English Fundamentals / Edition 10

English Fundamentals / Edition 10

by Donald W. Emery, Peter Lindblom, John W. Kierzek, John W. Kierzek

ISBN-10: 0023329106

ISBN-13: 9780023329104

Pub. Date: 07/01/1994

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

Like its predecessors, this new edition of English Fundamentalsoffers a solid treatment of grammar that has proven successful for thousands of developing writers. Beginning with the basic elements of the sentence, the book presents each topic with clear, detailed explanations and numerous exercises. The first lessons introduce the basic system of the…  See more details below


Like its predecessors, this new edition of English Fundamentalsoffers a solid treatment of grammar that has proven successful for thousands of developing writers. Beginning with the basic elements of the sentence, the book presents each topic with clear, detailed explanations and numerous exercises. The first lessons introduce the basic system of the language and provide carefully chosen examples of verb connections, basic sentence patterns, and the internal workings of the sentence. Once the foundation is laid, subsequent lessons explore the more complex structures and relationships of the language. The final instructional section surveys college writing; readers study the writing process, with special emphasis on techniques of invention, and then learn to apply the process to a wide range of writing assignments. The section closes with coverage of essay tests and test-taking. The examples and exercises throughout the book come from a number of disciplines, including science and business, to accommodate the interests of a wide range of readers. The text concludes with a set of twenty progress tests and three appendixes: sentence-combining, diagnostic tests, and an answer key to the Practice Sheets. For those interested in developing their grammar skills.

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Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Basic Sentence Patterns: Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises     1
The Simple Sentence; Subjects and Verbs     1
Subjects and Verbs     5
Subjects and Verbs     7
Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositions     9
Parts of Speech     15
Parts of Speech     17
Subjects and Verbs     21
Basic Sentence Patterns with Intransitive Verbs     23
Sentence Patterns 1 & 2     27
Subjects, Verbs, and Complements     29
Basic Sentence Patterns with Transitive Verbs     31
Complements of Transitive Verbs     35
Complements of Transitive Verbs     37
Forms of the Verb; Auxiliary Verbs     39
Auxiliary Verbs; Basic Sentence Patterns     43
Identifying the Base of Verbs and Auxiliary Verbs     45
Alterations of Basic Sentence Patterns     47
Alterations of Basic Sentence Patterns: Passive Verbs; Questions     53
Alterations of Basic Sentence Patterns: Passive Verbs; Questions     55
Check Sheet     57
Clauses and Phrases: Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises     61
Coordination: Compound Sentences     61
Coordination:Compound Sentences     65
Coordination: Compound Sentences     67
Subordination: Adverb Clauses     71
Adverb Clauses     77
Adverb Clauses     79
Subordination: Adjective Clauses     83
Adjective Clauses     87
Adjective Clauses     89
Subordination: Noun Clauses     93
Noun Clauses     99
Noun Clauses     101
Subordinate Clauses     105
Subordination: Gerund and Infinitive Phrases     109
Gerund and Infinitive Phrases     113
Gerund and Infinitive Phrases     115
Subordination: Participal and Absolute Phrases     119
Participial and Absolute Phrases     123
Participial and Absolute Phrases     125
Verbal Phrases; Complements in Phrases     127
Check Sheet     131
Sentence Building: Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises     137
Completeness: Dealing with Sentence Fragments     137
Identifying Sentence Fragments     141
Correcting Sentence Fragments     143
Correcting Sentence Fragments     145
Misplaced Modifiers; Dangling Modifiers     147
Misplaced Modifiers      151
Misplaced Modifiers     153
Dangling Modifiers     155
Dangling Modifiers     157
Subordination     159
Subordination     163
Subordination     165
Parallel Structure; Comparisons     167
Parallel Structure; Comparisons     171
Parallel Structure; Comparisons     173
Check Sheet     175
Punctuation: Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises     179
Commas to Separate     179
Commas to Separate     183
Commas to Separate     185
Commas and Semicolons to Separate     187
Commas to Enclose     189
Commas to Enclose     193
Commas to Enclose     195
Commas: All Uses     197
Commas and Semicolons: All Uses     199
Tricky Punctuation Marks     201
Tricky Punctuation Marks     207
Tricky Punctuation Marks     209
End Marks; Summary of Punctuation Rules     211
Review of Punctuation     215
Review of Punctuation     217
Review of Punctuation     219
Check Sheet     221
Usage: Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises      223
Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts; Tense     223
Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts; Tense     229
Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts; Tense     233
Using Verbs Correctly: Subject-Verb Agreement     235
Using Verbs Correctly: Subject-Verb Agreement     239
Using Verbs Correctly: Subject-Verb Agreement     241
Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference; Agreement     243
Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference; Agreement     249
Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference; Agreement     251
Using Pronouns Correctly: Case     253
Using Pronouns Correctly: Case     259
Using Pronouns Correctly: Case     261
Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference and Case     263
Using Modifiers and Prepositions Correctly     265
Using Modifiers Correctly     269
Using Modifiers and Prepositions Correctly     271
Puzzling Word Choices     273
Puzzling Word Choices     285
Puzzling Word Choices     287
Check Sheet     289
Plurals and Capitals; Revising, Proofreading, and Correcting: Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises     295
Plurals and Capitals     295
Plurals and Capitals      299
Plurals and Capitals     301
Proofreading and Correcting; A Word on Writing with a Computer     303
Revising     309
Proofreading and Correcting     311
Writing Paragraphs and Essays     315
An Overview of College Writing     315
Writing Effective Paragraphs     321
Writing Longer Essays     327
Progress Tests     333
Subjects and Verbs     335
Complements     337
Subordinate Clauses     339
Verbal Phrases     341
Misplaced Modifiers     343
Dangling Modifiers     347
Sentence Building     349
Subordination     353
Commas and Semicolons: Compound Units     355
Commas     357
Punctuation: Commas and Semicolons     359
Commas, Semicolons, and Trichy Punctuation Marks     361
Verbs     363
Verbs     365
Pronouns     367
Using Modifiers and Prepositions Correctly     369
Puzzling Word Choices     371
Plurals and Capitals     373
General Review: Proofreading     375
General Review: Proofreading      377
Sentence Combining     379
Diagnostic Tests     389
Answer Key to Practice Sheets     403
Index     411

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