English Madrigals and Songs

English Madrigals and Songs

by Oxford Camerata

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  1. Pastyme with Good Companye for 3 voices
  2. Blow thy horn, hunter
  3. A Robyn, Gentyl Robyn for 3 voices
  4. Hey trolly lolly lo (16th century)
  5. Draw on Sweet Night, madrigal
  6. Thule the period of cosmographie, madrigal in 2 sections for 6 voices
  7. Weepe, Mine Eyes, madrigal
  8. As Vesta was, from Latmos hill descending, madrigal for 6 voices
  9. Sound saddest notes, madrigal
  10. Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone
  11. Sleep, Fleshly Birth for 6 voices
  12. Mother, I Will Have A Husband
  13. Lay A Garland
  14. Brigg Fair for tenor & chorus
  15. The Trees They Grow So High, folk song
  16. The Blue Bird

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