Enterprise, Government and the Public / Edition 1

Enterprise, Government and the Public / Edition 1

by Stephen J.K. Walters

ISBN-10: 0070680299

ISBN-13: 9780070680296

Pub. Date: 10/28/1992

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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McGraw-Hill Companies, The
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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Overview: How and Why Government Intervenes in Markets1
1What Government Does: Regulatory Activities3
2What Markets Do: Competition and Efficiency24
3Government Intervention and the Public Interest55
4Capture Theory and Beyond: The Political Marketplace80
Pt. 2Public Policy Toward Monopoly113
5Antitrust Laws and Institutions: An Overview115
7Oligopoly and Collusion168
8Mergers and Acquisitions203
9Price Discrimination241
10Trade Practices270
11Special Topics in Competition Policy: Advertising and Patents304
Pt. 3Economic Regulation335
12Natural Monopoly and Economic Regulation337
13Regulatory Strategies and Alternatives368
14Economic Regulation and Natural Monopoly: The Electricity, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications Industries404
15Economic Regulation in a Nonmonopoly Setting: Transportation, Agriculture, and Savings Institutions437
Pt. 4Social Regulation471
16Environmental Protection and Public Policy473
17Protecting the Health and Safety of Consumers and Workers510
Pt. 5Conclusion549
18Antitrust and Regulation Policy: Retrospect and Prospect551
Name Index577
Subject Index583

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