Enticing Miss Eugenie Villaret (Marriage Game Series #5)

Enticing Miss Eugenie Villaret (Marriage Game Series #5)

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by Ella Quinn

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Ella Quinn's intriguing and irresistible bachelors are masters in the game of seduction. But nothing has the power to change a single man's mind like a captivating woman. . .

William, Viscount Wivenly, plans to remain the most eligible of bachelors. He refuses to surrender to the schemes of husband-hunting ladies and matchmaking mamas. Fleeing the


Ella Quinn's intriguing and irresistible bachelors are masters in the game of seduction. But nothing has the power to change a single man's mind like a captivating woman. . .

William, Viscount Wivenly, plans to remain the most eligible of bachelors. He refuses to surrender to the schemes of husband-hunting ladies and matchmaking mamas. Fleeing the pressure of the ton, he's bent on finding refuge in the West Indies. What he finds instead is a fascinating stranger, a woman so unlike those of his society that he can't resist such a beguiling distraction. . .

Determined to let nothing complicate her mission to protect her family's livelihood while covertly rescuing orphaned slave children, Miss Eugénie Villaret does her best to evade suitors. But when dashing William lures her down a path of forbidden adventure and delicious danger, she may be convinced that business can indeed be mixed with pleasure—and persuaded to add passion to her priorities. . .

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"This charming, sweet love story is the perfect addition to the Marriage Game series." --RT Book Reviews

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Publishers Weekly
Quinn’s fifth Marriage Game historical (after Desiring Lady Caro) has an interesting and unusual setting but is awash with cliché. William, Viscount Wivenly, visits the West Indies to escape the women scheming to be his bride and to ensure the security of an estate left to his widow’s family by his favorite uncle. He brings along his friend Andrew, whose clueless behavior earns them some wonderful Regency-era insults from the locals. In a sweet two-fer, William falls in love with Eugénie Villaret while her best friend kindles a romance with Andrew. The story is not, however, without annoyances. Initially, William behaves like the proverbial six-year-old pigtail puller, and the villain reads like a faux-French Snidely Whiplash. Despite a strong effort, Quinn never quite manages to merge the romantic plots and the intrigue into a cohesive book. (Aug.)

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Enticing Miss Eugenie Villaret 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another excellent story in the Marriage Game Series !
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book 5 in the Marriage Game series. William, Viscount Wivenly, flees the marriage minded mamas in London only to find himself entangled in other problems when he reaches the West Indies. Having come to the Indies to ascertain the truth regarding his late uncle's business, William finds himself entranced by a "widow" he has a chance encounter with. William soon learns that the woman he was attracted to is the step daughter of his late uncle and she wants nothing to do with him. Miss Eugenie Villaret wants to marry for love and she sure is not going to be some plaything for the visiting viscount. What will happen when William and Eugenie find that they have to be married? Will Eugenie go through with it even when she won't have the marriage she has always dreamed of? I liked this story. It's nice to read a story in this time period that doesn't occur in London. Having been to the islands, I loved reading a story set there.  I've kinda had a love-hate relationship with this author. I've loved the story lines, but not so much the writing. I think this is one of her better books. I did think that the secondary romancing couple was a bit far fetched (fell in love way too quickly!), but I really did enjoy the story. It was nice to see the other H/H and catch up with their lives. Thanks go to Kensington Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
Anonymous 15 hours ago
Enjoyed the story very much. Good characters, assertive women and appreciative men.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AneMailname More than 1 year ago
Miss Eugénie Villaret de Joyeuse is indomitable. A refreshing character that makes you root for her no matter what. Her quirky good natured attitude makes her seem like a young lady that anyone would be happy to have as a friend. However at this time in her life, things are not going as well as she would have hoped. Her Step Father is gone and something is going wrong with his company, the livelyhood for Miss Eugénie, her mother and her sisters. She must find out what is wrong! Viscount Wivenly is a rake, and he plans on staying that way! Men, they never know what is really good for them! LOL He is sent to The West Indies to investigate his families shipping business. There has been a death and reports differ from the man left in charge and his Aunt. He takes on this mission with real joy, if only because it removes him from the mathmaking and simpering of the ladies of the ton, hoping to catch a title! In St. Thomas, while investigating,  he runs into a woman he would like to get to know better, thinking she is a widow settles the matter for him. She will be his. But Our lovely lady is not who she seems, and neither is our hero for that matter He is trying to figure out a mystery and in doing so, he must remain an anonymous "Mr."  Things get muddled and the 2 find themselves at odds when they both must reveal who they are. This is a fun romp, with a bit of  intrigue pertaining to Miss Eugénie's Step-fathers death. Twists and turns and a mad dash for an island priest, parson, or pastor! Any of the above will do for Viscount Wivenly's friend and his lady love, who just happens to be Miss Eugénie's best friend! The setting of this novel is St. Thomas, and the author does a wonderful job bring the scenery to life! For someone who has never been, it felt like I had. I wholeheartedly recommend this book! I had a fun time reading it and I would suggest any of this authors work! She has a talent for making me feel things with her words!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
I said this before-I love this series. Eugenie is living in the West Indies. Her stepfather is dead and her mother has problems with their shipping business. Sidonie has asked for her relatives help. William,Viscount Wivenly, is sent to help. He goes incognito to find the problem. I love these characters. They get off on the wrong foot yet know they want each other. Ella has done a fine job with the people in the story and there are a lot of turns in this plot. There are saving orphans, rescuing the business and convincing Eugenie she loves William as he is trying to admit he loves her. There are a few twists left for the ending. I literally read until 1:30am because I had to finish this story. I liked the pirates and sailing scenes as well. Sail on over and get this book. You won't regret it!   I received this book for an honest review for NetGalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret is the 5th book in the Marriage Game series. It can be read as a standalone. It is wonderfully written, filled with danger and intrigue. With fascinating characters that you can’t help but care about. I loved it. Opening Scene: July 1816, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies Miss Eugénie Villaret de Joyeuse followed Gunna, an old black slave, down a narrow backstreet lined with long houses in Crown Prince’s Quarter. The Review: After the death of her step-father, Miss Eugénie Villaret de Joyeuse, is determined to find out what is going on in his shipping company. His manager has informed her mother that the thriving business is going under, but he won’t show them the books. With the help of her friend Cicely they are determined to break into the office and search the books. Will, Lord Wivenly has come to the West Indies on his father’s behalf to find out what exactly is going on at his belated Uncle’s shipping offices. Going undercover as Mr. Munford and with his friend Andrew Grayson, they embark on finding the shipping books, but instead encounter the delightful Eugénie and Cicely.  Will wants Eugénie, with every fiber of his being, but after making some inappropriate propositions and comments, Will realizes his only way of redemption is to marry the feisty Eugénie. Well that is until he realizes he has to convince her, and she’s not making it easy for him, at all. But danger lurks around many corners and all is not as it seems. Notable Scene: “Well, well,” came a deep voice from the door. “What have we here?” Eugénie’s heart dropped to her toes, then immediately jumped into her throat. It was the man she’d run into yesterday. While she struggled to speak, Cicely turned her big blue eyes on the man’s companion. Was she actually going to flirt at a time like this? Eugénie opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. “I fear, sirs”-Cicely rose from her chair as smoothly as if she were at a ball-“you have us at a disadvantage.” Good, Lord, she was going to kill them. Eugénie rose so that she stood next to Cicely, and smoothed her hand down her skirts, ready to pull out her dagger if necessary. She might die, but not without a fight. The dark –haired man bowed. “Mr. William Munford, at your service. This,” he said, indicating his companion, “is Mr. Andrew Grayson.” Mr. Grayson bowed as well. They waited, probably for her and Cicely to provide their names, but even Cicely wouldn’t go that far. When the two gentlemen came into the light, Eugénie identified the second man as the gentleman her friend had been mooning over yesterday. Yet compared to Mr. Munford, Mr. Grayson was easily dismissed. In the darkened room, Mr. Munford was even more handsome than he’d been on the street, and the way he studied her made him appear more dangerous. The light from the lantern caught hints of gold in his brown hair, making them shine like Spanish coins. She cleared the lump in her throat. “What are you doing here, and where is Josh?” Mr. Munford raised a brow, and his mouth tightened into a thin line. “I assume by Josh, you mean the lad snoring downstairs by the door?” She narrowed her eyes at Cicely, who shrugged as if it didn’t matter that their guard couldn’t stay awake and they were being accosted by two strange men. FTC Advisory: Kensington Publishing Corp. provided me with a copy of Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret by Ella Quinn. Published through Kensington Publishing Corp. Kindle Edition. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.