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Escape Under the Kenyan Moon

Escape Under the Kenyan Moon

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by Mrs. Carole G. Myrick

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Escape Under the Kenyan Moon begins as a passionate love story during the 1970's between Carole, a petite blonde and blue eyed young woman, and Otieno Habembe a young black man from a primitive island in Lake Victoria between Kenya and Uganda. Otieno came to Ohio State University on a United Nations scholarship.

It is the early 70's, bi-racial relationships were


Escape Under the Kenyan Moon begins as a passionate love story during the 1970's between Carole, a petite blonde and blue eyed young woman, and Otieno Habembe a young black man from a primitive island in Lake Victoria between Kenya and Uganda. Otieno came to Ohio State University on a United Nations scholarship.

It is the early 70's, bi-racial relationships were not only rare but unacceptable to most people. She was disowned by her parents, shunned by some family and friends, and hated by many in society. Carole and Otieno rise above the prejudice through the passion and strength of their love for each other.

Their life is wonderful despite the challenges, but there was a longing in Otieno's heart for the Africa he had left behind. Four years and two babies later, he can only hear the call of his native land. Otieno must take his family and return home.

Although this would be a homecoming for Otieno, Carole would be giving up everything she knew except her husband and children. Her oldest daughter from an earlier marriage would be separated from her father by thousands of miles. The thought of leaving all that she knew was terrifying but the promise of a new life with the man and the children she loved gave her the courage to accept this decision.

As the couple begin their new life, Carole falls in love again. The slow, easy paced culture, the beauty of the land, and the warmth of the African people capture her heart. Carole thrived in the simple lifestyle of Thika. Each day was a new adventure. Her alarm clock was the neighbor's rooster and the morning music was the sweet harmony of native birds. A trip to the grocery was a three mile walk with her brown baby girl wrapped snugly on her back. The native women greeted her with "Jambo sana, mama Otiga". The beauty was breathtaking as she walked past giant banana plants dripping with tiny finger bananas and dazzling trees drenched in lemon yellow, vibrant red, and popsicle orange flowers. Her favorite was the Jacaranda tree that dropped delicate purple petals giving the red dirt road the appearance of being covered with purple snow.

The journey into the primitive culture of Otieno's home on Sigulu Island was her final step into his world. It was also her first glimpse into the evil that was part of his culture. Otieno's brother, Pascal, was Chief of the tribe. When she looked into his eyes, the ugly black depths of his soul poured out and she could feel the evil. Even Otieno lived in fear of his brother.

Here, life was a paradox between the ordinary and the extraordinary, between the modern and the primitive, between beauty and harshness, and between goodness and evil. She lived in a beautiful home with servants but also stayed in a mud hut with stone-age amenities. She was thrilled by the beauty of her surroundings and saddened by the bleakness of life for so many. She lived with the love and kindness of a gentle people but experienced the evil Otieno's brother.

Carole would have happily lived in Kenya forever, but Otieno made that impossible. In the end, the evil invaded her life when Otieno became angry and abusive. As the violence escalated, she realized that they must escape. Unlike America, African wives are property and have no rights. The only way out was in secrecy, if caught, she was in danger of losing her children or her life. With the help of missionaries who risked their lives, God provided an escape for Carole and her three children.

It would be easy to mistake this story as one of loss and sadness but it is about joy and healing. The book is filled with humor, beautiful descriptions of life in Africa, drama, courage, faith in a loving and protective God, and redemption as she rebuilds her life from the ashes. There is no anger or bitterness. In the end, it is a love story. The love for a man, the love of family, the love of a culture and of a continent, but especially the love for our God and His unfailing love for us.

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Meet the Author

Carole White was born in Marion, Ohio. She received her Bachelor's in Education from Ohio State University and, after graduation, became an elementary school teacher.

Her life took a very dramatic turn when she met Otieno, an African atttending Ohio State University on an educational scholarship from the United Nations.

Bi-racial relationships were rare and unaccepted by most in the 70's but their relationship survived and eventually they married. Four years and two children later, Otieno returned to Kenya with his family.

Carole fell in love with Africa but, when Otieno became abusive, she knew that she had to leave. With the help of courageous missionaries and God's orchestration of many miracles, she was able to escape Kenya with the children.

Carole began writing "Escape Under the Kenyan Moon" when she returned to the United States in 1982. She has shared her amazing story of God's love and faithfulness with abused women, church groups, and women's groups since her return home.

In 1990, Carole married Bruce Myrick. They currently lives in Orlando, FL. She is Director of Academics and Family Care at Edgewood Children's Ranch.

She has three grown children, two daughters and a son. They are all married to wonderful mates and have blessed her with 5 beautiful grandchildren.

She looks forward to continuing to share her story as God blesses her with the opportunity to do so.

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Escape Under The Kenyan Moon 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why would a young, white America woman marry a native Ugandan, going against her family’s wishes, and then uproot to Africa? That is a question those of us who knew Carole asked but she was in love and always the optimist. She tells her story with simplicity and sincerity in her new book, Escape Under the Kenyan Moon. Just having gone to Kenya last year, I can truly say she paints quite an accurate picture of the Kenyan landscape and lifestyle. It is easy to understand why she loved her life there and had bright hopes for the future of her children in that setting. But as in many cross-cultural marriages, there came a time when the differences were just too great and she knew she had to make a move. Such a move required courage and faith and Carole narrates her escape graphically, leaving the reader hungrily turning the pages to discover the outcome. Great story, great writing, great faith!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a true story that begins with the love between a black man from Uganda and a white woman from the small town of Marion, Ohio, during the 1970's. It moves from there to the quaint village of Thika, Kenya where the love grows even greater love as itt embraces their six children and the caring community that opened their hearts to welcome them. Like a warm summer afternoon picnic that is attacked without warning by a cold and destructive storm, the love was torn apart and there was no place to find comfort or shelter, or so it seemed. Then the Son shined brightly and showed her His faithful love as He rescured her and her children during the dark dangerous night. Escape Under the Kenyan Moon is a story of True Love that never ends. The Story of God's Love quietly shares rich moments of the beauty of Kenya and His dramatic rescue during the dark and dangerous night. That is just the beginning for the next thirty years of His story of redemption.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A woman in Africa finds herself trapped by deceit and fear embodied as the one with whom she entered into a covenant. Love had brought her to this land where the sun was hot and the ground was dry. It was from that same love that  two of her beautiful children were birthed. Yet love was no longer  producing life, but was morphing into a death producing impostor that she scarcely recognized.Slowly her life was being eroded by death; a death that started deep inside the hidden places of her heart where her dreams and desires once thrived. As the moments came, the chords were pushed and pulled. No matter how much she convinced herself that each wave of rage would wash away back into the sea of forgetfulness, experience proved that it was only a matter of time before another wave came crashing to the shore; leaving her on her knees or on her  face. Down she went, time after time, until one wave completely knocked all breath out of her. Death had all but consumed her and unknowingly ushered in Life Himself to became her sole existence. Through miracle after miracle, this Man, this Life, held back the powers of darkness and displayed His sovereign hand as He rescued her from the waves of rage and established her by the rivers of Life. Under the safety of His wing she and her children flew from a land dried by fear to a land richly watered by faith. Her new home became the edge of a wooded hill bordered by lakes that glisten as if glittered by the sun itself. To this day she still waters the ground with faith that she draws from the wells of her story.
cappuccinobuddy More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book.  Could not put it down until I finished reading it!  WOW!  I would recommend it to anyone wanting an  interesting, informative, exciting read.  Wonderful author.