMs; Vishwa Hindu Parishad; Vissarion; Voodoo (see also Yoruba Gods in the New World); Waco (see also Branch Davidians); Wat Phra Dhammakaya; White Brotherhood; White Eagle; Wicca (see also Neo-paganism and New Age); Winti Cult; Word of Life; Work, The; World Vision International; Wovoka (see also Ghost Dance); Wrekin Trust; Xango (see also Candomble and Yoruba Gods in the New World); yoga; Yoruba Gods in the New World (see also Candomble, Santeria, Shango and Umbanda); Zar Cult; Zhiguan (centring prayer); Zhong Gong; Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa

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