Equal Rights for Americans with Disabilities

Equal Rights for Americans with Disabilities

by Frank G. Bowe

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Stephanie Zvirin
Bowe brings excellent credentials to his book, which focuses, in large part, on the Americans with Disabilities Act signed into law by President George Bush in 1990. Drawing information from a variety of sources, among them Harris polls, his own previously published adult books, and federal government reports, Bowe explores the extent to which access to and attitudes toward education, transportation, housing, and jobs for the physically and mentally disabled have changed in recent years, and then suggests what's still to come. The text is loaded with statistics, all carefully documented, and it covers an extraordinary amount of territory, skimming over everything from adaptive technologies and the arguments surrounding the definition of "quality" education to poverty among the disabled. But despite the quotes that head each chapter and the scattering of personal stories in the narrative, the writing is dry and the tone distant. Buy the book anyway; it doesn't patronize, and students writing reports won't find much YA material out there that sums things up as fully.

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