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Enter, Night

Enter, Night

4.1 11
by Michael Rowe

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Welcome to Parr's Landing, Population 1,528 . . . and shrinking.

The year is 1972. Widowed Christina Parr, her daughter Morgan, and her brother-in-law Jeremy have returned to the remote northern Ontario mining town of Parr’s Landing, the place from which Christina fled before Morgan was born, seeking refuge. Dr. Billy Lightning has also returned in


Welcome to Parr's Landing, Population 1,528 . . . and shrinking.

The year is 1972. Widowed Christina Parr, her daughter Morgan, and her brother-in-law Jeremy have returned to the remote northern Ontario mining town of Parr’s Landing, the place from which Christina fled before Morgan was born, seeking refuge. Dr. Billy Lightning has also returned in search of answers to the mystery of his father’s brutal murder. All will find some part of what they seek—and more.

Built on the site of a decimated 17th-century Jesuit mission to the Ojibwa, Parr’s Landing is a town with secrets of its own buried in the caves around Bradley Lake. A three-hundred-year-old horror slumbers there, calling out to the insane and the murderous for centuries, begging for release—an invitation that has finally been answered.

One man is following that voice, cutting a swath of violence across the country, bent on a terrible resurrection of the ancient evil, plunging the town and all its people into an endless night.

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Michael Rowe is the author of Enter, Night (CZP) and has received the Lambda Literary Award and the Spectrum Award. He was a finalist for the International Horror Guild, Sunburst, Aurora and National Magazine Awards. Clive Barker has lauded Rowe for “changing the face of horror” with his Queer Fear anthologies.

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Enter, Night 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
Christina Parr (née Monroe) fled Parr's Landing with her fiancé Jack Parr 16 years ago in order to escape Jack's dominating mother and allow the two lovers to get married and have their baby in peace. Five years later, Jack's brother Jeremy joined them after the boys' mother sent Jeremy to an asylum where he was basically tortured for six months in an attempt to "cure" his homosexuality. Now, in 1972, with Jack having been killed in an accident, Christina, Morgan (her daughter) and Jeremy have no choice left but to return to Parr's Landing. The problem is that something else is already in Parr's Landing - something has been sleeping in the caves under the town. And it's about to wake up and fill the streets of Parr's Landing with blood . Is it the mythical Wendigo of Native legends? Or is it something more recent - perhaps dating back to the destruction of the first Jesuit Mission in 1630? Just after Halloween, this amazing horror novel is being released by ChiZine Publications, the leader in speculative fiction. "Enter, Night" will be available on November 1, 2011, and if you are a fan of horror books, especially those relating to vampire-type creatures, you will definitely want to be on the look-out for this terrific, creepy novel. The characters are fabulous, the plot moves with a brutal efficiency, and the writing is superb. There are a few editing problems - nothing too obtrusive, but there are a few instances of the wrong name/pronoun being used, and a few grammatical mistakes and missing words. But the story, the writing, the plot, the characters - they all make up for it. I was also well pleased with the scholarly nature of the writing - several times I had to look up words, and I have a pretty decent vocabulary. I should mention that about 80% of the book is the actual story - after the end of the story, a copy of a manuscript described in the text is provided that gives the background of the area and the genesis of the monster. I found this particularly interesting and it seems pretty well-researched. Michael Rowe is definitely a name to watch for in the horror/speculative fiction field and I hope to see some more novels by this amazing writer!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From page one, this book grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go. Great characters, unique take on a vampire story. I read a lot of this genre and honestly, this book scared me. It was a one day read because I couldn't put it down. I slept with a night light on.
JannyAn More than 1 year ago
The novel is about Christine Parr, her daughter Morgan and her brother-in-law Jeremy Parr. Christine and Jeremy left Parr's Landing years ago for different reasons but mainly to escape from Adeline, the dominating mother of Jack and Jeremy. After Jack, Christine's husband was killed in an accident, Christine and Jeremy have no other choice then to return to Parr's Landing. They're forced to beg Adeline for help, who is unfortunately still the same the unbearable, hate-filled woman she used to be. Billy Lightning is also returning to Parr's Landing. A professor who seeks answers to the recent killing of his father and believes the killing is connected with the history of murder and madness associated with the land Adeline Parr owns. The novel is creepy, violent and terrifying. It's extremely well written with fabulous characters. My favorite character in the novel is Finn, the 12 year old boy with his dog Sadie. I really enjoyed reading Rowe's description of the relationship between Finn and his dog. Yet, it's also the part of the book that is sometimes so scary that you have to put down the book. What I like about the book is that there are a lot of characters to sympathize with, Finn and his dog, Christine, Morgan Jeremy, Billy, they're all very lovable characters. The prose is outstanding. Consider Rowe's description of the images Finn has: "the gift of a glimpse of the world as experienced from Sadie's perspective - a mosaic of smell no human nose would ever experience; the literature of light on grass and snow; the secret language of birds and squirrels and cats; the true meaning of unconditional love, something no human being would ever truly understandl the perfect ecstasy of Finn's fingers combing through her soft black fur, the utter completion of falling asleep at the foot of his bed. Pure and uncomplicated gratitude for every affection ever shown to her. Vigilance for Finn's safety. Selfsacrifice". A quote to remember "when she was sure she could see the beauty, she allowed herself to feel hope". It's not what I expected to find in a vampire fiction novel.
Anonymous 25 days ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
eternalised More than 1 year ago
A great debut. If you thought vampires couldn’t be scary anymore, then think again, because Michael Rowe shows vampires are definitely terrifying. The small town setting causes an almost claustrophic feeling. The terror creeps up slowly at the start, and then turns into full-on horror. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So if you like pointless stories that succeed in getting you all worked up with a great scary story, and you're wondering just how the authors going to resolve the scary situation he's built only to find he fixes the problem by making sure all the characters die then by all means buy this book.i cant tell you how much I love learning about the backstory and getting involved with great characters only to have them slaughtered indiscriminently for no plot development.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fault Barns and Noble, not the author. This book should be listed under the Gay and Lesbian Section. I'm not homophobic and I have a very open mind about lifestyles, but I did not enjoy the explicit and graphic lovemaking scenes between men, nor the author's homosexual undertones. Had the book been listed correctly, I would not have purchased it. There were also an unusually high number of typos.....What was the editor doing.... Additionally, the story is just not scary, and I thought it was going to be a horror story.....