English Mad Songs and Ayres

English Mad Songs and Ayres

by Colin Tilney

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Dorian Recordings


  1. O solitude, my sweetest choice, song, Z. 406
  2. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
  3. Now that the sun hath veiled his light, sacred song for soprano & conti
  4. With sick and famish'd eyes, sacred song for soprano & continuo, Z. 200
  5. Fly bold rebellion (Welcome Ode for Charles II), for soloists, double c
  6. Hark! The Echoing Air
  7. Fame's an Echo
  8. Not on Beds of Fading Flow'rs
  9. O Come, O Come my Dearest
  10. Sleep, gentle Cherub, Sleep descend
  11. From silent shades and the Elysian groves (Bess of Bedlam), song, Z. 37
  12. A New Ground (from "Welcome to All the Pleasures"), for harpsichord in E
  13. Music for a While (from "Oedipus"), song, Z. 583/2
  14. Lysander, I Pursue in Vain for voice & continuo

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