Endangered and Extinct Animals of the Islands and Oceans

Endangered and Extinct Animals of the Islands and Oceans

by Michael Bright

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Anyone with a cursory knowledge of natural history knows that humankind has had a negative impact on the natural world. Extinction can be caused by natural events such as changes in climate or sea level. But what Bright's remarkable book brings home is the wondrous creatures now extinct as a result of humankind's ignorance, greed or cruelty. The dodo, for instance, had awful tasting flesh, but was clubbed to death for sport, while its eggs were eaten by introduced pigs, monkeys, cats, and rats. Then the dodo tree, which depended on its seeds passing through a dodo's stomach to sprout and grow, no longer produces saplings. When a lighthouse was built on a small island off New Zealand, the lighthouse keeper brought his cat. The cat caught the island's wrens. Now the Stephen's Island Wren is extinct. Bright goes on to tell about animals caught for their meat, blubber or fur as well as species wiped out when their habitats were destroyed. All are marked with symbols identifying them as extinct, endangered or recovering. The book's splendid sidebars are valuable additions, especially those dealing with over fishing, or controversial "scientific" whaling. When this well-illustrated book was handed to a marine scientist who works to save endangered sea turtles and the Steller Sea Lion. His comments? Well-done! Also, he said, "It's the saddest book I've ever read." Hand this book to older children so they can see—if only in pictures—wondrous creatures and hard-won lessons. 2002. Aladdin Books,
— Judy Crowder

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