Enterprise and Management: Essays in Honour of Peter L. Payne

Enterprise and Management: Essays in Honour of Peter L. Payne

by Peter Lester Payne

ISBN-10: 1859281117

ISBN-13: 9781859281116

Pub. Date: 09/01/1995

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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1Reclaiming the History of Business Communities3
2Entrepreneurship, the Firm and Economic Theory31
3Entrepreneurs and Business Success and Business Failure in Scotland59
4The Missing Dimension: Management Education and Training in Postwar Britain93
5Banking Entrepreneurship in North East Scotland 1747-87129
6The City of Glasgow Bank and the Crisis of 1857151
7Banking Enterprise During the Window of Opportunity 1958-61171
8The London and Provincial Stock Exchanges, 1799-1973: Separation, Integration, Rivalry, Unity199
9Contrasting Careers: The first Managers of the British Linen Company, 1745-1800229
10Management Style and Business Crises in the Aberdeen Textile Industry, 1825-1934251
11'Lo,...Nineveh and Tyre': British Trading Anxieties and Official Reactions, 1870-1929275
Appendix: Publications307

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