Essentials of Genetics: Student Handbook and Solutions Manual / Edition 6

Essentials of Genetics: Student Handbook and Solutions Manual / Edition 6

by William S. Klug, Michael R. Cummings, Charlotte A. Spencer

ISBN-10: 0132241404

ISBN-13: 9780132241403

Pub. Date: 12/28/2006

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings

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Benjamin Cummings
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Students, Read this Section First     1
Solutions to Text Problems
Essentials of Genetics (6th edition)
Introduction to Genetics     7
Mitosis and Meiosis     12
Mendelian Genetics     27
Modification of Mendelian Ratios     43
Sex Determination and Sex Chromosomes     64
Chromosome Mutations: Variation in Number and Arrangement     72
Linkage and Chromosome Mapping in Eukaryotes     84
Genetic Analysis and Mapping in Bacteria and Bacteriophages     97
DNA Structure and Analysis     105
DNA Replication and Synthesis     117
Chromosome Structure and DNA Sequence Organization     127
The Genetic Code and Transcription     134
Translation and Proteins     147
Gene Mutation, DNA Repair, and Transposition     157
Regulation of Gene Expression     170
Cell-Cycle Regulation and Cancer     184
Recombinant DNA Technology     191
Genomics and Proteomics     199
Applications and Ethics of Genetic Engineering     206
Developmental Genetics     212
Quantitative Genetics     219
Population Genetics     228
Evolutionary Genetics     238
Conservation Genetics     246
Sample Test Questions     253
Sample Test Answers     276

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