Essential Silverlight 3 (Microsoft .NET Development Series)
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Essential Silverlight 3 (Microsoft .NET Development Series)

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by Ashraf Michail

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“The book you are holding contains the keys to writing great Silverlight 3 applications. Use them well!”

From the Foreword by Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president, Microsoft Developer Division

Microsoft Silverlight is a leading cross-platform, Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology that allows you to create more compelling


“The book you are holding contains the keys to writing great Silverlight 3 applications. Use them well!”

From the Foreword by Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president, Microsoft Developer Division

Microsoft Silverlight is a leading cross-platform, Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology that allows you to create more compelling and interactive Web experiences than are possible with simple HTML browser pages. Silverlight 3 includes significant improvements over previous versions, including “out-of-browser” operation, H.264 video, 3D graphics, and real-time effects.

Essential Silverlight 3 is the definitive reference and insider’s guide. It not only covers all the key features of the Silverlight 3 runtime and how to use them but, in Under the Hood sections, explains why each feature was developed and how each one works. These “insider” explanations often lead to concise, practical performance tips that can help you speed up your own Silverlight applications.

Author Ashraf Michail is uniquely qualified to explain Silverlight 3. He is a Microsoft Silverlight architect who has guided Silverlight from its beginnings through the current version. In this book, he shows how to

  • Integrate the principles and components of a Silverlight application, including XAP, XAML, and .NET code
  • Use Silverlight vector graphics, bitmap images, and animation
  • Display predictable and readable text across platforms and animate text elements
  • Obtain mouse and keyboard input, including mouse wheel events
  • Implement smooth animations to improve your user interface and make your application more pleasing to the user
  • Use the Canvas, StackPanel, Grid, and Border elements to lay out your application and define custom layout elements
  • Play high-quality, live, and on-demand video and audio
  • Customize the built-in and toolkit controls and develop new custom Silverlight controls
  • Connect to and synchronize with data using Silverlight Data Binding
  • Use built-in real-time effects and define custom HLSL pixel shaders
  • Enable GPU-accelerated rendering

If you are a developer who is getting started with Silverlight or an expert Silverlight developer who is interested in understanding the inner workings of the Silverlight runtime, this book is for you.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Essential Silverlight 3 is not only filled with technical details, clear examples, and performance tips that will make any Silverlight application better, but Ashraf also includes insights that can only come from one of the lead developers of the Silverlight runtime. From graphics, to text, to media—this book contains all the information you need on the core Silverlight 3 runtime.”

Brad Abrams, product unit manager, Microsoft

“The third iteration of Silverlight is a big step forward in true line-of-business capability for RIAs. Ashraf takes these new concepts and puts them forth in a meaningful and concise read.”

Jason Beres, Microsoft MVP; author; INETA Speaker

Essential Silverlight 3 is truly an essential book in the library of any Silverlight developer. The ‘Under the Hood’ portions of each chapter explain the details of Silverlight’s implementation, and the ‘Performance Tips’ explain how to use that information to get the most out of your software. I am very grateful I don’t have to track down or figure out all of this critical information on my own.”

Noah Gedrich, director of technology, BLITZ Agency

“Ashraf Michail delivers an insightful and practical book for anyone seeking to better understand, master, and unlock the full potential of Silverlight 3. It is filled with code samples, performance tips, and other useful advice to help you create truly outstanding Silverlight applications.”

Oleg Kokorin, CEO, MS Team, LLC

Essential Silverlight 3 tackles in depth a rich, vast platform. The author has a depth of knowledge and technical insight that is present throughout, providing a pleasing ‘why’ on top of the usual ‘how.’”

Richard Leggett, interactive developer

“This is a book of inestimable value on Silverlight. Even experienced Silverlight developers will learn from Essential Silverlight 3.”

Mark Monster, software engineer, Rubicon

“A great reference and textbook on Silverlight 3.”

Judith Myerson, systems architect and engineer

“Chock full of performance tips and information about Silverlight internals that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Jeff Prosise, cofounder, Wintellect

“Skillfully written, comprehensively explained, and logically delivered. Essential Silverlight 3 is undoubtedly a must-have study and keepon- your-desk practical guide for building a wide range of high-value rich Internet applications.”

Ash Rofail, CEO, Santeon, Inc.

Essential Silverlight 3 is a must-read for anyone who wants a better understanding of the Silverlight Framework. In his book, Ashraf Michail, architect on the Silverlight team, offers unique insights into Silverlight’s architecture and design principles, along with guidance on how to improve the overall quality and performance of Silverlight applications.”

Gerhard Schneider, senior development lead, Microsoft

Essential Silverlight 3 does not just get your feet wet—its technical insights and performance tips take you for a deep dive into the Silverlight ocean.”

Velvárt András, Silverlight MVP; founder, Response Ltd.

“This book really lives up to the title—essential, indeed. Anyone doing Silverlight 3, or looking to get started with it, needs this book close at hand.”

Chris G. Williams, Microsoft MVP and principal consultant, Magenic Technologies

“A must-read for all software developers who are trying to build rich Silverlight applications with great performance—it provides many useful performance tips. I would recommend it to anyone trying to improve performance of Silverlight 3 applications.”

Radenko Zec, senior software developer, Lanaco; INETA group leader, Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Meet the Author

Ashraf Michail is a Microsoft Silverlight architect who has been working on Silverlight since its inception in 2005. Prior to that, he worked on a number of graphics, UI framework, and Internet technologies, including WPF and Internet Explorer. Michail has been at Microsoft for eleven years, has built a number of graphics engines, and has driven the architecture for graphics engines and UI frameworks for much of his Microsoft career.

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Essential Silverlight 3 (Microsoft .NET Development Series) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
RickMartinez More than 1 year ago
If you want to get started writing your first silverlight applications or if you are an expert Silverlight developer, you will learn a lot from this book. For the beginner, this book explains the concepts required to write your application. For the advanced Silverlight developer, you will find in-depth information on how Silverlight works "under the hood" and how to use that information to get the most out of Silverlight. Before you read this book you should be familiar with how to build a basic Web page and have a working knowledge of how to write .NET applications in c sharp. Silverlight is rapidly growing Web technology to deliver media and rich Internet applications on multiple operating systems and Web browsers. Silverlight consists of a runtime, a set of tools, and libraries for your applications. You will learn how to build a Silverlight application and use features such as graphics, text, input, animation, layout, media, controls, and data binding.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago