Epicloud [Deluxe Edition]

Epicloud [Deluxe Edition]

by Devin Townsend Project

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Disc 1

  1. Effervescent!
  2. True North
  3. Lucky Animals
  4. Liberation
  5. Where We Belong
  6. Save Our Now
  7. Kingdom
  8. Divine
  9. Grace
  10. More!
  11. Lessons
  12. Hold On
  13. Angel

Disc 2

  1. Believe  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  2. Happy Birthday  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  3. Quietus  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  4. Heatwave  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  5. Love Tonight  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  6. The Mind Wasp  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  7. Woah No!  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  8. Love and Marriage  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  9. Socialization  - Ryan Van Poederooyen
  10. Little Pig  - Ryan Van Poederooyen

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Devin Townsend Project   Primary Artist
Devin Townsend   Indexed Contributor,Synthesizer,Guitar,Vocals,Ambience
Candus Churchill   Choir, Chorus
Rosalind Keene   Choir, Chorus
Graham Ord   Trumpet,Saxophone
Anneke van Giersbergen   Vocals
Brian Waddell   Bass,Vocals
Dave Young   Guitar,Mandolin,Keyboards,Vocals
Jacqueline Welsh   Choir, Chorus
Marcus Mosely   Choir, Chorus
Leora Cashe   Choir, Chorus
Jean Savoie   Vocals
Mike St.Jean   Vocals
Ryan Van Poederooyen   Drums
Dawn Pemberton   Choir, Chorus
Dan Walker   Choir, Chorus
Eva Maria Harden   Choir, Chorus
Charlene Witt   Choir, Chorus
Tyler Thorne   Vocals
Rebecca Lam   Choir, Chorus
Munesh Sami   Vocals
Lonnie Delisle   Choir, Chorus,Choir Director

Technical Credits

Devin Townsend   Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes
Ray Fulber   Engineer
Paul Silveira   Vocal Engineer
Anthony Clarkson   Artwork,Layout
Armando Aguirre   Drum Technician
Jean Savoie   Bass Technician
Ryan Van Poederooyen   Composer
Mike Young   Drum Editing
Paul Collis   Studio Coordinator
Dom Monteleone   Drum Recordings
Lonnie Delisle   Choir Arrangement

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