Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy / Edition 2

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From the Nuremberg trials to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 to recent budget reconciliation bills, the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy provides detailed coverage of watershed policies and decisions from such fields as privatization, biomedical ethics, education, and diversity. This second edition features a wide range of new topics, including military administration, government procurement, social theory, and justice administration in developed democracies. It also addresses current issues such as the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and covers public administration in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781420052756
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis
  • Publication date: 11/5/2007
  • Edition description: REV
  • Edition number: 2
  • Pages: 2480
  • Product dimensions: 0.85 (w) x 1.10 (h) x 6.70 (d)

Table of Contents

Auditing and Reporting
Accounting and Reporting for Private Nonprofit Organizations—-Balancing Economic Efficiency with Social Mission / Walter Vance et al.
Auditing / Jean Harris et al.
Budgets and Accountability / Jonathan B. Justice
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report / Robert S. Kravchuk
Popular Reporting / Joy A. Clay
Budget Process
Budget Execution and Management Control / L. R. Jones et al.
Budget Stabilization Fund / Yilin Hou
Budgetary Balance and Deficit Controls / William R. Voorhees
Budgeting: Allocation Formula / Patricia Moore
Entitlements and the Congressional Budget Process / Patrick Fisher
Executive Budgeting / Brendan F. Burke
Incrementalism, Budgetary / Carol W. Lewis
Internal Controls / Robert W. Smith
Public Budgeting, Politics in / Irene Rubin
Supplemental Appropriation / Jerry McCaffery
Budget Reform
Budget Reform / Jerry McCaffery
Budgetary Reforms in Southeast Asia / David Seth Jones
Cash Management
Cash Flow Forecasting: Principles / William R. Voorhees et al.
Cash Management for State and Local Governments / Dwight V. Denison
Costing and Pricing
Activity-Based Costing in the Public Sector / Thomas Buttross et al.
Asset Pricing / Greg Chen
Life Cycle Costing / Troels Pind Adrian et al.
Laws and Regulation
Budget Reconciliation Bill and the Federal Budget Deficit / Patrick Fisher
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) / Catherine L. Staples
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings: Impact on the Federal Budgetary Process / G.L.A. Harris
International Public Sector Accounting Standards / James L. Chan
Achieving Productivity Through Budgeting / Gerald J. Miller et al.
Budgeting and Public Choice / John R. Bartle
Budgets and Accountability / Jonathan B. Justice
Motives and Incentives: Rethinking Budget Theory in a New Institutional Context / William Earle Klay
Types of Budgets
Budgeting, Line-Item and Object-of-Expenditure Controls / Suzanne Leland
Budgeting, Performance-Based / Julia E. Melkers
Budgeting, Target-Based / B. J. Reed
Capital Budgeting / Jane Beckett-Camarata
Performance-Based Budgeting / Judith R. Brown
Program Budgeting (PPBS) / Katherine G. Willoughby
Zero-Base Budgeting / J. L. Peters
Bureaucracy, Economic Theories of / James R. Simmons
Bureaucracy: Perspectives / Larkin S. Dudley
Bureaucratic Agencies: Delegation of Authority / Scott R. Furlong
Bureaucratic Discretion: Political Control and Influence / Scott R. Furlong
Bureaucratic Politics / Gene A. Brewer
Impacts of Bureaucratic Reform on State Government Administration / Brendan F. Burke
Media and Bureaucracy in the United States / Mordecai Lee
Representative Bureaucracy / Katherine C. Naff
Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes / Lisa B. Bingham et al.
Impasse Resolution Procedures / Gary E. Roberts
Administrative Reform in Southeast Asia / M. Shamsul Haque
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) / Richard K. Common
Cambodia / Clay Wescott
Chinese Public Administration: History and Current Trends / Yijia Jing
Decentralization in Developing Countries / Scott A. Fritzen et al.
Development Administration in Southeast Asia / Mark Turner
Indonesia / Rainer Rohdewohld
Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR) / Clay Wescott
Malaysia / Habib Zafarullah et al.
Singapore / Jon S. T. Quah
Thailand / Brian Brewer
Specific Topics
Budgetary Reforms in Southeast Asia / David Seth Jones
Bureaucrats and Politicians in Southeast Asia / Scott Fritzen
Crisis Policy-Making and Management in Southeast Asia / Scott Fritzen
Decentralization in Southeast Asia / Ledivina V. Carin

  • E-Government in East Asia / Hee Joon Song
    Fiscal Distress of Local Governments in Israel / Abraham Carmeli
    Gaza Disengagement: Israel Government Forced Resettlement () / Nitza Nachmias
    Government-Business Relations in East Asia / Sung Gul Hong
    Israel Civil Society: Characteristics / Amiram Bogot et al.
    Israel: Peace and Conflict Resolution Organizations / Raviv Schwartz
    Israel: Spatial Policy / Arie Hershcovich
    Labor Policy In Thailand / Andrew Brown
    Lebanon: Corruption / Ramzi N. Nasser et al.
    Middle East and Regulation / Ori Arbel-Ganz
    Middle East: Corruption / Doron Navot
    Mitigating HIV/AIDS' Impact on Teachers and Administrators in sub-Saharan Africa / Mumukshu Patel et al.
    Singapore: Economic Policy / Charles Conteh
    Transparency and Corruption in Southeast Asia / Noore Alam Siddiquee et al.
    Court Administrators as Managers and Executives / Steven W. Hays
    Court Budgeting: Judicial Branch Independence and Accountability / John K. Hudzik
    Court System Strategic Planning / Deborah A. Botch
    Court Technology and Information Systems / Ronald M. Stout, Jr.
    Court Unification / James A. Gazell
    Courts and Policy in the United States / Robert K. Christensen et al.
    Judicial Independence / Ian Greene
    Judicial Selection and Merit Selection / Cole Blease Graham, Jr.
    Decision Making in Administrative Organizations: Theories / James S. Guseh
    Decision Making, Incrementalism and Transformational Change / Keith Carrington
    Decision Making, Open System and Nonequilibrium / Keith Carrington
    Decision Making, Rational / E. J. Woodhouse
    Decision Making: Administrative Dispute Resolution / Lisa Blomgren Bingham et al.
    Naturalistic Decision Making / Anna C. Goldoff
    Quantitative Decision Making: Benefit-Cost Analysis / Jay P. Hamilton
    Economic Development and Organization / C. Fred Baughman
    Economic Development, Citizen Participation and / Terry F. Buss et al.
    Economic Development, Community Organizations and / Herbert J. Rubin
    Economic Development, Financing / William L. Waugh, Jr.
    Economic Development, Immigration, Self-Employment and / Marcela Tribble et al.
    Economic Development, Infrastructure and / Robert Krol
    Economic Development, State Government Administration of / Keith Boeckelman
    Economic Development: Governance Concepts and Issues / Kuotsai Tom Liou
    Economic Development: International / Cal Clark
    Microenterprise Finance and Economic Development / Douglas R. Snow
    Privatization and Economic Development / Bill Luker
    Public-Private Partnerships for Economic Development / Stuart C. Strother et al.
    Public-Private Partnerships in Developing Countries / Stuart C. Strother et al.
    Rural Economies, Developing / Terry F. Buss et al.
    Singapore: Economic Policy / Charles Conteh
    Sustainable Development / Richard C. Feiock et al.
    Specific Topics
    Environmental Ethics / Christine M. Reed
    Ethics and Information and Communication Technology / Brian Negin
    Ethics and Public Policy / Amy K. Donahue
    Gender Bias, Ethical Analysis of and in Public Policy / J. J. Hendricks et al.
    Global Ethics and Corruption / Leo W. J. C. Huberts
    Humanitarian Intervention / Michelle Maiese
    Biomedical Ethics and Public Policy Discourse / John Abbott Worthley
    Lebanon: Corruption / Ramzi N. Nasser et al.
    Middle East: Corruption / Doron Navot
    Milgram Experiments / Andrew B. Whitford et al.
    Nuremberg Trials and Charter / Morton J. Tenzer
    Transparency and Corruption in Southeast Asia / Noore Alam Siddiquee et al.
    Tuskegee Study / Andrew B. Whitford et al.
    Urban Planning and Ethics / Carlos Nunes Silva
    Watergate / Carol W. Lewis
    Ethics Management
    Conflict of Interest / Russell L. Williams
    Ethics and Administrative Reform / Jeroen Maesschalck
    Ethics in Organizations, Implementation of / Evan M. Berman
    Ethics, Governance Structures / Carole L. Jurkiewicz
    Human Rights, Ethical Analysis of and in Public Policy / Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh
    Human Subjects Research: United States Public Policy / Patricia M. Alt et al.
    Ombuds and Ombuds Programs / Lisa B. Bingham et al.
    Standards of Conduct / Jeremy F. Plant
    Whistleblowing, Corporate, and Public Policy / Michael A. Harper et al.
    Legal Aspects
    Appearance of Impropriety / Stuart C. Gilman
    Judicial Ethics / David A. Yalof
    Law and Ethics / John A. Rohr
    Legal Ethics / Christina M. Bellon
    Ethics in Public Administration, Teaching of / Donald Menzel
    Accountability and Ethics: Reconsidering the Relationships / Melvin J. Dubnick
    Civic Duty / Vera Vogelsang-Coombs et al.
    Ethics, Feminist Perspective on / Dana Burr Bradley
    John Rawls / James R. Heichelbech
    Moral Development Theory / Richard D. White, Jr.
    Teleology and Utilitarianism / James R. Heichelbech
    Virtue Ethics / James S. Bowman
    Trust in Organizations / David G. Carnevale
    Truth and Reconciliation Commission / Daryl Balia
    Truthfulness and Lying / Roger Green
    Specific Topics
    Financial Condition / Jane Beckett-Camarata
    Financial Emergencies / Jane Beckett-Camarata
    Financial Resource Management in Local Government / Kenneth A. Klase
    Fiscal Distress of Local Governments in Israel / Abraham Carmeli
    Orange County Bankruptcy / Susan MacDonald
    Pay-As-You-Go Financing / David L. Baker
    Pension Under-Funding: Generational Accounting Perspective / Paul J.M. Klumpes et al.
    Subnational Counter-Cyclical Fiscal Policy in the United States / Yilin Hou
    Tax Expenditures / Iryna Illiash
    Working Capital / Justin Marlowe
    Bond Ratings / Andrew Haas et al.
    Bond Valuation / Richard L.B. LeCompte
    Municipal Securities / Mark D. Robbins et al.
    Understanding the Basics of Refunding in the Municipal Bond Market / Jun Peng
    United States Treasury Securities / Theo Edwin Maloy
    Debt Affordability / Bill Simonsen et al.
    Debt Issuance / Beverly S. Bunch
    Arbitrage / Susan MacDonald
    Capital Markets / Kenneth A. Kriz et al.
    Futures and Options / Greg Chen
    Yield Curve for Public-Sector Debt Instruments / Theo Edwin Maloy
    Accounting, Financial / Mozaffar Khan
    Financial Statement Analysis / Martin Ives
    Fiscal Transparency / A. Premchand
    Net Assets and Fund Balance / Dean Michael Mead
    Fiscal Federalism / William Duncombe
    Portfolio Theory / Richard L.B. LeCompte
    Public Funds Investment Strategies / William G. Albrecht
    Revenue Forecasting and Revenue Estimation / Marilyn Marks Rubin et al.
    Risk Management / David L. Baker
    Risk Pools / Peter C. Young
    Time Value of Money / John D. Wong
    Feminism and Chaos Theory / Mary Ann McClure
    Feminist Comparative Policy / Amy G. Mazur
    Gender and Public Administration / DeLysa Burnier
    Gender Bias, Ethical Analysis of and in Public Policy / J. J. Hendricks et al.
    Health Care Decision Analysis, Alternatives in / Krishna S. Dhir
    Health Care Decision Making Behavior, Emerging Paradigms of / Krishna S. Dhir
    Health Care Finance in the Twenty-First Century / Judith J. Kirchhoff
    Health Care Organizations, Managing / Grant T. Savage et al.
    Health Care Policy / Walter J. Jones
    Health Care Settings, Change in / R. Wayne Boss et al.
    Health Care, Assessment and Evaluation of / Leiyu Shi
    Health Policy in Singapore / M. Ramesh
    Integrated Healthcare Systems: New Trends, Emerging Models, and Future Shocks / Yvonne J. Kochanowski
    Rural Health Policy / Esther M. Forti
    Human Relations Management Theory / Gerald T. Gabris
    Human Resource Management / Stephen E. Condrey et al.
    Human Resource Planning / Joan E. Pynes
    Human Resources Administrators in State Government, Changing Roles of / Curtis R. Berry
    Human Resources Management in Local Government / J. Edward Kellough
    Labor Policy In Thailand / Andrew Brown
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management / Teva J. Scheer
    -Degree Performance Appraisal Systems / Neil M. Boyd
    Performance Appraisal / Dennis M. Daley
    Civil Service
    Civil Service / J. Edward Kellough
    Civil Service Reform Act of / Jerrell D. Coggburn
    Civil Service Reform and Reinvention / Jerrell D. Coggburn
    Job Classification / Lyn Holley
    Merit System / J. Edward Kellough
    New Public Service / Annie Hondeghem et al.
    Patronage and Spoils / Donald E. Klingner
    Public Service / Richard A. Loverd
    Reduction in Force / Teva J. Scheer
    Senior Executive Service / Robert F. Durant
    Seniority / Alan L. Saltzstein
    Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures / Teva J. Scheer
    Compensation: Pay and Benefits / James A. Buford, Jr.
    Employee Benefits / Dennis M. Daley
    Pay for Performance and Merit Pay / Joan E. Pynes
    Burnout in Public Agencies / Robert T. Golembiewski
    Career Development / Teva J. Scheer
    Human Resource Management for Productivity / Seok-Hwan Lee
    Nonmonetary Incentives and Productivity / Hedy L. Isaacs
    Team Building / R. Wayne Boss et al.
    Training and Development / Joan E. Pynes
    Discipline and Dismissal / Steven W. Hays
    Grievance Procedures and Administration / Lisa B. Bingham et al.
    Sexual Harassment / Sally Coleman Selden
    Diversity / Sonia M. Ospina et al.
    Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action / Norma M. Riccucci
    Labor-Management Relations
    Collective Bargaining / Robert Hebdon
    Collective Bargaining, The Politics of / Robert Hebdon
    Labor-Management Partnerships and Cooperation / W. David Patton
    Labor-Management Rights and Responsibilities / D. S. Chauhan
    Managing Mutual Commitments and Expectations: Contract Administration in Public Labor Relations / D. S. Chauhan
    Unit Determination / Jonathan P. West
    Administrative Discretion / Kenneth F. Warren
    Administrative Law Judges and Agency Adjudication / William D. Schreckhise
    Civil Disobedience / Matthew Tedesco et al.
    Constitutional Constraints on Administrative Behavior in the United States / David H.Rosenbloom et al.
    Constitutional Constraints on the Administrations of Public Policy / Matthew Woessner
    Freedom of Information Act—Federal / Suzanne J. Piotrowski
    Israel: Public Law / Assaf Meydani
    Just War / Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh
    Justice through Emancipation: Abraham Lincoln as a Model of Justice / Frank J. Williams
    Juvenile Stalking / Deborah L. Laufersweiler-Dwyer et al.
    Juvenile Waiver / Craig Hemmens et al.
    Restorative Justice / Michelle Maiese
    Rulemaking / Cornelius M. Kerwin
    Sexual Harassment / Sally Coleman Selden
    Annexation / Jered B. Carr et al.
    Capital Programming and Budgeting: Comparative Local Government Perspectives / Costel D. Todor et al.
    City Government / Jon C. Teaford
    Consolidated Governments / Dan Durning
    Council/Commission Representation / Tari Renner
    County Government / J. Edwin Benton
    Executive Leadership in Local Government / James H. Svara
    Forms of Government / Victor S. DeSantis
    Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) / Steven G. Koven et al.
    Home Rule / Dale Krane
    Local Government: State Supervision of Budgets / Julia Beckett
    Metropolitan Governance / Ulf Zimmermann
    Metropolitan Governmental Fragmentation / David C. Nice et al
    Public Authorities / Gary A. Johnson et al.
    Special District Governments / G. Ross Stephens
    Appreciative Inquiry / Thomas W. Kent
    Data Integrity / Theo Edwin Maloy
    Data Mining as a Decision-Making Aid / William J. Mead
    Deontology / James R. Heichelbech
    Linear Programming / Ronald John Hy
    Mathematical Modeling / Roger J. Beck
    Narrative Inquiry / Sonia M. Ospina et al.
    Operations Research / William L. Waugh, Jr.
    Q Methodology / Dan Durning
    Seasonality / Daniel W. Williams
    Times Series Analysis / Bruce D. Rogers
    Using Econometric Models for Public-Sector Decision Making / Richard G. Sims
    Validation / Teva J. Scheer
    Policy Analysis
    Foreign Policy Analysis / Eric K. Leonard
    Narrative Policy Analysis / Emery Roe
    Participatory Policy Analysis / Virginia Eubanks
    Policy-Oriented Social Science Research: Measuring the Benefits / Henry E. Kilpatrick
    Stage Heuristics in Policy Sciences / Christine R. Martell et al.
    Values and Policy Analysis / Steven A. Peterson
    Learning Organizations / Montgomery Van Wart
    Networks, Organizational / Seok-Eun Kim
    Nonprofit Organizations, External Relations in / Mordecai Lee
    Organization Development / Gerald T. Gabris
    Organization Theories, Types of / Robert T. Golembiewski
    Organizational Citizenship Behavior / Larkin S. Dudley et al.
    Organizational Commitment / Jong-In Yoon
    Organizational Culture / Craig Lundberg
    Practical Organization Theory / Gerald T. Gabris
    Leadership / Thomas W. Kent
    Leadership in Organizations / Douglas Ihrke
    Leadership: High-Integrity / Mark L. McConkie et al.
    Efficiency / Hwang-Sun Kang
    New Public Management / Eran Vigoda
    Productivity and Effectiveness / Patria de Lancer Julnes
    Public Sector Productivity: Barriers / David N. Ammons
    Information Technology
    E-Government in East Asia / Hee Joon Song
    Electronic Government / Mary Maureen Brown
    Geographic Information Systems and Public Policy / Akhlaque Haque
    Information Systems / Mary Maureen Brown et al.
    Other Strategies
    Achieving Productivity Through Budgeting / Gerald J. Miller et al.
    Constructive Change Proposals, Assessing the Validity of / Elisabeth Wright
    Customer Service / Evan M. Berman
    Inventory Management / Ronald John Hy
    Knowledge Utilization: Issues and Recommendations / Cheol H. Oh
    Logistics and Transportation / Darin Matthews et al.
    Management for Quality in Government / Michael E. Milakovich
    Privatization / Hwang-Sun Kang et al.
    Privatization and Reinvention Paradigms for State Governmental Administration, Consequences of / Julia E. Robinson
    Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM) / Bradley J. Best et al.
    Strategic Management and Productivity / Arie Halachmi
    Human Resource Management for Productivity / Seok-Hwan Lee
    Motivation / Evan M. Berman
    Nonmonetary Incentives and Productivity / Hedy L. Isaacs
    Team Building / R. Wayne Boss et al.
    Training and Development / Joan E. Pynes
    Training for Productivity / Montgomery Van Wart
    Work Motivation / Hal G. Rainey
    Performance Measurement
    Balanced Scorecard for Public Administration and Policy / Peter J. Reed
    Balanced Scorecard Tools for Organizational Assessment in Public Administration and Policy / Peter J. Reed
    Benchmarking in Public Administration and Public Policy / A. Gunasekaran et al.
    Government Performance and Results Act of : A Retrospective / G. L. A. Harris
    Performance Audits / Wendy Haynes et al.
    Performance Indicators in State Administration, The Use of / Peter J. Haas
    Performance Measurement / Patria de Lancer Julnes
    Performance Measurement and Benchmarking in Local Government / David N. Ammons
    Performance Measurement: Citizen-Driven / Kathe Callahan
    Performance Reporting / Sam M. McCall et al.
    Administration of State Lotteries / Jeff Leon Dense
    Agricultural Policy / William P. Browne
    Correctional Administration, The Challenges of / Betsy A. Matthews
    Criminal Justice Public Policy / Barbara Sims
    Development Policy / Lawrence S. Graham
    Education Policy / Frederick M. Hess et al.
    Electric Industry Restructuring / Stacey M. Brewer et al.
    Environmental Policy / Thomas Greitens
    Federal Subsidies for New Entrepreneurial High-Growth Firms / Terry F. Buss
    Federalism in "Homeland Security" and Crisis Management / Alethia H. Cook et al.
    Gaza Disengagement: Israel Government Forced Resettlement () / Nitza Nachmias
    Mitigating HIV/AIDS' Impact on Teachers and Administrators in sub-Saharan Africa / Mumukshu Patel et al.
    National Security Policy / Eric K. Leonard
    Natural Resource Policy: Institutional Aspects / Amy R. Poteete
    No Child Left Behind Act of / G.L.A. Harris
    Parental Rights and Obligations / Michael W. Austin
    Regulatory Policy: Role and Importance / Scott R. Furlong
    Telehealth and State Government Policy / Mary Schmeida
    Trade Policy / Philip A. Mund
  • Transportation Policy / Jeremy F. Plant
    Welfare and Social Security Policy / Mark Carl Rom
    Welfare Reform, Management of / Edward T. Jennings, Jr.
    Welfare State / Paul B. Kirby
    Agenda Setting / David A. Rochefort
    Biomedical Ethics and Public Policy Discourse / John Abbott Worthley
    Citizen Participation in Local Government / Anthony J. Nownes
    Citizen Participation in the Budget Process: Exit, Voice, and Loyalty / Carol Ebdon
    Collaborative Governance / David E. Booher
    Community-Based Planning for HIV/AIDS / Ishak Saporta et al.
    Ethics and Public Policy / Amy K. Donahue
    Governance Networks / Robert Agranoff et al.
    Innovation and Public Policy / Stuart S. Nagel
    Models of the Policy Process / Thomas A. Birkland
    Policy Change / James L. True
    Policy Design / Helen Ingram et al.
    Policy Diffusion / Karen Mossberger
    Policy Implementation / Ann O'M. Bowman
    Policy Networks / Jack W. Meek
    Policy Sciences Approach / Peter deLeon et al.
    Policy Termination / Mark R. Daniels
    Policymaking in Local Government / Jeremy L. Hall
    Public Policy / Steven A. Peterson
    Public Policy Formation Under Conditions of Ambiguity / Nikolaos Zahariadis
    Public Reporting / Mordecai Lee
    Social Networks / Brian Adams
    Urban Planning and Ethics / Carlos Nunes Silva
    Acquiring Resources Through Price Negotiation: A Public Sector Approach / Rupert G. Rhodd
    Capital Purchases / John Adler et al.
    Constructive Change Proposals, Assessing the Validity of / Elisabeth Wright
    Contracting for Social Services / Nancy McCarthy Snyder
    Cooperative Purchasing / Alex Sekwat
    Model Contracts to Reduce the Risks in Complex Information Technology Procurements / Michael Asner
    Offset Requirements in International Public Procurement / Travis K. Taylor
    Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships for Local Services / E.S. Savas
    Procurement / Charles K. Coe
    Public Procurement / Robert E. Lloyd
    Public Procurement Ethics / David Seth Jones
    Standard of Award / Frayda S. Bluestein
    Education, State Administration of Primary and Secondary / Thomas C. Sutton
    Environmental Pollution Control, State Government Administration of / A. Hunter Bacot
    Governors as Chief Administrators, The Changing Role of / H. Edward Flentje
    Information Sources and State Policy Making / Jill Clark
    Medicaid Reforms in the States, Administration of / Thomas E. Yatsco et al.
    State Administration of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Policies / Paul J. Castellani
    State and Local Public Pension Fund Management / Jun Peng
    State Enterprise Zones / Terry F. Buss et al.
    State Government Administration in a Federal System / Timothy D. Mead
    State Government Administration of Rural Development Policy / Michael McGuire
    State Government Administration, Impacts of Reform Movements / Cynthia J. Bowling
    State Government Adoption of "Managing for Results" Reforms / Donald P. Moynihan
    State Government Policy Initiatives: Improving Access for the Medically Underserved / Mary Schmeida
    State Government, Aspects of Managing Strategic Change in / Paul C. Nutt et al.
    State Government: Complex Policy Network Management / Kathleen Hale
    State Government: Promotion of Innovations / Keon S. Chi
    State Legislative Fiscal Offices and State Government Administration / Anita Chadha
    Use and Management of Information Technology in State Government / Paul M. Chalekian
    Attractors, Strange Attractors and Fractals / David Ogula
    Control Systems / Lynda M. Dennis
    Default / Andrew Haas et al.
    Evolutionary Theory and Public Policy / Steven A. Peterson
    Feminism and Chaos Theory / Mary Ann McClure
    Government Failure: Theory / Thomas S. Nesslein
    Groups and Their Properties / Claus Langfred
    Local Services, Provision and Production / Robert M. Stein
    Logical Positivism and Public Administration / Laurent Dobuzinskis
    Models, Types and Attributes of / Jeffrey A. Weber
    Newtonian Paradigm / Mary Ann McClure
    Open Systems Theory / Rupert F. Chisholm
    Papers on the Science of Administration / Mark L. McConkie et al.
    Postmodernism and Public Policy / Thomas J. Catlaw et al.
    Postpositivist Perspectives in Policy Analysis / Goktug Morcol
    Punctuated Equilibrium / Scott E. Robinson
    Reciprocal Relations Among Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy / Stuart S. Nagel
    Theory, Types and Attributes of / Jeffrey A. Weber
    Democracy and Public Policy / Gary S. Marshall et al.
    New Sciences Approach and Public Administration / Goktug Morcol
    Pragmatism and Public Administration / Keith F. Snider
    Public Administration as Management / Lawrence F. Keller
    Public Administration, A Twenty-First Century Lens of Understanding / Thomas D. Lynch et al.
    Science of Administration / Mark R. Rutgers
    Budgetary Analysis and Economics / John R. Bartle
    Budgeting and Public Choice / John R. Bartle
    Economic Efficiency / Brian E. Dollery et al.
    Economic Theories of Public Leadership / Brian E. Dollery et al.
    Economics, Transaction Cost / Glenn A. Daley
    Enterprise: Public versus Private / Thomas S. Nesslein
    Market Failure, Theory of / Brian E. Dollery et al.
    New Institutional Economics / Brian E. Dollery et al.
    Public Goods / Cristina E. Ciocirlan
    Tax Incidence / Daphne Greenwood
    Welfare Economics / Glenn A. Daley
    Rational Actor, Non-Economic
    Game Theory / Michael A. Kelley
    Models of Spatial Finance and "Voting with Your Feet" / Ray Gonzales
    Principal-Agent Perspective / Arie Halachmi
    Public Choice / Darrene L. Hackler
    Public Choice Theory / Thomas S. Nesslein
    Third-Party Interventions / R. Wayne Boss et al.
    Win-Win Approaches to Domestic Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy / Stuart S. Nagel
    Win-Win Approaches to International Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy / Stuart S. Nagel
    Win-Win Policy / Stuart S. Nagel
    Statistical and Uncertainty
    Probability Theory / Bradley J. Best et al.
    Uncertainty in Decision Making / William J. Mead
    Uncertainty, Concept of / James McBain
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