Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business / Edition 1

Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business / Edition 1

by Teresa Bradley, Paul Patton

ISBN-10: 0471975117

ISBN-13: 9780471975113

Pub. Date: 07/23/1999

Publisher: Wiley

In recent years increasing numbers of economics and business students have experienced difficulty with the mathematical nature of their courses.


In recent years increasing numbers of economics and business students have experienced difficulty with the mathematical nature of their courses.

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Table of Contents

Mathematical Preliminaries.
Perform Basic Arithmetic Operations & Simplify Algebraic Expressions.
Perform Basic Arithmetic Operations with Fractions.
Solve Equations in One Unknown, including Equations involving Fractions.
Solve Quadratic Equations by Formula.
Calculate Percentages.
Use the calculator.
Use Spreadsheets.
The Straight Line and Applications.
The Straight Line.
Mathematical Modelling.
Applications: Demand, Supply, Cost, Revenue, Consumption & Savings.
Elasticity of Demand & Supply.
Income and Cost Constraints.
Simultaneous Equations.
Solving simultaneous equations.
Equibilirium in various markets.
Consumer & producer surplus.
National Income model and IS-LM model.
Non-linear Functions and Applications.
Quadratics and and Cubic Functions.
Exponential Functions.
Logarithmetic Functions.
Hyperbolic Functions.
Financial Mathematics.
Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series.
Simple Interest, Compound Interest and Annual Percentage Rates (APRs).
Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return.
The Relationship between the Price of a Bond and the Interest Rate.
Exchange Rates.
Introduction to Differention and Applications.
Introduction to Differention.
Applications of Differention, Marginal Functions.
Optimisation of Functions of One Variable.
Economic Applications of Maximum/Minimum.
Curvature and Applications.
Further rules for Differention and Applications to Economic Models.
Elasticity, Total Revenue and Marginal Revenue.
Production Functions and Applications.
Functions of Several Variables.
Partial Differention.
Applications of PartialDifferention.
Unconstrained Optimisation and Applications.
Constrained Optimisation, Lagrange Multipliers.
Applications of Constrained Optimisation.
Integration and Applications.
Integration as the Reverse of Differention.
The Power Rules for Integration.
Integration of Linear Functions Raised to Powers.
The Definite Integral and the Area Under a Curve.
Consumer and Producer Surplus.
The Integration of Natural Exponentials.
Integration by substituition.
Integration by parts.
First-Order Differential Equations and Applications.
Differential Equations for Limited and Unlimited Growth.
Linear Algebra and Applications.
Linear Programming for Functions of Two Variables.
Matrices: Arithmetic Operations: Applications.
Determinants: 2x2 and 3x3 determinants: Cramer's Rule: Applications.
Difference Equations and Applications.
Difference equations and differential equations.
Solution of First Order Difference equations.
Lagged Income, cobweb, Harrod growth models and other applications.
Solution of second order Difference equations and applications.

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