Essays on Public Documents and Government Policies

Essays on Public Documents and Government Policies

by Peter Gellatly

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ISBN-10: 0866562486

ISBN-13: 9780866562485

Pub. Date: 01/28/1986

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Better understand the use, scope, and value of public documents and government policies by reading this invaluable volume.


Better understand the use, scope, and value of public documents and government policies by reading this invaluable volume.

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Taylor & Francis
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Technical Services Quarterly Series
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14.80(w) x 22.40(h) x 3.00(d)

Table of Contents


  • Our Didactic Government
  • The Uses and Misuses of Information Found in Government Publications
  • User Needs and the Information Transfer Process
  • United States Government Publications: Sources and Services for Science and Technology Libraries
  • Government Serials and Economic Analysis
  • Federal Serials and the Economics of Recession
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Crime Statistics: The FBI Story
  • Nuclear Holocaust and Public Policy
  • Close Encounters of Another Kind: The Center for Short-Lived Phenomena
  • The Forlorn Passion of William Steiger
  • Record Redux
  • Tennis Elbow of the Soul: The Public Papers of Richard Nixon, 1973–1974
  • The Plum Book
  • Government at the Top: The Plum Book and President Reagan’s First 70 Days
  • Government Information in Electronic Form: The Chadha Decision and the Joint Committee on Printing
  • Private Bills and Private Laws: A Guide to the Legislative Process
  • Preserving the Environment: Notes Toward a Bibliography
  • Federal Education at the Cabinet Level
  • Physical Fitness: Government Policy and Public Documents
  • The Devil’s Best Century: Reflections on Our National Cemeteries
  • Sex Themes in Federal Serials
  • Anthroporn in Wonderland: Technical Standards and Reports
  • A Portrait of Working Women in Federal Government Periodicals
  • Federal Policies and Publications on Sexual Harassment
  • The Pentagon’s Magazine Publishing Empire
  • Abridging Government Information: The Reagan Administration’s War on Waste
  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook and Related Prophetic Texts
  • A Bucolic Brouhaha: The 1979 Yearbook of Agriculture
  • Windyfoggery: The Language of Government Documents
  • Revisions and Excisions: The Emergence of Non-Sexist Language in Government Publications
  • The United Nations Documentation Information System
  • Serials Documentation of the United Nations and Specialized Agencies
  • The Protection of Intellectual Property: The World Intellectual Property Organization
  • The Youngest Member of the United Nations Family: The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • Index

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