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Environmental Politics and Policy / Edition 8

Environmental Politics and Policy / Edition 8

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by Walter A Rosenbaum

ISBN-10: 1604266074

ISBN-13: 9781604266078

Pub. Date: 08/01/2010

Publisher: Congressional Quarterly, Inc.

About the Author:
Walter A. Rosenbaum is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Florida


About the Author:
Walter A. Rosenbaum is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Florida

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Congressional Quarterly, Inc.
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Older Edition
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Tables, Figures, and Boxes     ix
Preface     xi
After Earth Day: American Environmentalism in Transformation     1
A Texas Bet with Global Stakes     2
From Greenhouse to White House to State House     4
The Environmental Legacy     5
The Political Legacy: From Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush     7
Ongoing Challenges: Present and Future     10
Plan for the Book     21
Conclusion     24
Suggested Readings     25
Notes     25
Making Policy: The Process     27
The White House and the Greenhouse     28
The Policy Cycle     31
Constitutional Constraints     34
Incrementalism     36
Interest-Group Liberalism     37
Organized Environmentalism     40
Environmentalism and Its Critics     49
The Public and Environmentalism     52
The Special Place of Science in Policy Making     57
Conclusion     61
Suggested Readings     61
Notes     62
Making Policy: Institutions and Politics     65
The Presidency     68
Congress: Too Much Check, Too Little Balance     74
The Bureaucracy: Power through Implementation     82
The Courts: The Role of Appraisal     97
The Political Environment of Environmental Policy Making     101
Conclusion     109
Suggested Readings     110
Notes     110
Common Policy Challenges: Risk Assessment and Environmental Justice     114
A Toxic Nightmare from Toyland?     115
Risk Assessment and the Limits of Science     118
What Risks Are Acceptable?     125
Risk and Discrimination: The Problem of Environmental Justice     131
Conclusion     138
Suggested Readings     140
Notes     140
More Choice: The Battle over Regulatory Economics     143
The Benefit-Cost Debate     144
Regulation Strategies: Command and Control vs. the Marketplace     158
Conclusion     170
Suggested Readings     171
Notes     171
Command and Control in Action: Air and Water Pollution Regulation     174
The Political Anatomy of Command-and-Control Regulation     175
Regulating Air Quality     180
Regulating Water Quality     196
Conclusion      213
Suggested Readings     214
Notes     214
A Regulatory Thicket: Toxic and Hazardous Substances     217
An Ambiguous Inheritance     220
The Rush to Regulate     228
Federal Law: Regulation from the Cradle to the Grave?     234
The Regulatory Thicket     240
Conclusion     248
Suggested Readings     249
Notes     249
Energy: Nuclear Dreams, Black Gold, and Vanishing Crude     253
Fossil Fuels and Public Apathy: A Perilous Combination     255
Nuclear Twilight or Second Dawn?     260
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the Middle     271
Stubborn Hope: Breakthrough Technology, the White House, and the Greenhouse     273
The Cold War's Wasteland: Nuclear Weapons Facilities     274
Black Gold     279
Conclusion     284
Suggested Readings     286
Notes     286
635 Million Acres of Politics: The Battle for Public Lands     289
ANWR: Public Land Politics at a Boil     290
A History of Contested Access     293
The Public Domain     294
Conflicts over Multiple Use     298
The Pluralistic Politics of the Public Lands     302
The Fate of the Forests     316
How Much Wilderness Is Enough?     325
Conclusion     326
Suggested Readings     327
Notes     327
The United States and Climate Diplomacy: The Emerging Politics of Global Environmentalism     330
Prologue: The Greenhouse Visits the White House     331
Transboundary Environmental Politics     333
Climate Diplomacy: Ozone Politics and the Montreal Protocols     346
Climate Diplomacy: Acid Precipitation     349
Climate Diplomacy: Climate Warming     353
The Emerging Politics of Sustainability     359
Conclusion     365
Suggested Readings     366
Notes     367
List of Abbreviations     371
Index     375

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