Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times

Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times

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The Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times documents the tenure of each of the American presidents. It also includes information about the headlines, people, and fads that were defining America during each presidency. It is an easy-to-use resource that reflects events through the election of the next president in 2008.

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The Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times documents the tenure of each of the American presidents. It also includes information about the headlines, people, and fads that were defining America during each presidency. It is an easy-to-use resource that reflects events through the election of the next president in 2008.

Each profile includes a fact box that lists the president's birthday, birthplace, vice president, wife, children, and nickname. It also lists the president's full name and years he was in office.

Following the fact box is a one-page description of each year that president served. In other words, there are eight pages about Clinton and four about Carter. Each page explains the key issues that the president addressed that year, as well as what was important to Americans at that time. A brief description of each presidential campaign is included as well.

Besides serving as a quick reference source for information on the presidents, this title offers insight into general American history as well. For example, if a child born in 1990 wanted to see who was president when she was born, she could look up the page for 1990. There she would find that Bush was president and one of the biggest issues he faced that year was the Gulf War. She would also discover that Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa in 1990 and that hip-hop music was beginning to attract a strong following.

Two additional features follow the presidential profiles. The first is a table with the results of all American presidential elections. It includes the candidates' names, their parties, and the popular and electoral votes each recieved. The other feature is a history of the White House that includes several photos of the White House over the past 150 years.

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Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Sheilah Egan
With a foreword by James M. McPherson, this title is, indeed, encyclopedic in its approach to every aspect of the presidency of the United States. The first section discusses the beginning of the nation and the election of George Washington as the first U.S. president. Each president is shown in a reproduction of a painted portrait or a photograph along with an inset giving basic information as to birth date and place, death, party, vice president, first lady, children, nickname, and some historical note (e.g., John Adams was the first president to live in the White House). Then each president's place in history is given several pages, which include a variety of important events that occurred during that administration. Maps are generously interspersed with the text and other pictures of historical memorabilia. These maps reflect the composition of the U.S. at the time of each president. The opening material explains how each entry is set up and how to interpret the information. "Presidential Election Results" is a section in the backmatter that shows election dates, candidates, winners, and electoral votes. There is also "A History of the White House" with lots of pictures showing the White House through the years. The index is quite detailed. Teachers and students alike will welcome access to this comprehensive examination of the U.S. presidents. Current to Barack Obama—2009-2013. Reviewer: Sheilah Egan
Children's Literature - Judy Katsh
This encyclopedic look at American history uses the Presidents, their campaigns and elections, and their historical legacies as a lens through which to view the events that have shaped our country. The book begins with the inauguration of George Washington in 1789 and ends with the beginning of President Clinton's second term of office, in 1997. On its chock-full pages, readers will find facts about the presidents and their families, significant national events of the times, and slices of everyday life during each presidential term. The information is accessible both to browser and researcher thanks to clear writing and careful page organization which uses colored print and shaded boxes to direct readers' attention. 1997 (orig.
Children's Literature - Beverly Kobrin
With roughly one page devoted to each year since Washington's inauguration in 1789, David Rubel's book is an easy-to-read compendium that documents the progress and problems of each president's term and makes clear that our country has faced difficulties throughout its history. An attractively designed volume, the text is set in blue ink on ivory stock with red highlights-its sidebars, subheadings, archival prints and photographs serve as both illustrations and elements that facilitate scanning. In addition to a comprehensive index, Mr. Rubel includes a chart of the popular and electoral votes of both winners and losers of every election.
School Library Journal
Gr 4 UpThis revision of the 1994 volume presents new information and a plethora of pertinent changes. This user-friendly resource, which lucidly examines the political and personal lives of the U.S. Presidents, and the headlines, historical movements, and personalities, etc., that shaped their administrations, has a broader scope. Coverage begins with George Washington and ends with the commencement of Bill Clinton's second term. U.S. and international events that left an indelible impression on the mid-1990s, such as the Oklahoma City bombing, the war in Bosnia, and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, are vividly documented. Rubel also addresses the political issues, policies, and personalities that shaped the 1996 Presidential campaign and provides the results of this election. An engagingly written section presents an overview of the history of the White House. Charts, tables, and maps are updated, and the index has been expanded. Small black-and-white photos and reproductions add interest. A handsome new cover design completes the package.Hillary Jan Donitz-Goldstein, New York Public Library
Zom Zoms
This encyclopedia is organized chronologically, beginning in 1789 with George Washington and ending in 1994 with President Bill Clinton. Entries vary from one page for William Henry Harrison to 12 for FDR, reflecting the length of the president's term. If students want to ascertain who was president during a particular year, they need only turn to the page for that year and find the name. The book incorporates the life of each president as part of the larger story of the U.S. Major events that occurred during each president's tenure are noted, as well as important people from that particular period of time Each entry includes the president's birth date and place, death, party, vice president, family-member names, and nickname. A four-page chart of presidential election results is found at the end of the book. It includes the president and vice president, term, election year, candidates, popular and electoral votes, and the president's birthplace. Throughout the book certain words are highlighted in red, indicating that the subject is discussed in greater detail in another section of the book. Using the subject index at the end of the book, a student can find the entry for the more detailed discussion, which is also highlighted. Black-and-white photographs of events and people, political cartoons, artifacts reflecting the period in history, as well as maps detailing the growth of our country can be found throughout the book This is an attractive, inexpensive resource for elementary school students, providing concise information in an easy-to-read format. It is recommended for the children's section of public libraries and elementary school media centers that lack the financial resources to buy individual books on each president.

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