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Encyclopedia of the American Presidency

Encyclopedia of the American Presidency

by Leonard W. Levy, Louis Fisher

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Encyclopedia of the American Presidency S-Y. From Saint Lawrence Seaway to Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer. This edition also has a reproduction of The Constitution of the United States.


Encyclopedia of the American Presidency S-Y. From Saint Lawrence Seaway to Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer. This edition also has a reproduction of The Constitution of the United States.

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More than an array of information about U.S. presidents, this work is a readable, interdisciplinary presentation of the people, events, processes, and concepts necessary to understand the American presidency. Besides the expected presidential and vice-presidential biographies (which focus on the subjects' years in office) and sketches of persons important to the presidency (first ladies and other relatives, political opponents, White House press secretaries, cabinet members), there are definitions of terms ("Supply Side Economics"); accounts of historical events ("Mayaguez Capture"), legislation, and court cases; articles on presidential homes and libraries; explanations of relationships between branches of government; and delineations of the powers, prerogatives, and multiple roles of the president. Thought-provoking entries cover portrayals of presidents on film, presidential character, and Supreme Court nominees not confirmed. Separate entries are provided for every presidential election since the first in 1788. Topics as specialized as "Mount Rushmore"; "Stamps Commemorating Presidents"; "Pets, Presidential"; and "Yachts, Presidential" are here. Tables, such as the one that accompanies "Salaries, Executive" are eye-openers: while the president's salary has not changed since 1969, those of the vice-president, cabinet members, the chief justice, and members of Congress have all nearly tripled More than 1,000 signed articles (200 of them biographies) by more than 300 contributors from various institutions and disciplines cover the entire executive branch of government. The roster of contributors provides their credentials and indicates which articles they wrote. Among the better-known contributors are James MacGregor Burns ("Presidential Leadership"), Eugene V. Rostow ("Implied Powers"; "Japanese Americans, Treatment of"), and Arthur Schlesinger ("Imperial Presidency"). Levy is professor emeritus of history, Claremont Graduate School; Fisher is on the staff of the Library of Congress's Congressional Research Service. Each article ends with a bibliography; some are quite brief (that on President Clinton includes one item). Bibliographies cite only author, title, and year of publication for books. More than 40 entries have accompanying tables (e.g., "Assassinations and Assaults", "National Security Advisors", "Vetoes"). There is some redundancy in entries: "Retreats, Presidential" and "Vacation Spots, Presidential" cover a lot of the same ground "See" entries and embedded cross-references noted with small-capital letters lead researchers through the four volumes. In addition, there is an alphabetical list of entries in volume 1 and a classified list in volume 4 that bring entries together under such headings as "Policies and Issues" and "Biographies". Appendixes include a series of tables on presidents, their cabinets, other officials, and presidential election statistics. Volume 4 concludes with a "Table of Cases" and a very detailed index. Since the volumes are numbered consecutively, the page ranges for each volume are given at the bottom of each page of the index. The only thing this set lacks is illustrations Academic and large public libraries will find the "Encyclopedia of the American Presidency" an important tool for ready reference and for in-depth research in history, economics, and political science. Small libraries that can't afford this set can depend on CQs "Guide to the Presidency" (1989) to explain aspects of the office and one or more of the recent biographical dictionaries of the presidents, such as Kane's "Facts about the Presidents" or Degregorio's "Complete Book of U.S. Presidents", to provide information on individuals. "The Presidency A to Z" (volume 2 of CQ's "Encyclopedia of American Government" ["RBB" Mr 15 93]) is a less scholarly work that explains the concepts and people of the presidency. However, none of these titles covers the executive branch of government with the breadth and depth of the "Encyclopedia of the American Presidency".

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