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by Glenn W. Campbell

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book is a new translation of Paul's Treatise to the Ephesians into

Professional, Contemporary, American English, written for professionals who

finally want a no-nonsense answer to the meaning of the significance of their

life. It penetrates the ossified "code language" of the Ecclesiastical,

Medieval, British/Latin English that has

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book is a new translation of Paul's Treatise to the Ephesians into

Professional, Contemporary, American English, written for professionals who

finally want a no-nonsense answer to the meaning of the significance of their

life. It penetrates the ossified "code language" of the Ecclesiastical,

Medieval, British/Latin English that has obscured Paul's essential message for

four centuries.

The book makes the case that Jesus, our

heavenly Commander in Chief, has specially selected each of us to an apprenticeship

to discover and accomplish a unique, carefully crafted lifework. His

goal is to help us successfully achieve it, and in doing so earn the

distinguished qualifications required for leadership in the honorable

government of the future world He will found upon His return.

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Paul's Conclusive Treatise

By Glenn W. Campbell


Copyright © 2014 Glenn W. Campbell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4208-9305-2


The "Top Secret" Plan Declassified

Paul's Conclusive Treatise Commissioned * The Inauguration Ceremony of the Future Kingdom * God's Motive for Including Us in the Kingdom is His Love * Kingdom Apprenticeship – Five Benefits God Has Given Us * The First Benefit: The Redemption of Resurrection * The Second Benefit: God's "Top Secret" Plan Declassified * The Third Benefit: He Has Bequeathed Us an Inheritance * The Fourth Benefit: He Has Sealed Our Lifework Plan * The Fifth Benefit: He Has Paid the Down Payment for Us * Paul's Request: Trainees for a Lifework Apprenticeship Council.

Paul's Conclusive Treatise Commissioned

I, Paul, High Emissary of Jesus, High King of the future world, appointed by the will of God, am writing this Treatise to you, the specially selected recruits who are in Ephesus, especially to those who have proven themselves trustworthy in their service to the High King of the future world, Jesus:

2 May the graciousness and peacefulness that come from God our Father, and from our Commander in Chief, Jesus, the High King of the future world, be given to you all.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Future Kingdom

3 God, considered especially in His role as the Father of our present Commander in Chief, Jesus, the High King of the future world, is the "Eulogizer;" that is to say, the "Keynote Speaker" at Jesus' Inauguration Day, when the Father will invest Him into His office as High King of the Earth. In this unique role, the Father is the One Whose recognition and commendation of our lives, which He will make in a public speech at the end of history, will matter more than anything else.

Furthermore, our future High King is actually composing the text of this commendation speech right now in the exercise of His present heavenly office. He is compiling its contents concomitant with the spiritual relationship that He has with us and with the Father – as He reports our spiritual progress and accomplishments to Him on a continual and regular basis. Moreover, there will come a day when each of our commendation speeches are finally completed, and our future High King will make the transition from exercising His present responsibilities in heaven as our advocate and helper, to His future role as High King of the world.

4 Until then, Jesus will execute all of His divine responsibilities in accordance with His divine plan, such that prior to the founding of the organized government of the future world, He will have specially selected, recruited and trained us with the deliberate purpose that we should personally accompany Him there. He will do this in order to give us distinctive legitimacy, so that we can be unimpaired as we stand directly beside Him to receive our official leadership appointments from God the Father Himself.

God's Motive for Including Us in the Kingdom is His Love

In view of that future day, and motivated by love, 5 God has pre-surveyed and pre-financed us to receive legal adoption as His "sons and daughters" by means of the legal advocacy of Jesus, the High King of the future world. He has legally included us so that we can authentically assist Him in accomplishing His purposes there. His investment in us will ultimately be successful because of the inexorable resolve of His will. 6 He has done this so that His graciousness – namely, the incomparable graciousness which He has already demonstrated to us by means of the example of Jesus, the One Whom He loves best – might be finally and conclusively demonstrated in history. At His Appearing, Jesus will finally receive the universal recognition, appreciation and honor He is worthy of in that future, dignified, public ceremony.

Kingdom Apprenticeship – Five Benefits God Has Given Us

7 Because of His love, Jesus is the One Who has bought and secured the following five benefits for us toward that end with the purchase "price" of His own blood.

The First Benefit: the Redemption of Resurrection

First, God has granted us "redemption" because of Him. He has purchased the right that authorizes us to "redeem" – or "trade in" – our present mortal bodies for our future resurrected bodies, which He will give us to experience the Inauguration of His Kingdom itself.

The Second Benefit: God's "Top Secret" Plan Declassified

Second, because of Him, God has granted us "forgiveness" from our hopeless indebtedness to Him, which all of us piled up by repeatedly plunging off course and living sidetracked lives. He has forgiven us our enormous debt because of the "riches" of His graciousness. 8He has gone on to "invest" even more of His "riches" in us so that He can "compound" His "interest" in us by making fully available to us the use of two essential leadership skills we will need. The first of these leadership skills is the ability to gain proficiency in all modes of knowledge, especially in ethical competence; and second, in discernment, principally as it relates to the employment of practical and intentional good judgment.

9 He has made this investment in us because He has now officially "declassified" and fully briefed us in the contents of the formerly closely guarded Divine Secrets of His ultimate purposes in history, as well as avowing to us His unrelenting resolve to accomplish them. Jesus Himself proposed these specific objectives and resolutions during His recent first visit to the world.

10 God sent Him on that mission to initiate His primary objective to select, recruit and train the right members for the divine government He will found at the fulfillment of history. The High King Himself will head up the comprehensive reorganization of the administration of all authority in that future world under His own leadership. Further, He will accomplish this over the realms of all the administrations of celestial authority that He will redeploy to operate the heavens, as well as over all the administrations of terrestrial authority that He will refound to govern the earth.

The Third Benefit: He Has Bequeathed Us an Inheritance

11 Third, God has bequeathed His "inheritance" to us along with Jesus. He has included us in the High King's future inheritance, which He pre-surveyed and pre-financed to be consistent with the purposes and proposals He has planned for each role He has worked out for us, and will establish in keeping with the deliberation, counsel and resolution of His "will." 12 God has included us in the future "estate" of Jesus' Kingdom in order that we, namely those of us who have hoped for the ultimate appearance of the High King of the future world beforehand, might be afforded the privilege to be the first to publicly recognize, appreciate and honor Him at His Appearing.

The Fourth Benefit: He Has Sealed Our Lifework Plan

13 Fourth, His Specially Selecting Spirit has authenticated your lives by officially "sealing" every one of you in precisely the same way that He did Jesus' life. He has authenticated your lives in this way so that you would be able to accomplish your own special and uniquely promising lifework, just as Jesus did. The Spirit performed this validating act when you heard this truthful report – namely, the good news of Jesus' wonderful plan to rescue and deliver you all – and then believed in Him.

The Fifth Benefit: He has Paid the Down Payment for Us

14 Fifth and finally, this same Divine Spirit is also the "down payment" of our "inheritance." We can apply and use this down payment in our present lives toward the "redemption" of the "savings account" God has invested in and for each of us. We can therefore add to the initial investment He has made in our lives, so that we might be the first to have the privilege of presenting our transformed lives, which He will have made valuable and worthy, when we publicly recognize, appreciate and honor Him at His Appearing.

Paul's Request: Trainees For A Lifework Apprenticeship Council

15 It is for this reason that, when I heard about your faith in our Commander in Chief, Jesus, and of the self-sacrificial love that you all have for all of His specially selected recruits, 16 I did not stop giving God repeated thanks for you all. I also began to make it my habit to be deliberately mindful and intentionally make inquiry about you all in my requests to Him for information and guidance.

17 First, I began to ask God, namely the Father of our Commander in Chief, Jesus, the High King of the future world – Who will preside at His inaugural Appearing – to give you a spirit that would enable you to live ethically competent lives, and to unveil the additional essential information you need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Him.

18 The second thing I asked Him was that He would enlighten the eyes of your hearts, and that once enlightened, you would be able to realize what the unique hope of His promising lifework project for each one of you consists.

Third, I asked Him to give you the capability to appreciate and be motivated by the vast extent of the wealth of the reward of His inheritance, which He will bequeath to every one of His specially selected recruits who merit it at His Appearing.

19 The fourth thing I asked Him to give you was the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual strength He makes especially available to us who tenaciously persist in believing we can discover and accomplish our lifework for Him. For this quest, I asked Him to give you the sustained dynamic energy you will need, even to the superlative degree of matching the feat achieved by the immense strength 20He demonstrated in the case of our future High King when He raised Him out of death and then seated Him at His right hand in the heavens.

21 I know that He has the divine power to help you in this pursuit, because God has appointed Him to the office of having authority over all the angelic regimes and hierarchies of authority, as well as over all sovereign powers and leadership offices established by human governments. His authority exceeds every authoritative title that has ever been conferred – whether angelic or human – not only over both the good as well as the evil angelic forces and human leadership regimes during this historical era, but also over only the good human and angelic leadership hierarchies that will be established in the Kingdom era that is about to come.

22 God has not only made all such existing authoritative positions of this era subordinate to our Commander in Chief by placing them under His feet, but He has also given Him headship over all leadership positions that pertain to His "Lifework" or "Kingdom Apprenticeship" Councils. 23 These Councils are comprised of the members of His future governmental "body," because they are in fact the fulfilling agency of all the positions that body will eventually consist of, which positions are even now in every way being filled by Him according to His plan.


Time Travel: Back from the Future

Time Travel: Our True Future Self Must Rescue Our Sidetracked Present Self from this World's Death Traps * The Ability of Your Future Valiant Self to Rescue Your Present Vile Self is in Reality God's Gift to You * Transformation is Composition: You Are God's Masterpiece * Mood of the Masterpiece: Forged into a Peacemaker, Not Petrified into Pretentiousness * The Purpose of Peacemaking: God's Building of Harmonious Relationships Into Our Eternal Home.

Time Travel: Our True Future Self Must Rescue Our Sidetracked Present Self From This World's Death Traps

Most certainly, you all were bound for a never-ending cycle of suffering a premature physical death as well as final spiritual death separated from God due to your repeatedly getting sidetracked, because of failing to set or pursue the right goals in life and on account of constantly missing opportunities. 2You were in this fearful predicament because at one time, you all deliberately conducted your lives according to the misguided philosophical worldview of this present era of civilization, namely – the polytheistic hierarchy of gods who live in the sky under the authority of the sky-god Zeus.

This spiritual being is in fact the very same evil spiritual being who is now incessantly working behind the scenes among the disobedient sons of God, i.e., those in the religious power-regime within Judaism, continually causing them to stir up trouble. 3The reason I know this is that we also – all of us – once displayed the very same public demeanor that they do now. An acrimonious disposition of visceral loathing characterized our conduct, and aggravated us to the point of taking deliberate, persistent and vigorous action against others – even to the extent of using violence.

We were not only motivated utterly by our visceral revulsion of others, but also by irrational hatred of the assumed wrongdoings we supposed were done by everyone else, which in reality was an attitude produced entirely within our own imagination. The result of this despicable frame of mind was that we also became in our deepest nature exactly like certain kinds of contemptible children who are always full of anger, just like the rest of those that now remain in the religious leadership regime within Judaism.

4 But God, who is "rich" in mercy, motivated solely by His unimaginably vast love with which He loves us, 5 even when we were as good as dead due to our willful persistence in getting sidetracked, brought us back to life, such that it is now possible to actually experience and grow in a living relationship with our future High King. You should never be deluded into thinking that your own initiative has brought about the good things you now enjoy in your Christian lives. Rather, He has rescued all of you from the precipice of suffering a tragic and untimely death because of His graciousness.

6 Furthermore, God has raised us up and out of our own limited frame of reference into a new and living relationship with Jesus. Therefore, when we view our lives from this new frame of reference, He has also made it possible for us to avail ourselves of His wisdom and power to live our renewed lives. This divine wisdom and ability to transform our present personalities can only come from a relationship in which God has extended us the privilege of being seated with Jesus, our future High King, as He carries out His present heavenly responsibilities to help us and guide us from His Council Chambers in heaven.

In other words, He has made it possible for our future mature selves, who in reality are already raised and seated with Him, to "travel back in time" – so to speak. In this way, we can transform who we are in our present lives into the mature people we are that are living with Him in what is to us the "future" – from our limited frame of reference; but who in reality we already are – raised and seated with Him – from His eternal frame of reference.

7 God has done this for us in order that He might show us the surpassing riches of His graciousness within our own lifetime and in the lifetime of those who will follow us in upcoming historical eras. He has also done this for us so that He can demonstrate His goodness to us even more auspiciously when we are finally physically present with Jesus when He returns to this world to become our High King.

The Ability of Your Future Valiant Self to Rescue Your Present Vile Self is in Reality God's Gift to You

8 For this reason, it is exclusively due to His graciousness that you all are the ones (of all people!) who have been rescued by Him because of your faith in Him; yet this rescue has in no way been brought about by you at all. Quite to the contrary, it is God's gift to you. 9 He has most expressly not done this because of your own endeavors, in order to put a stop to the possibility that anyone might for any reason suppose they had a right to brag that they were somehow able to rescue themselves!

Transformation is Composition: You are God's Masterpieces

10 From God's perspective of reality, it is more accurate to say that we are His "masterworks," created by our future High King, Jesus, for the expressed purpose of launching good enterprises. God has in fact prepared these enterprises for us beforehand, so that we can deliberately conduct our lives from the philosophical perspective and subsequent expectation that all we have to do is simply step into them.

Mood of the Masterpiece: Forged into a Peacemaker, Not Petrified into Pretentiousness

11 As you come to view yourselves from this new standpoint in which you simply recognize and step into the good enterprises that God has prepared for us, you must continually guard yourselves from pride. You can do this by keeping in mind that you were once Barbarians by nature. As such, the leadership regime within Judaism contemptuously labeled you all as "The Uncircumcision," and then condescendingly referred to themselves as "The Circumcision." The consequence of twisting religious symbolism in this way was that they became artificial and pretentious – narcissists, in fact.


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Guest More than 1 year ago
It is amazing what can happen when someone with a passion for exploring the original meaning and usage of words applies that knowledge to clarify the message of one of the most important letters (or treatises, as Campbell refers to it) in the Bible. Most of us who read the Bible must honestly confess that often we merely skim the surface without truly getting all that a particular verse, chapter or book has to offer and many times cannot apply what we read to our everyday lives. Worse still, we misunderstand the meaning and develop a theology that misses the point entirely! Here at last is an opportunity to experience the fullness of God¿s universal truth written by Paul to the Ephesians some two thousand years ago, but with unmistakable application to our modern day world. While written with leaders in mind, every sincere seeker of truth will benefit from this translation.