Ending the Iraq War: A Primer

Ending the Iraq War: A Primer

by Phyllis Bennis

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In one of the most intelligently argued books on the many issues surrounding the war in Iraq, Bennis (fellow, Inst. for Policy Studies; Challenging Empire), a seasoned observer of the contemporary Middle East, examines in jargon-free and highly informative fashion many of the questions that have been raised by both supporters and critics of the Iraq War. Part 1 explains the sociopolitical forces in Iraq, while Part 2 focuses on Washington's rationale for launching the war and demystifies many of the commonly held assumptions about its causes. Part 3 deals with the implications of the Iraq War for the region and the rest of the world; such topics as the roles of Israel, Iran, and the UN are analyzed. Finally, in Part 4, the author explains how to end the Iraq War and withdraw American forces from Iraq. What makes this book unique is the question-and-answer format the author uses throughout to provide lucid answers to many of the commonly asked questions about the nature of this war. Highly recommended for all public and academic libraries.
—Nader Entessar

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