Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law Set

Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law Set

by Paul Finkelman

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Just as there are different tribes of Native Americans, so there have been differing policies relating to their relationship with the U.S. government. This title gathers information on these disparate entities in one convenient place. Finkelman (Encyclopedia of American Political History) and Garrison (The Legal Ideology of Removal) edit the works of approximately 150 contributors writing on specific laws, persons, organizations, and issues. Contributors are mostly academics; their tribal affiliation is listed if applicable. Entries range from a few paragraphs to a few pages in length; are signed and cross-referenced; and end with a bibliography that may include case law, books, and journal articles. All are clearly written and accessible to nonexperts. The entry on Mascots is a good example of an article that concisely explains an issue and its legal history. BOTTOM LINE ABC-CLIO's three-volume Treaties with American Indians (2008) is slightly less expensive, covers much of the same territory, and even utilizes some of the same contributors. It includes the text of treaties, a chronology, and greater coverage of Canada; this one provides more content on related issues and a more user-friendly format. Both are authoritative and recommended for most libraries.—Teresa R. Faust, Vermont Dept. of Libs., Berlin

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