Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI

Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI


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Disc 1

  1. Schallplattenunterhalter
  2. Don't Kill Yourself
  3. Arschloch Alarm
  4. I'm Broken
  5. Abortion
  6. Still Life
  7. My Game
  8. Inhuman
  9. Final Destination
  10. Black Ros
  11. Der Schwarze Tod
  12. Holy Fuck
  13. Machine on the Dance Floor
  14. Vx
  15. Come Mierda y Muere
  16. Used
  17. Comatose

Disc 2

  1. Open Window
  2. For a Second
  3. War Dance
  4. Just Free
  5. Human Garbage
  6. Throat Full of Glass
  7. Indifference
  8. Another Sin
  9. Bury Your Hate
  10. Timewave Zero
  11. This is War
  12. Serpent Whore
  13. Dominator
  14. Around the World
  15. Swimmers Can Drown
  16. Blacklist
  17. Time To Die

Disc 3

  1. Sheffields Finst
  2. Hit the Drums
  3. Can You Feel the Beat
  4. Living Hell
  5. Torture Porn
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Ritual
  8. Go Zonkers!
  9. Future Friends
  10. Wer Schön Sein Will Muss Sterben
  11. God is Art
  12. Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
  13. Acid Orgy
  14. God Saves
  15. What Happened Here
  16. Radical Human
  17. Assimilation

Disc 4

  1. Under Fire
  2. Dope On
  3. Bloodsport
  4. Rhythm Age 2K12
  5. Seventeen
  6. Monster
  7. Apocalypse Parties
  8. C.S.
  9. Rituals
  10. Storm Und Drang
  11. Seven Lovely Sins
  12. Ihr Habt
  13. Schnuffi
  14. You Are Not
  15. Das Blut
  16. Born to Fail
  17. Operation Q

Disc 5

  1. Department Store
  2. Yesteryears
  3. White Me in Black Me Out
  4. I Wanna Be
  5. After Dark
  6. Porcelain Doll
  7. Megeneration
  8. Skin Tight
  9. Hunger
  10. Virtual Gods
  11. Face of God
  12. Less But More
  13. Here I Am
  14. Believe
  15. Harry Beck
  16. Biddigital Nightmare
  17. Learn To Swallow H
  18. Mercy

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Sevren Ni-Arb   Composer
Jean-Luc de Meyer   Composer
Xperiment   Composer
Andy LaPlegua   Composer
Fabricio Viscardi   Composer
Elmar Schmidt   Composer
Siva Six   Composer
Zatox   Composer
Synthetic   Composer
Len Lemeire   Composer
Ambassador 21   Composer
Thomas Rainer   Composer
Patenbrigade: Wolff   Composer
Uberbyte   Composer
Psy'aviah   Composer
Rob Swire   Composer
Alien Vampires   Composer
Jan D'Hooghe   Composer
Industriegebiet   Composer
Schwarzblut   Composer
Nick Phoenix   Composer
Hermann Lingg   Composer
Taiki   Composer
Pedro Engel   Composer
Pascal Beniesch   Composer
Kant Kino   Composer
Emélie Nicolaï   Composer
Shaun Frandsen   Composer
Erlend H. Eilertsen   Composer
Xev   Composer
Yves Schelpe   Composer
FOF   Composer
Odo   Composer
Florian Dietz   Composer
Daniel Graves   Composer
Christian Paulsen   Composer
Cyb3rella   Composer
Jim Cookas   Composer
Brittany Bindrim   Composer
Mordacious Mortem   Composer
Malakwa   Composer
Catherine Jane Robertson   Composer
Fredrik Croona   Composer
Dominik Van Reich   Composer
Dimitry Fomin   Composer
Rachel Haywire   Composer
Michael Mampaey   Composer
Sergio "Ashes" Gordillo Bellido   Composer
Sergey "Negative" Losyakov   Composer
Suicide Inside   Composer
Krysta Veronica Button   Composer
Michal Ruzicka   Composer
Nadine Engel   Composer
Nadine "Cooraz" Engel   Composer
Jasyn Bangert   Composer
Pete Crane   Composer
Knife Party   Composer
Josseline Tucker   Composer
Greta Grey   Composer
Christian Coulombe   Composer
Gregor Beyerle   Composer
George Klontzas   Composer
Aesthetische   Remixing
S.A.M.   Remixing
DJ 3rror   Composer
Diversant:13   Composer
Clement Dorval   Composer
Brendin R.   Composer
Bonnie E. Gautier   Composer
Andrey Bezhenar   Composer
Syarman   Composer
Savina Wo³Oszyn   Composer
Richard Avendaño   Composer
Rex Rotten   Composer
Raoul Rotation   Composer
R.E. Flores Cubas Hidalgo   Composer
Putrefy Factor 7   Composer
Polina Asankina   Composer
Marco Polo Acevedo   Composer
Lostrooper   Composer
Jan L.   Composer
Jan C. Obergfell   Composer
James a. Hepburn   Composer
Jacek Wolafiski   Composer
J.M. Rojas Moran   Composer
Hezzel   Composer
Gui Pires   Composer
Gothicium   Composer
Georg Psaroudakis   Composer
Gedankenrasen   Composer
Frontal Boundary   Composer
(:Archr:)   Composer
Trevor Weeks   Composer
Teleoptyk   Composer

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