Essentials Of Applied Quantitative Methods For Health Services

Essentials Of Applied Quantitative Methods For Health Services

by James B. Lewis, Lee F. Seidel, Robert J. McGrath

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 The Role and Function of Quantitative Methods in Health Services Management 1

Sect. I Foundation Competencies 19

Ch. 2 Working with Numbers 21

Ch. 3 Flow Charting 53

Ch. 4 Time Value of Money 63

Sect. II Forecasting Competencies 73

Ch. 5 The Art and Science of Forecasting 75

Ch. 6 Trend Forecasting Techniques 89

Ch. 7 Regression Forecasting 115

Sect. III Designing and Analyzing Systems 135

Ch. 8 Analyzing Capacity and Resources 137

Ch. 9 Managing Waiting Lines 157

Sect. IV Project Analysis 193

Ch. 10 Decision Analysis 195

Ch. 11 Economic Analysis 211

Ch. 12 Program Evaluation Review Technique: PERT 231

Ch. 13 Financial Evaluation of Projects 251

Ch. 14 Quality Analysis 271

Sect. V An Application of Quantitative Methods 299

Ch. 15 Quantitative Analysis in Strategic Planning 301

Index 317

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