Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions Web-Enhanced / Edition 1

Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions Web-Enhanced / Edition 1

by Michael L. L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch, Robert Schoch

ISBN-10: 0763706132

ISBN-13: 9780763706135

Pub. Date: 10/28/1997

Publisher: Jones & Barlett Learning

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Jones & Barlett Learning
Publication date:
Earth Science Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
8.95(w) x 10.84(h) x 1.17(d)

Table of Contents

Learning Guide
Ch. 1Introduction to environmental science2
Ch. 2The physical environment30
Ch. 3The Biosphere59
Ch. 4Environment: An integrated system of four spheres94
Ch. 5Demography112
Ch. 6Principles of resource management146
Ch. 7Fundamentals of energy, fossil fuels, and hydroelectric power166
Ch. 8Nuclear energy197
Ch. 9Alternative energy sources and energy conservation226
Ch. 10Mineral resources257
Ch. 11Water resources281
Ch. 12Conserving biological resources311
Ch. 13Feeding the world352
Ch. 14Principles of pollution control388
Ch. 15Toxicology, pesticides, and risk406
Ch. 16Water pollution430
Ch. 17Air pollution: Local and regional463
Ch. 18Global air pollution: Destruction of the ozone layer and global warming493
Ch. 19Municipal solid waste and hazardous waste525
Ch. 20Environmental economics562
Ch. 21Environmental ethics584
Ch. 22Historical, social, and legal aspects of the current environmental crisis606
Epilogue: Environmental Literacy638
App. ACommon Measures of Energy and PowerA-1
App. BEnglish/Metric Conversion TableB-1
App. CSelected Major Pieces of U.S. Environmental LegislationC-1
App. DSelected Pieces of International Environmental LegislationD-1
App. ESelected Environmental OrganizationsE-1
App. FAnswers to Odd-Numbered Study QuestionsF-1

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