Eppie M. Says...

Eppie M. Says...

by Olivier Dunrea

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Ben Salem is as exuberant and curious a boy as anyone is likely to find. He is also entirely under the spell of his older sister, Eppie M., who ``knows how to read'' and gives freely of her knowledge and opinions to all. Eppie M. tells her brother that if he shuts his eyes and walks backward he will reach Australia; the fact that he ends up ``in the pig wallow'' in no way diminishes Ben's faith in his sister. After all, he knows a falsehood when he hears one: ``Eppie M. says that babies fall from the sky on rainy days in September,'' but Ben knows full well that they are found under rocks. The outlandish antics of the two siblings brim with rural charm and clever visual asides, such as the old lady who levitates calmly over the barnyard reading a book entitled Float, You Can Do It!. Precise, delicately hued illustrations possess an antic flair that is both invigorating and entertaining. Ages 4-7. (Sept.)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Here the author of Eddy B., Pigboy (McElderry, 1983) and other small gems has created an irresistible rural celebration of sibling devotion. When Eppie says that goose eggs held under each arm will hatch out dinosaurs, or if you look into a sheep's mouth you can see his stomach, her little brother Ben faithfully believes her--after all, she can read, and Gran says she's ``a regular Miss Know-It-All.'' Some of her pronouncements may be doubtful (Ben knows there are no monsters under his bed, because Percy Blue, a fierce-looking piglet, sleeps there), but no matter--Eppie's his favorite person in the world. Brother and sister dance joyfully through a barnyard busy with delicately rendered pigs and piglets, chicks, mice , and baby dolls, all of which spend less time on the ground than hurtling through the air, hanging from a tree or a balloon, being juggled, chasing , and being chased. Quirky details--dentures drying on the clothesline, strange people wandering (or floating) by--add to the general hilarity. The brief text is handlettered but easily read. --John Peters, New York Public Library

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Publication date:
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1st American ed
AD780L (what's this?)
Age Range:
5 - 7 Years

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