Essential House Boxset, Vol. 2

Essential House Boxset, Vol. 2


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Moist Music

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Disc 1

  1. This Is Me (Intro)
  2. Jam the Box
  3. Help Me with Your Love
  4. Always
  5. Miami Essentials
  6. Sultry
  7. Kum
  8. Music Therapy
  9. Get Rocked
  10. American 2005
  11. Biscuits for Breakfast
  12. Cupboard Love
  13. Deep Blue
  14. Temptation
  15. Go out, Get Fucked Up
  16. Rock King Roll
  17. The Drill
  18. You Came

Disc 2

  1. Stalker
  2. Foriegn Pleasures
  3. On the Way
  4. Funk All Star
  5. Hot Hot Hot
  6. Galactica
  7. Boza
  8. Move Your Body
  9. Freaks on the Floor
  10. Psychotik
  11. Funky People
  12. Video Games Crash
  13. Freak the Frequency
  14. [Untitled]
  15. Back for More
  16. Tropical Avenger
  17. On the Run

Disc 3

  1. Stick of Sin
  2. Stop
  3. Music Is About You
  4. Days of Swine and Roses
  5. Crying Shame
  6. Ghetto Funk Deluxe
  7. Left/Right Switch
  8. Ban Rock
  9. Earthquake
  10. Second Session
  11. Dry Run
  12. Eternity
  13. Hear an Echo
  14. Living the Dream

Disc 4

  1. Music Is About Life (Intro)
  2. Mercury
  3. I Still Believe
  4. The Wave
  5. Am Sunday
  6. At Peace (A Requiem for JC)
  7. Red Blood
  8. Winsome
  9. Everything with You
  10. Eye Contact
  11. For My Soul
  12. External Waves
  13. Rainwater
  14. Island Breeze

Disc 5

  1. Going Down
  2. Round and Round
  3. Divine
  4. Pace
  5. Feathers
  6. More Sin
  7. Stop the Revolution
  8. It's Here It's Now
  9. Just Don't Break
  10. Night in Taipei
  11. Nutron

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mike Hiratzka   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Voices
Howie Caspe   Piano,Keyboards
Francis A. Preve   Keyboards
Dano Nathanson   Guitar
Michael Hoffer   Trumpet
MC Flint   Vocals

Technical Credits

Kim Wilde   Composer
David Forbes   Composer,Programming,Producer
Clive Henry   Composer,Producer
Pete Lorimer   Engineer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Producer
Roland Clark   Composer
John Rees   Cover Photo
Francis Rimbert   Composer,Producer
Brent Newitt   Composer,Producer
Heigo Tani   Composer
Victor Calderone   Producer
Mallorca Lee   Composer,Programming,Producer
Lee Coombs   Composer
Matt Darey   Composer,Producer
Justin Drake   Composer,Producer
Oliver Moldan   Composer
Donald Glaude   Composer,Producer
Phil Johnston   Composer,Producer
Eddie F.   Composer,Producer
Mike Hiratzka   Composer,Sound Effects,Producer,Engineer,Remixing
Dean Marriott   Composer,Producer
Mark Pember   Composer,Producer,Remixing
F. VanEck   Producer
D. Wallace   Producer
Howie Caspe   Programming
Francis A. Preve   Composer,Programming,Producer
Yoogie Van Bellen   Composer,Producer
Alison Wells   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Matthew Dekay   Remixing
J. Scott G.   Engineer
Dano Nathanson   Programming
Mark Horwood   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Astrid Suryanto   Producer
David Amo   Composer,Producer
Julio Navas   Composer,Producer
DJ DLG   Composer
Redroche   Composer
K.C. Bailey   Producer
Katherine Ellis   Composer
Chris Reavey   Composer
Chris Micali   Composer
Danny "Stems" Cheung   Live Recording
Schmitz   Composer
Rick Wilde   Composer
Jono Fernandez   Composer
Sandy Wilhem   Composer,Producer
Siavash Tehrani   Composer,Producer
Phil Hamil   Composer,Producer
Blake Potter   Composer,Producer
MC Flint   Contributor,Remix Vocals Arranger
B. Birnie   Producer
Darius Kohanim   Composer,Producer
Sue "Blueless" McGuiness   Composer,Producer
Paul Rogers   Remixing

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