Environmental Management: Readings and Cases / Edition 2
  • Environmental Management: Readings and Cases / Edition 2
  • Environmental Management: Readings and Cases / Edition 2

Environmental Management: Readings and Cases / Edition 2

by Mike Russo

With 70% of the entries new to this edition, the Second Edition continues to provide unrivalled coverage of current and emerging topics within business and the environment.See more details below


With 70% of the entries new to this edition, the Second Edition continues to provide unrivalled coverage of current and emerging topics within business and the environment.

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Table of Contents

PART I The Big Picture
1. Beyond Greening: Strategies for a Sustainable World - Stuart L. Hart
Thinking Globally and Inclusively About Sustainable Business Practices
2. The Business Case for Climate Protection - L. Hunter Lovins
Why Businesses Should Proactively Address the Climate Change Challenge
3. Scorched Earth: Will Environmental Risks in China Overwhelm Its Opportunities? - Elizabeth Economy and Kenneth Lieberthal
The China Factor in the Environmental Equation
4. The Triple Bottom Line: Sustainability’s Accountants - John Elkington
The Imperative for Companies to Perform Well on Multiple Dimensions
PART II Institutional and International Perspectives
5. The Tragedy of the Commons - Garrett Hardin
The Classic Discussion of Population and Common Resources
6. EPA and the Evolution of Federal Regulation - Paul R. Portney
Regulation and Economic Models for Meeting Pollution Reduction Goals
7. Discounting the Future: Economics and Ethics - Timothy J. Brennan
A Critical Analysis of the Practice of Discounting in Economic Analysis
8. Measuring Nations’ Environmental Sustainability - Marc A. Levy
Quantifying and Ranking National Environmental Performance
9. Bridging the Trade-Environment Debate - Daniel C. Esty
Capturing the Benefits of Free Trade While Protecting the Environment
10. Raising Global Standards: Hazardous Substances and E-Waste Management in the European Union - Henrik Selin and Stacy D. Van Deveer
A European Approach to Toxics Regulation
PART III Managing to be Environmentally Responsive
11. Strategy Originates Within the Organization - Andrew W. Hoffman
Behavioral and Cultural Dimensions in Environmental Strategy
12. Objection-Handling Clinic on Inhibiters to the Next Wave - Bob Willard
A Script for Overcoming Organizational Nay-Sayers
13. The Next Industrial Revolution - Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins
Capitalism that Recognizes and Appreciates Living Systems
14. Environmental Product Differentiation: Implications for Corporate Strategy - Forest Reinhardt
When Will a Green Product Strategy Pay Off?
15. Transparency, Openness, and Accountability: A Imperative - David L. Rainey
Appreciating the Need for Broad Access to More Information
16. A Primer on the Global Reporting Initiative - Kellie Fox, Beth Littlehales, and Ryan Keenan
The Emerging Standard for Company Sustainability Report
17. The Eco-Advantage - Inc. Magazine
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Sustainability Opportunities
18. Excerpts from the 2006 Understanding the LOHAS Market Report - The Natural Marketing Institute
Appreciating the Characteristics of Green Consumers
19. Avoiding Green Marketing Myopia: Ways to Improve Consumer Appeal for Environmentally Preferable Products - Jacquelyn A. Ottman, Edwin R. Stafford, and Cathy L. Hartmann
How Win in the Marketplace for Green Products
20. How Corporations and Environmental Groups Collaborate - Dennis A. Rondinelli and Ted London
How Stakeholders Collaborations Can Improve Environmental Outcomes
21. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid - C. K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart
The Vast Potential in Serving the World’s Poor
PART IV Technical Perspectives
22 A Framework for Management - Brain Nattrass and Mary Altomare
Unifying Scientific Principles with Sustainability
23. An Introduction to Environmental Accounting as A Business Management Tool - Environmental Protection Agency
A Tool Kit for Incorporating the Environment into Accounting Practice
24. Note on Life-Cycle Analysis - Susan Svoboda
A Methodology for Identifying All Costs Across the Life of Products
25. The LCA Impact and Interpretation Stages - Thomas E. Graedel and Braden R. Allenby
Quantifying Life Cycle Impacts and Comparing Alternatives
26. A World of Abundance - William Mc Donough and Michael Braungart
Viewing Environmental Stewardship as a Design Challenge
27. Environmental Management Systems and Eco-Control - Stefan Schaltegger, Roger Burritt, and Holger Petersen
Tools for Bringing Environmental Performance to Facility Operations
PART V Cases
28. Pacific Lumber Company - Michael V. Russo
29. Oil in the Ecuadorean Rainforest - Christopher A. Cummings, Barbara L. Marcus, R. Edward Freeman, and Jason Lunday
30. Hindustan Lever (A): Leaping a Millennium - Aileen Ionescu-Somers, Wolfgang Amann, and Ulrich Steger
31. Cost Accounting and Hazardous Waste at Specialty Glass, Inc. - Christopher H. Stinson
32. Southern Company: Acid Rain - Forest Reinhardt
33. Seventh Generation: Balancing Customer Expectations with Supply Chain Realities - Daniel R.Goldstein and Michael V. Russo
34. Environment Product Differentiation by the Hayward Lumber Company - Magali Delmas and Erica Plambeck
35. Coastwide Laboratories: Clean and Green - Derek O. Reiber and Michael V. Russo
36. Transforming the Global Fishing Industry: The Marine Stewardship Council at Full Sail? - Alexander Nick, Oliver Salzmann, and Ulrich Steger
37. Phoenix Organic: Valuing Sustainability while Desiring Growth - Eva Collins, Steve Bowden, and Kate Kearins
38. Deja Shoe (A) - Paul Hardy and Stuart L. Hart
39. Supply Chain Strategy and Sustainability: The Migros Palm Oil Case - Jens Hamprecht and Daniel Corsten
40. Benziger Family Winery - Murray Silverman and Tom Lanphar
41. The WEEE Challenge - Panfeng Chen, Priya Narayan, and Luk N. Wassenhove
42. Cascades Environmental Strategy in 2006: At the Crossroads - Pierre Batellier and Emmanuel Raufflet
43. Procter & Gamble Inc: Disposable and Reusable Diapers—A Life-Cycle Analysis Management Institute for Environment and Business
44. Alpha Motors, Ltd.: Integrating Life-Cycle Environmental Concerns Into Product Design - Sandra Rothenberg, Michael Lenox, Benjamin Jordan, and Frank Field III
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