Essential Trance, Volume 3

Essential Trance, Volume 3


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Moist Music

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Disc 1

  1. Durado  -  Mike Nichol
  2. Stung On A River  - Neal Scarborough
  3. The Fall  -  Way Out West
  4. Barent Blue  -  Terk Dawn
  5. Cold Front  -  Remo-Con
  6. Backfire  -  Wehbba
  7. FDV6  -  Nick Larsen
  8. Beautiful People  -  Visior & Dark Moon
  9. Newlife  - DJ Micro
  10. Touch The Sun  -  Anthya
  11. Waiting Here For You  -  Aruna
  12. Inside Of Me  - DJ Micro
  13. Don't You Want Me  -  Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels

Disc 2

  1. The Chamber  -  Inertia
  2. Immerse In The Blue  -  Wolf
  3. Alluring Wishes  -  Edin Bosnjak
  4. Carry Me  - Talla 2XLC
  5. Generate The Wave  - Dave 202
  6. Cops  -  GTR
  7. Punk'd
  8. Moonball  -  1AM
  9. Brasilia  - DJ Mark Norman
  10. Till We Meet Again  - Robert Burns
  11. K.I.A.  - Greg Downey
  12. Liberation  - Marcella Woods

Disc 3

  1. Intro  -  George C.
  2. Let's Rock 'N' Roll  - DJ Irene
  3. Sex On Wheels  -  George C.
  4. Rock Machine  - Laurent Wolf
  5. On My Way  -  Christopher Wight
  6. Quadra  -  George C.
  7. Da Chase  -  George C.
  8. Grand Theft Audio  -  That Mucho
  9. Size Doesn't Matter  -  Double Unit
  10. Under One  - Todd Tobias
  11. The Anthem 2004  -  Sensation
  12. Crowd Rocker  - Ez Rollers
  13. Vice  -  Jae Kennedy
  14. Loud & Proud  -  George C.
  15. Sound Advice  - Roni Size
  16. Rasta Rumble  -  George C.
  17. Riding on the Edge/You Got Me Up  -  George C.
  18. Wickidness  -  A-Squared
  19. Crime Pays  - Bryan Cox
  20. Sense  - Jay Walker
  21. Feel It  - Lulu Hughes
  22. Haunted  - Laurent Konrad
  23. Found Lover  -  George C.
  24. I Am  -  George C.
  25. Love Comes Again  -  Tiësto
  26. Sosei  -  Airscape
  27. Air Traffic  -  Three Drives
  28. Flashdance  -  Deep Dish

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

BT   Vocals
John Allen   Guitar
Tino Hufeld   Vocals
Torbjorn Anderson   Guitar,Soloist
MC Tjosse   Vocals
Lulu Hughes   Vocals
Anousheh   Vocals
Artificial   Vocals
Aruna   Vocals
Christian Stein   Vocals

Technical Credits

Curtis Jones   Composer
Felix   Composer
David Forbes   Composer,Programming,Producer
Lars Frederiksen   Composer
Shandi Sinnamon   Composer
Johan Gielen   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Deep Dish   Producer
BT   Composer
Diane Charlemagne   Composer
Roni Size   Composer,Producer
DJ Micro   Composer,Producer
Kosma   Composer
DJ Irene   Reworking
Karen Gordon   Composer
Way Out West   Producer
Lasse Steen   Composer
Tiësto   Composer
DJ Ton TB   Composer,Producer
Angel Alanis   Composer,Producer
Mallorca Lee   Composer,Programming,Producer
Bernd Augustinski   Producer
Sven Maes   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Antoine Clamaran   Composer
Ali Shirazinia   Programming
DJ Enrico   Composer,Producer
Jason Kennedy   Composer,Producer
Sharam Tayebi   Programming
David Valencia   Composer
George Centeno   Composer,Producer,Additional Production
Steve Helstrip   Producer
Laurent Wolf   Composer,Producer
Francesco Diaz   Producer
Bart Claessen   Remixing,Additional Production
Tino Hufeld   Composer,Producer
David Garcia   Composer
Laurent Konrad   Composer,Producer
Christopher Wight   Composer
Christian Lester   Producer
Todd Tobias   Composer,Producer
Bryan Cox   Composer,Producer,Additional Production
Jay Walker   Composer,Producer
Pedro Delgardo   Remixing
Martijn Cornelissen   Arranger,Composer
Double Unit   Composer,Producer
DJ Irene M. Gutierrez   Composer,Lyricist,Producer
Marcel Kaper   Arranger,Composer
Darren "Waxworks" Ramirez   Engineer,Cover Design
Neal Scarborough   Composer,Producer
Thomas Gold   Producer
Remo-Con   Producer
Tatiana Miath   Composer
Rodolfo Wehbba   Composer,Producer
Mike Nichol   Composer,Producer
Nick Larson   Composer,Producer
S. Helstrip   Composer
A. Talia   Composer,Producer
Richard Durande   Remixing,Additional Production
F. Carrara   Composer,Producer
N. Bonifacio   Composer,Producer
O. Cossali   Composer,Producer
A. Po   Composer,Producer
Nikos Kuhn   Composer,Producer
A. Banks   Composer,Producer
Christian Stein   Composer,Producer
N. Warren   Composer
J. Wisternoff   Composer
J. Hurren   Composer,Producer
Carl Danner   Composer,Producer
Chris Ritter   Composer,Producer
Darren Ramirez   Composer
Einar Moen Breivik   Composer

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