Esprit De Corps: America's Ceremonial Music

Esprit De Corps: America's Ceremonial Music

by United States Air Force Band

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Altissimo Records


  1. Gloria
  2. The Black Horse Troop
  3. St. Julien
  4. Men of Ohio
  5. The Stars and Stripes Forever
  6. Adjutants Call/To Honor With Dignity
  7. Drum Cadence
  8. #1 of Seven Fanfares For Marching Winds
  9. #1 of Three Jubilant Fanfares
  10. Drum Roll
  11. One Ruffle and Fourish and Generals' March
  12. Two Ruffles and Flourishes and Generals' March
  13. Three Ruffles and Flourishes and Ggenerals' March
  14. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and Generals' March
  15. One Ruffle and Flourish and Flag Officers' March
  16. Two Ruffles and Flourishes and Flag Officers' March
  17. Three Ruffles and Flourishes and Flag Officers' March
  18. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and Flag Officers' March
  19. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and the Stars and Stripes Forever [Last 32
  20. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and Hands Across the Sea
  21. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail Columbia
  22. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail To the Chief [Short Versio
  23. Four Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail To the Chief [Complete Ver
  24. Sound Off - Americans We - Sound Off
  25. Invercargill
  26. Trio, National Emblem
  27. The Star Spangled Banner
  28. The Star Spangled Banner
  29. You're a Grand Old Flag
  30. Armed Forces Medley
  31. Army
  32. Marine
  33. Navy
  34. Coast Guard
  35. Air Force
  36. Armed Forces Medley
  37. Air Force
  38. Reveille
  39. First Call
  40. Assembly
  41. Attention
  42. Adjutant's Call
  43. Mess Call
  44. Recall
  45. Retreat
  46. To the Color
  47. Taps
  48. Tattoo
  49. Air Force Hymn
  50. Air Horce Hymn
  51. Nearer My God To Thee
  52. Goin' Home
  53. God of Abraham
  54. Four Cohan Songs: Give My Regards To Broadway/I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
  55. Patriotic Medley: This is My Country/God Bless America/This Land is You

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

United States Air Force Band   Primary Artist
Carole Hawkins   Alto
Kerry Wilkerson   Bass,Baritone
Robin L. Forrester Meadows   Oboe
Sandra M. Haton   B-Flat Clarinet
William C. Adcock   Trumpet
David B. Aspinwall   B-Flat Clarinet
James E. Bittner   Cornet
Michael F. Bosch   Cornet
Elizabeth K. Campeau   B-Flat Clarinet
Richard A. Drew   B-Flat Clarinet
Jan Z. Duga   Tuba
Ronald B. Erler   Oboe
Jeffrey J. Gaylord   Trombone
Kent A. Wyatt   French Horn
Lorraine Haddad   B-Flat Clarinet
Lawrence Ink   Flute
Erica M. Kadison   Percussion
Philip E. Krzywicki   French Horn
Robert D. Little   B-Flat Clarinet
Carl E. Jr. Long   B-Flat Clarinet
Chris A. Matten   Bass Trombone
Robert K. McConnell   Cornet
Brian G. McCurdy   Contra-alto Clarinet
Edward R. McKee   Tuba
Lance Laduke   Euphonium
Aubrey V. Adams   Percussion
Curt C. Christensen   Cornet
Clarence T. Mitchell   Trumpet
Danny K. Phipps   Bassoon
Christopher T. Quade   Tuba
Leslie Mincer Robillard   French Horn
Patrick J. Shrieves   Timpani
Jeffrey I. Snavely   Bass Clarinet
Deborah L. Stephenson   French Horn
George C. Stoffan   B-Flat Clarinet
Julianne S. Turrentine   Soprano
James T. VanZandt   Trombone
David Farwig   Bass,Baritone
Marek Vastek   Piano
Andrew Wilson   Cornet
Ardyth Scott   Piccolo
Mary Beth George   Baritone Saxophone
William Marr   Tenor Saxophone
Lowell E. Graham   Conductor
Sharon B. Weinberg   Flute
Ryan P. Dolan   Bass,Baritone
David L. Nokes   Bass,Baritone
Russell Colleran   Tenor (Vocal)
Robin Askew   Soprano
Donna Abraira   Soprano
Janice Carl   Alto
Amy Statz Dolan   Soprano
Patricia Wolfe   Alto
Jennifer Lyons Henley   Alto
Steven Lawson   B-Flat Clarinet
Keith Young   Alto Saxophone
Ann Baldwin   Euphonium
Alex Helsabeck   Bass,Baritone
Chris Martin   Percussion
Angela Burns   Alto
Alexis Defranchi   Tenor (Vocal)
Richard Pearson   Tenor (Vocal)
Mark Williams   Trombone
Mark Carson   Percussion
John Thomas   Alto Saxophone
David Golden   Cornet
Lucille Johnson Snell   Flute
Lindsey Smith   Trombone
Janet Blais   B-Flat Clarinet
Gregory Brown   Bassoon
Ed Teleky   Percussion
David Porter   Tuba
Linda Mayes   Soprano
Kimberly Gerber Haering   Soprano
Kevin Sapp   Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer Dayton   Euphonium
Geoffrey Parish   Tenor (Vocal)
Brian Jones   B-Flat Clarinet
Brian Davis   Bass,Baritone
Tom Rarick   Percussion
Thomas Maloy   Percussion
Scott Hinds   Percussion

Technical Credits

Arthur Bliss   Composer
Antonin Dvorák   Composer
Jacques Offenbach   Composer
John Philip Sousa   Composer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
George M. Cohan   Composer
John Cacavas   Composer
Henry Fillmore   Composer
Don Raye   Composer
Edwin Eugene Bagley   Composer
Samuel A. Ward   Composer
Lowell Mason   Composer
John Stafford Smith   Composer
Francis Scott Key   Composer
Floyd Werle   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Jacobs   Composer
SMSgt. Paul Rawlins   Composer
Jari Villanueva   Arranger,Composer
Louis Philippe Laurendeau   Composer
William Porter   Recording Producer
H. W. Arberg   Composer
Robert M. Crawford   Composer
Kendall S. Thomsen   Engineer
Henry Baker   Composer
Arthur Wellesley Hughes   Composer
Alex F. Lithgow   Composer
Lowell E. Graham   Producer
Frank Hoyt Losey   Composer
Charles A. Zimmermann   Composer
James H. Moseley   Management
Major Daniel L. Price   Director
Donna Abraira   Management
Patricia Wolfe   Section Leader
Mary C. D. Hamilton   Composer
Francis Saltus von Boskerck   Composer
Edmund S. Gruber   Composer
Alan W. Sine   Producer
Alex Helsabeck   Section Leader
Anthony B. Kirkland   Liner Notes
Mark Carson   Composer
Sheila Klotz   Composer
Ed Teleky   Composer
Kimberly Gerber Haering   Section Leader
Kevin Sapp   Section Leader

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