Environmental and Public Economics : Essays in Honor of Wallace E. Oates

Environmental and Public Economics : Essays in Honor of Wallace E. Oates

by Robert M. Schwab

ISBN-10: 1858986117

ISBN-13: 9781858986111

Pub. Date: 01/01/1999

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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1On environmental policy for a conservative era3
2Environmental federalism: welfare losses from uniform national drinking water standards13
3The case for a two-part instrument: presumptive tax and environmental subsidy32
4Tax-interactions, revenue-recycling, and the efficiency impacts of pollution-abatement policies58
5The positive political economy of instrument choice in environmental policy89
6Does nature limit environmental federalism?126
7Modeling urban growth controls151
8Congestion and taxation in lumpy countries169
9The effects of educational vouchers when schools track students by ability189
10On designing intergovernmental transfers with an application in the new South Africa222
11Public pensions in the EU: migration incentives and impacts253
12Early American federalism and economic development, 1790-1840283
13Capitalization and efficiency310
Wallace E. Oates: published books and papers327

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