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Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

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by Daimeon Shanks

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Keep your bike on the road for the long haul! Whether you’re training, competing, or simply riding for fun, a properly tuned bike is essential to performance, efficiency, and safety. That’s where Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair comes in.

Author Daimeon Shanks takes a straightforward “you can do it” approach to maintaining


Keep your bike on the road for the long haul! Whether you’re training, competing, or simply riding for fun, a properly tuned bike is essential to performance, efficiency, and safety. That’s where Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair comes in.

Author Daimeon Shanks takes a straightforward “you can do it” approach to maintaining and repairing your bike so it’s ready to go when you are.

Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair provides simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by up-close photos, illustrations, and advice, for more than 100 repairs. You’ll learn these skills and more:

• Adjust derailleurs and troubleshoot shifting problems.

• True your wheels and tweak your hubs for a silky-smooth ride.

• Install caliper, cantilever, or V-brakes.

• Repair a broken chain on the roadside.

• Fix flats in no time flat.

• Maintain pedals and cleats for efficiency and comfort.

• Install or adjust a headset.

• Install handlebars, including aero bars and flat bars.

• Adjust your saddle for a perfect fit.

• Determine if a triple crankset is right for you.

So spend more time in the saddle and less time and money in costly repair shops. Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair is the one guide no cyclist should be without!

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
Bicycle use and bike commuting have become increasingly popular. Shanks, a professional mechanic and first-time author, brings his considerable knowledge to this manual. Instructions are very technical, with necessary close-up photos. Snippets on the history and development of bike elements are engrossing. The lack of an index and list of resources is unfortunate, though the table of contents is detailed. Despite these oversights, the instructions and text are excellent. VERDICT This in-depth manual may be too complicated for the casual enthusiast. More general instruction is provided in Chris Sidwells's highly illustrated Bicycle Repair Manual (2008). However, if you serve a serious cycling population, this insightful guide is an excellent resource. Recommended.

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Human Kinetics Publishers
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18 Years

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher
"In Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair, Daimeon Shanks takes a straightforward approach to repair and creates the go-to resource for cyclists."

Tom Danielson— Professional cyclist with team Garmin-Cervelo

“Daimeon Shanks belongs to an elite stratum of bicycle mechanics. Seasoned by the triage nature of top professional cycling on the road, trail, and track, Shanks' experience and ability to eloquently advise show through in Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair.

Nicholas Legan— World and Olympic Champion Mechanic, Tech Editor for Velo/VeloNews

Meet the Author

Daimeon Shanks has two decades of experience in cycling and has worked as a professional mechanic in every discipline of the sport, including mountain, track, road, and cyclocross. His work experience includes stints with the Mavic Neutral Support Program, as the head track mechanic for the U.S. national team, and as the resident mechanic at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He also spent five years as a mechanic with the Garmin Transitions ProTour cycling team, working events such as the Grand Tours of Europe, the pinnacle of road cycling's hierarchy.

Shanks graduated from the University of Oregon, where he raced for the university team and later became director and president of the cycling program. He is currently the co-owner of The Service Course, a high-end bike repair shop in Boulder, Colorado.

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Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For an individual looking to become a bicyclist, this book is a very informational guide to have around. As a son of a bike shop co-owner, and an active cyclist, I can say I even learned some facts and information about my own bikes. The amount of information is far beyond what I have expected. After reading the preface I began to wonder, who is this book intended for? My initial answer to that question was someone looking to be a professional cyclist. After all, the author is talking about extreme cycling as a competitive sport, and not a hobby. But when the text came down to facts, how to’s, and my favorite “what these things are and what they do”, all the information was there that anyone from a simple mountain or road bike owner, to a touring bike competitive rider could use and understand. After getting to all this information, I decided that this book, and many like it, is in fact an essential tool to owning a bike no matter how you use it. Not everyone has a dad with a bike shop and skills to teach you how to make repairs yourself. I would give this book high a recommendation for anyone wanting to take on the hobby of bicycling, and to any current bike owners wanted to make the most out of their biking experience. With a few glances to the included glossary for help, any cyclist can improve the functions on his or her’s bike. I could say this book gave me better understanding of my own bikes, and will possibly reduce the number of trips they go back to my dad’s for repair.
pmartin462 More than 1 year ago
I got Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair in the hopes that it would be more accessible to a novice than the current maintenance manual that I was using. I had been riding a road bike off and on for about ten years, and then about four years ago I began to ride on a much more regular basis. Cycling is an expensive sport, and can become be a very expensive sport. The more that a cyclist is able to repair on his own, the better it will be for his wallet. And if you like to cycles a lot, and simple do not want to wait for your bike to be fixed at the shop, it is nice to know how to make simple repairs. Also, it is good to know how a bike works, and essential to know how to make simple road side repairs such as flat tires and using barrel adjustments. Overall I have to say that I am very pleased with this manual. I did not review that entire manual. Instead I focused on the maintenance that I often perform and therefore more familiar. Already I have found the manual very helpful. One of the aspects of bike maintenance that has been a thorn in my side is front derailleur adjustments. I often take off my cranks in order to clean them or the bottom bracket. And, very often, when I put the cranks back on the derailleur does not work correctly. This is because that chain rings are not in the same position as when it was originally adjusted. This problem can be easily adjusted with the barrel adjustment. It is an obvious and simple fix, but for some reason I had never thought of it until I read this manual. Another example is that for years I have wondered about the little screw on top of my brakes. It turns out that it is the center the brakes on the rim. What I like most about the manual is that it is not overly technical—it is written in a manner in which novices can understand. Yet, I did have some issues with the manual. First, it is not complete; it seems to be geared toward bikes with the newest technologies. Case in point, the section that covers the maintenance of bottom brackets does not cover the type of bottom bracket that my bike uses. This may have been because it is older and not on many of the newer bikes, or that it is very simple type of bottom bracket that is fairly simple to perform maintenance. Another issue that I had with the book is that some of the pictures that are provided are often inadequate. They are in black and white, and do not provide good very good visuals. I also, being a visual learning, would have like to have seen a bit more pictures. But, overall I would recommend this book to other cyclist seeking a good manual to help them learn to fix their bike.
N_Mulvany More than 1 year ago
This large format book shows readers how to keep their bikes in good repair. The book has thirteen chapters ranging from “Basic Maintenance” to “Shifters and Derailleurs.” The text is well-written with plenty of photos that illustrate the task at hand. The author’s instructions are clear, divided into steps, and he anticipates issues specific to certain bikes. The layout of the book is inviting. The large pages allow for nice display of the text and the photos. The photos are black and white. Many are close-ups of various parts. Often the photo includes text that identifies specific elements. Throughout the book are informative sidebars, such as “Emergency Chain Repairs” and “Packing a Bicycle.” However, since the book has no index it may be difficult to locate the information. Although the book is devoted to road bikes, cyclists with any type of bike will benefit from the tips offered in this book. There’s a great section about putting together your own tool kit and setting up a workshop at home. The last chapter, “Achieving the Perfect Fit,” is detailed and will certainly benefit all riders. The book concludes with an Appendix: Choosing and Working with a Bike Shop followed by a handy glossary of terms. The publisher did not include an index which is inexcusable for a detailed, hands-on manual. Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair will be a welcome addition to cyclists’ bookshelves. At the very least this book will provide readers with the nitty-gritty details of what goes on when you take your bike into a shop for repairs. [Disclosure: The publisher provided a review copy of this book via LibraryThing.]