by Alexander William Kinglake

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The Washington Post
Obviously, this minor Victorian classic is a principal template for scores of later books by sandy-haired Brits going off to seek adventure in far-flung, exotic places. Think of Robert Byron on the road to Oxiana, Eric Newby taking a short walk in the Hindu Kush, Bruce Chatwin trekking through Patagonia. For all its charm, though, a 21st-century American will grow quickly aware that Eothen is suffused with many of the classic prejudices of the Westerner toward "Oriental" cultures and civilizations. Kinglake sometimes admires the people he encounters, but whether he does or not, he makes clear, if only implicitly, that the "soft Asiatic" belongs to an inferior race and his customs are barbarous, or laughable, or just too damn mysterious to be understood. — Michael Dirda

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