Escape into the Sea: Stories

Escape into the Sea: Stories

by Donn Irving

The debut collection of short stories by Donn Irving.  See more details below


The debut collection of short stories by Donn Irving.

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Carnegie-Mellon University Press
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Carnegie Mellon Short Fiction Series
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5.50(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

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Kelly Cherry
"Donn Irving's remarkable stories are wonderfully distinctive. Propelled by a dry wit, leavened with a delightful intellectual insouciance, they take note of real people encountering real problems. . . . Every story here is smart, sharp, and surprising, illuminating corners and cubbyholes of human consciousness that heretofore were concealed or overlooked, while the hard clarity of the author's voice is mediated by his forgiving compassion for all living creatures."
Thomas Fox Averill
"As the final words of the final story of Escape into the Sea, Donn Irving writes, 'Nothing lasts. Name something that does.' In this astute collection, Irving's characters last. They crawl, run, offer and nearly off themselves toward awareness, redemption, and freedom. These stories are wise, irreverent, seriously funny, as they limn the limits of age, mutability, and mortality. They move towards compromise, hope, wisdom, and survival—all that defies limits."
Eric Miles Williamson
"So many first books are preambles to great things to come. Not so with Donn Irving's Escape into the Sea. This is no apprentice work. With the subtlety of Sherwood Anderson, the poise and grace of Marilynne Robinson, the slow-burn resonating power of Peter Taylor, and the calm beauty of poets like James Wright and Robert Penn Warren, Donn Irving emerges on the American literary scene fully realized. Irving breathes new life into the American short story."

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Meet the Author

DONN IRVING's fiction and essays have appeared in American Literary Review, New Letters, and Natural Bridge, and have been selected for inclusion in New American Essays. A resident of rural Missouri where he was a veterinarian, Donn Irving died in 2007. This is his first collection of stories.

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