Environmental Aesthetics: Theory, Research, and Application

Environmental Aesthetics: Theory, Research, and Application

by Jack L. Nasar

ISBN-10: 0521429161

ISBN-13: 9780521429160

Pub. Date: 03/28/2008

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

How do people react to the visual character of their surroundings?  See more details below


How do people react to the visual character of their surroundings?

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Section I. Theory: Editor's introduction; 1. Behavioral and perceptual aspects of the aesthetics of urban environments Tom F. Heath; 2. Symbolic aesthetics in architecture: toward a research agenda Jon Lang; 3. Prospects and refuges revisited Jay Appleton; 4. Perception and landscape: conceptions and misconceptions Stephen Kaplan; 5. Where cognition and affect meet: a theoretical analysis of preference Stephen Kaplan; 6. The landscape of social symbols Barrie B. Greenbie; 7. Open space in cities: in search of a new aesthetic Werner Nohl; 8. Aesthetic perception in environmental design Arnold Berleant; Section II. Empirical studies: Editor's introduction; A. Methodological comments: Editor's introduction; 9. The assessment of landscape quality: an integrative approach D. Mark Fenton and Joseph P. Reser; 10. Affective appraisals of environments James A. Russell; B. Architectural interiors: Editor's introduction; 11. The influence of a beautiful versus an ugly room on ratings of photographs of human faces: a replication of Maslow and Mintz Richard M. Locasso; 12. The development of a usable lexicon of environmental descriptors Joyce Vielhauer Kasmar; 13. Lighting-design decisions as interventions in human visual space John E. Flynn; C. Architectural exteriors: Editor's introduction; 14. A study of meaning and architecture Robert G. Hershberger; 15. Predicting user responses to buildings Robert G. Hershberger and Robert C. Cass; 16. Dimensions in the perception of architecture: identification and interpretation of dimensions of similarity Anke Oostendorp and Daniel E. Berlyne; 17. Contextual compatibility in architecture: an issue of personal taste? Linda N. Groat; D. Urban scenes: Editor's introduction; 18. Visual preferences in urban street scenes: a cross-cultural comparison between Japan and the United States Jack L. Nasar; 19. Perception and evaluation of residential street scenes Jack L. Nasar; 20. Planning concerns relating to urban nature settings: the role of size and other physical features Janet F. Talbot; 21. The effect of sign complexity and coherence on the perceived quality of retail scenes Jack L. Nasar; E. Natural and rural scenes: Editor's introduction; 22. Dimensions of meaning in the perception of natural settings and their relationship to aesthetic response D. Mark Fenton; 23. A cognitive analysis of preference for field-and-forest environments Thomas R. Herzog; 24. The emotional quality of scenes and observation points: a look at prospect and refuge Jack L. Nasar, David Julian, Sarah Buchman, David Humphreys, and Marianne Mrohaly; 25. Aesthetic preference for rural landscapes: some resident and visitor differences Brian Orland; 26. Familiarity and preference: a cross-cultural analysis Rachel Kaplan and Eugene J. Herbert; Section III. Applications: Editor's introduction; 27. Visual needs in urban environments and physical planning Eduardo E. Lozano; 28. A survey of aesthetic controls in English-speaking countries Wolfgang F. E. Preiser and Kevin P. Rohane; 29. Scenic-beauty issues in public policy making Mollie Ridout; 30. Coping with aesthetics and community design in rural communities Fred A. Hurand; 31. Toward theory generation in landscape aesthetics Fahriye Hazer Sancar; 32. Aesthetic regulation and the courts Kenneth T. Pearlman.

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