Escape from Lucien (Amulet Series #6)

Escape from Lucien (Amulet Series #6)

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by Kazu Kibuishi

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Kazu Kibuishi's #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series continues!

Navin and his classmates journey to Lucien, a city ravaged by war and plagued by mysterious creatures, where they search for a beacon essential to their fight against the Elf King. Meanwhile, Emily heads back into the Void with Max, one of the Elf King's loyal followers, where she learns his darkest


Kazu Kibuishi's #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series continues!

Navin and his classmates journey to Lucien, a city ravaged by war and plagued by mysterious creatures, where they search for a beacon essential to their fight against the Elf King. Meanwhile, Emily heads back into the Void with Max, one of the Elf King's loyal followers, where she learns his darkest secrets. The stakes, for both Emily and Navin, are higher than ever.

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Praise for the Amulet series
"Five -- no, three pages into Amulet and you'll be hooked." -- Jeff Smith, creator of BONE
"Stellar artwork, imaginative character design, moody color and consistent pacing." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
"A must for all fantasy fans." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS
Children's Literature - Leona Illig
In this sixth installment of the “Amulet” series, our heroes, Navin and Emily, are in increasing danger as they try to fight the Elf King and save both their friends and themselves. In this book, Navin and his friend Aly land in the city of Lucien looking for a beacon that is critical to their efforts to overthrow the Elf King. But they have little water or food, and no weapons. Meanwhile, Emily enters into an uneasy and potentially disastrous partnership with Max, who is one of the Elf King’s followers. What Emily discovers will forever change her attitude toward Max and the war in which she finds herself. The action in this book, as well as in the series as a whole, is non-stop and the reader is immediately engaged in the protagonists’ struggles. While there is some violence, none of it is gratuitous and there is no offensive language either. What makes the book shine are the characters. Their motivations, interactions, and humorous banter ensure that the reader cares about what happens to them. Particularly gratifying are the strong female characters, who are as interesting and as proactive as the male ones. The illustrations fit the story perfectly. They satisfy the two main goals of graphic novel illustrations: they complement the story and they move the plot forward. Readers who are unfamiliar with the previous five books in the series may have a little trouble figuring out what is going on, at least in the beginning, but they will soon catch on. It would also have been helpful if there had been chapter separators between the two parallel stories of Navin and Emily. Nevertheless, this is a fine series in the tradition of Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Hobbit. Boys and girls who enjoy adventure, strong heroes, and fantasy/science fiction will welcome this latest book by the author. Reviewer: Leona Illig; Ages 10 to 15.
Kirkus Reviews
Wraithlike attackers force a mass evacuation and a cryptic prophecy's meaning begins to clear in this headlong continuation of Kibuishi's deservedly popular series.The action picks up in midflight as Navin and companions survive the destruction of their giant robot suits, then help the fleeing survivors of the city of Lucien by fighting a rear-guard action against swarms of diaphanous, cat-eyed, zombie-making Dark Scouts. Meanwhile Emily, Trellis and Vigo reluctantly join traitorous elf Max Griffin in another visit to the Voice's realm of memories that leads to the death of a major character—along with a rescue, reunions with old friends and a lead-in to the next episode. Though the ongoing plotlines and large cast make familiarity with earlier outings a necessity, this one still features a crowd-pleasing blend of lively dialogue ("And I don't care what the prophecies say. You're still a slacker"), easy-to-follow, nonstop action, elves, robots and derring-do amid awesome sound effects ("D-DOOOM SHHAAAAAA," "SZRAK!"). Most of the cleanly drawn, lushly backgrounded panels focus on faces, with occasional full-spread scenes adding dramatic visual highlights.A page-turner that gives the heroic Stonekeepers plenty of chances to show their stuff and moves the main story along an inch or two. (Graphic fantasy. 10-12)
School Library Journal
Gr 4–6—Navin and his friends travel to Lucien, a mysterious city that has been left in ruins, to find a beacon that will help them conquer the Elf King. But are they walking right into a trap? Emily journeys to the Void with Max, one of the Elf King's disciples and learns more about her traveling companion. Their adventures place both of them in true danger. This hotly anticipated installment in the "Amulet" series will be devoured by fans.

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Scholastic, Inc.
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Amulet Series , #6
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
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8 - 12 Years

Meet the Author

Kazu Kibuishi is the Eisner-nominated creator of the #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Amulet series, and of a collection of his popular webcomic, COPPER. He is also the cover illustrator of the 15th anniversary paperback editions of the Harry Potter series. He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his family. Visit him online at

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Escape from Lucien (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome I tell you!!!!!!
Aisazia More than 1 year ago
Ha! I don't usually do graphic novel reviews. I should write more but I fly through them so quick. Then I forget to do it. lol Ok, I was fortunate to grab an ARC of Amulet #6: Escape From Lucien from Netgalley and as usual, I loved it! The story and art continue to be consistent and fantastic. It has a wonderful flow using a combination of panels and text. Between the images and the text it's like watching a movie in my head. I loved the whole experience and I have that with every book in this series. Book 6 picks up where 5 left off of which is good. Each book has its own arc which is completed at the end which is good. I love stories like these. The characters each have their own issues and developments which I appreciate. Each book adds more and more to the overall story which is spectacular because this story is not episodic like most comics or graphic novels. This reads more like a continuous novel which I enjoy more. I suppose this is where I start to notice how the story is slightly lacking.  It's extremely minor, mind you. It's just that there is so much to tell and with adding new characters and subplots, it's hard to fit that all in one book. I understand completely why it is done because sometimes there are page limits to comics. There is a lot of work that goes into one book and I can only read in awe during each one. Still, this is one of my favorite graphic novel series and I seriously urge you to pick this up if you're open minded to comic. It's not just for kids. I don't even have kids of my own but I love the story. So if you're young at heart or just enjoy a good read, pick this up. You won't be disappointed. You might want to pick up the whole series. You'll blow through them pretty fast. ^_~ 4.5 out of 5 rating for me! (An ARC was provided by Netgalley for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Easy to read. Entertaining.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Purpleburp More than 1 year ago
when I read this book, I knew that the next one will be the last.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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