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End of the Line

End of the Line

4.5 2
by Mike Manno

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Gale Group
Publication date:
A Parker Noble Mystery
Product dimensions:
5.90(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.90(d)

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End of the Line 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TimewithTannia More than 1 year ago
In his book, End of the Line, author Mike Manno shares with the reader an entertaining detective story involving a bank embezzlement, drugs, a marriage annulment, organized crime, a child, and an unexpected motive to kill. The book begins with a news report about the death of banker RJ Butler. According to the article, the body of Mr. RJ Butler was found by a bus driver at the End of the Line. The Lakeview Police Department Special Investigations Unit and the Attorney General Office join forces to solve this case. Detective Jerome Leonard Stankowski, who prefers to be called Stan, is partnered with the brilliant and demanding Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Parker Noble. Although Stan dislikes working with Parker, he admires his cleverness and his ability to gather and discern information to solve cases without a reasonable doubt. The investigation begins with the usual homicide routine: reading reports, looking for a motive and interviewing witnesses, relatives of the victim, and other potential suspects. Mr. RJ Butler was a remarkable employee - until he had been accused of embezzlement and was forced to resign. He had been married twice. His greedy and resentful first wife, Ann, stripped Mr. Butler of most of his belongings and assets during their bitter divorce. Together they have a son, Robbie, who was Mr. Butler's sole heir. His second wife, Linda, has a drug addiction problem. She was going through rehab and counseling when Mr. Butler was murdered. Both Mrs. Butlers are interrogated by Detective Stankowski and by Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Parker Noble in order to asses their potential suspect status, and to try to find a motive that links them to the murder. As the investigation progresses, persistent newspaper reporter, Frances Jean Coyle, also known as Buffy, becomes part of the investigating team. This trio must trust each others' abilities and intuition to solve the case and apprehend the killer. Their difference in personalities, charisma, and research styles make the investigation process both provoking and interesting. I recommend this book to readers of detective stories looking to be amused - and shocked - at the unexpected and twisted end.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Dallas County, Special Investigations Unit Detective Sergeant Jerome Stankowski and Deputy Attorney General Parker Noble investigate the murder of disgraced banker Rhett J. Butler; shot to death on a city bus. R.J. as he was called was working insurance claims having been forced to resign from his position as Great Plains State Bank downtown branch president due to $80,000 being missing. As the pair interviews those who rode the bus, worked with the victim, and his family (first and second wives), Stan meets two women (bank teller Kitty Quinn and Teri Barkley niece of a restaurant owner) who offer to help him with his statistics class. Buffy Cole the reporter who worked with the pair on the Murder Most Holy Case offers to help him on this one too. Stan believes the second wife, cheesecake model Linda and her boyfriend drug counselor Bob Maxwell killed him so she would not be cut out of his estate when they divorced. However, Noble thinks that is too simple as the embezzled money remains missing. Then there is the first wife who hated R.J. Readers will enjoy the return of Parker and "Cousin Stanley" as they investigate a case that started as bank embezzlement, in which the prime suspect is murdered. Parker is his terrific know it all self starting with the bloodhound hearsay lecture and never lets up with his unique brand of sardonic winking wisdom. Stan is a solid cop who this time has three women in his life, but at the same time none in his life. Ironically Buffy plays a lesser but more pivotal role than in the Murder Most Holy case as she shares second banana billing with a lot of other females. Hopefully this is not the End of the Line for this dynamic trio. Harriet Klausner